MLKP on May 1, for freedom and socialism!

The workers, laborers, youth, women, Turkish and Kurdish peoples!

The working class unity, solidarity and struggle on the May 1st is approaching!

May 1, from production to the power of the working class struggle for freedom and socialism per day pass!

May 1, workers and workers exploitation, misery and oppression, the double exploitation of women as the second sex, geleceksizliğe young people, the oppressed nations condemned the destruction and denial of the bourgeois order in which accountability is the day!

May 1, the working class, workers, youth, women, the fate of the oppressed nations and national minorities to get into their own hands, for equality and justice, freedom and socialism is the day to fill squares!

Popular revolts in North Africa and the Middle East, the so-called dictators defetti indestructible. “It does not go like that came,” said the Middle East’s rights, not only of imperialist competition in the region, oil conflicts, but also the will of peoples is peoples yaptırımcı, solvent and the result is catching the action and the power of the sovereignty of the most powerful appears to be able to show that precipitation mechanism of the knee.

In the Middle East is part of the future in our region, the rights and the power of united action to be written. The Kurdish issue, the laws of capitalism, and capital policies of the government from the political, social and economic problems, the solution will bring the working class and peoples.

The working class, laborers, women, young people, Kurdish people and other national minorities, religious and sectarian communities, the oppressed and the pressures on the political prohibitions continue in full force. Kurdish politicians, including dozens of elected mayors, hundreds of revolutionary, such as Ahmed Stylish Turkish bourgeois state, including dozens of journalists are turning to expose the dirty policies of the revolutionary and progressive journalist dungeons. Ayhan, such as the wheel is a registered confessions of murderers, practices dirty war in Kurdistan until December 19 dungeon massacre massacre exposed a number of government documents, despite the ostensible yargılamalarla aklanırken cuts off the line is being liquidated. Currently, “There is no Kurdish problem,” teraneleri continuing. The Supreme Electoral Council, the Kurdish liberation movement and the socialists show for the upcoming parliamentary elections, the political conspiracies will continue to veto candidates put forward. These are moves to promote institutionalization of the AKP government’s own fascist.

Still be trapped in the Kurdish politicians and elected YSK’nın veto, that phony elections, how, the will of the people on the street can have their own evidence among the action to life.
Economic crisis, dismissed the bill is still pulses, indirect tax hikes, the provisions of the basic livelihood of the working class and working people are paying zamlarla. Crisis of the bourgeoisie the opportunity to know, all the strikes and resistance, all the rights acquired at a price of trying to bury history, subcontracting and climbs bounce attacks.

Misery of the working class and working people in the imperialist world system of capitalist conditions etmekle not convicted, the sources of life suffered in the destruction of all humanity faces the problem of asset poverty brings. Energy radioactive nuclear crisis following the earthquake disaster in Japan, Japanese people living in both the earlier catastrophes of Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear destruction once again brought face to face, and the continents beyond Europe, America and even reached our region. The energy crisis of the imperialists for the competition and arms race of mankind is pregnant once again showed what a great disaster.

The workers, laborers!

Unemployment, hunger, poverty, political bans, sendikasızlaştırma attacks, all in the Middle East and the world takes similar forms. Against imperialist capitalism, regional and international organizations, international unity of the working class, the future is important to win. The working class unity and solidarity in the struggle can change the world. The workers all over the world will conquer the streets on May 1 and will show once again the fact that the will of the people. However, even the organization of trade unions of the working class is low, unorganized, disorganized, fragmented state, the action weakens. Inciting Turkish chauvinism, not only the destruction of the Kurdish people and deny the leaves exposed to attacks, but also by the Turkish workers and emekçilerini tool in this dirty politics, unemployment, work, pulses, poverty, misery taşeronlaşmaya hikes and against the AKP government against the fascist kurumlaşmasına break the power of action, the will of to break. The imperialists of the working class in this fragmented, dispersed and disorganized state of the class to take power from attacking.

Trade union and political örgütlülüğünüzü enlarge on May 1, working women, youth and oppressed peoples in the student union and social struggle to walk in the front ranks of the exit squares!

The Kurdish people!

Workers connect people with the Turkish workers and the fire burned Newroz’da Taksim Square! Maximize the power of the struggle for national democratic rights in the Middle East rebellion! Solution to the problem of Kurdish counterpart, Turkish workers and laborers! And an act of the will of the People!

Labor and laboring women!

Ongoing inequality in all areas of society, women’s murders, sexual assaults, family, society and state violence against women is not destiny! Just as in the front of the barricades Revolts in the Middle East, such as women, to cry out that the destiny of this life, March 8 at the forefront in the spirit of May 1 take place in squares!

Student youth!

YGS’de released May 1 this year have shown the face of scandal password magnification power of action, demands the general demands of combining working-class and working people, free, democratic, the struggle for education in mother tongue, do the springboard!

The workers, laborers, youth, women, Turkish and Kurdish peoples!

More than 30 years in a row, won the resistance and rebellion in Taksim Square, hundreds of thousands of workers, laborer, women and youths preparing to welcome one more time.
Taksim Square, united struggle, a symbol of solidarity and resistance.
Taksim Square, the symbol of the persistent and effective, action.
Taksim Square, in front of peoples yaptırımcı no action will not stop a symbol of power.
The capitalist system, working-class and working people, the source of all political and social problems. If the only alternative to revolution and socialism. For freedom and socialism on May 1 in Taksim Square to fill the ranks of MLCP!

Long live May 1 Long live socialism! Biji Biji Yek Gülan Socialism!
Long Live Long Live the People’s Fellowship of the Revolution! Biji Biji Biratîya Gela Sores!

The Central Committee of MLCP

Published by Victor Vaughn

Anti-revisionist Marxist-Leninist, monarch of Latveria, owner, National Secretary of the American Party of Labor (APL) and operator of "The Espresso Stalinist" blog.

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