EMEP: May 1 – Workers of our Country & All the World, Happy Worker’s Day!

Unity, struggle and solidarity to all workers and toilers of our country and the world. Happy May Day 1. Unfortunately, the 20,011 in a Mayıs’ına peace, democracy and freedom in front of the demands of international capital, the imperialist powers and their collaborators sought by the conditions of blood and violence are going to repression.

The neo-liberal economic crisis of 2008 with the ship thoroughly rampant aggression is endless. Snow ambition eyes darkened in such a period, the country’s workers, victims of crimes over the business of death is news. The last two years, the economy grew significantly, while the social welfare of workers and working people’s share of unemployment, hunger and poverty.

On the other hand, the number of dollar billionaires s taking it to 36 while 3000 new millionaire. In short, the full capital and the AKP government vurgunculuğudur a crisis.

In this environment, to search for the right to organize trade unions, workers and workers who want to strike, Prime Minister Erdogan’s response, “do not ask me to strike” is. This attitude of Prime Minister Erdogan and the AKP government is not the first example showing that the levels of labor in which enmity. For miners who died in the mines of Zonguldak “would die knowing that entered the mines,” said the same Prime Minister.

Obstructing the search for ways to organize and the rights of the working class trade union, anti-democratic laws and practices of political extensions June 12 elections, the working class and toiling in front of our people was increased once more. Parties in order to help the trillions of treasure, while independent candidates to be nominated for the workers actually removed from the application fee of 7,800 pounds are prevented.

June 12 elections, wills have been obstructed from work the other cutting the Kurdish people. Anti-democratic Election Law (10% threshold), because “Labor, Democracy, Freedom Block” of the candidates participating in elections as independent candidates brought to the desired YSK veto of Turkish and Kurdish workers in all nationalities, workers, intellectuals and the people’s struggle püskürtülebilmiştir. ODP is the “missing paperwork” to enter the grounds that the elections are prevented.

It seems that he is, the AKP government, the working class, working people plugging their ears and attitude of the Kurdish people will continue to justify the demands. 1 million 700 thousand students in the future that it obscures the password rezaletindeki a continuation of the attitude of the government’s impassive.

There is no doubt that another compilation, Kürdüyle, Alevisi, all nationalities and all faiths Sünnisiyle workers and laborers, young people and women on May 1 in the attitudes and practices do not recognize the AKP government and the capital account front Pervan ask, before the June 12 elections, the AKP’s first big slap will take.

May 1: Workers of our country and all over the world, Happy Emekçilerine (Workers Day)!

Haydar KAYA

Published by Victor Vaughn

Anti-revisionist Marxist-Leninist, monarch of Latveria, owner, National Secretary of the American Party of Labor (APL) and operator of "The Espresso Stalinist" blog.

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