Communist Platform – Marxist-Leninists have held annual meeting

Norway and the West are still in the middle of the economic crisis that has acceptable for out differently in different countries. U.S. is one of the worst affected countries, while Norway has fared relatively well so far, largely thanks to the oil economy and control over its own currency policy. Greece is an example of how the euro countries slit when fall comes and they do not have normal measures made available. Capitalism has played bankrupt, but it is not enough for a complete breakdown of reaction is not strong and organized.

Unemployment is high in Europe and also increases here at home. Capitalism applies the crisis to attack the academic and social rights. We see, for example, everything now how pensions and sickness salary be cut. The result can become a radicalized and more conscious working class, and it is therefore viktug that communists are the assignment say adult. We also look prohibitions against communist symbol and organizations in some countries. “A crisis is coming back, and the banks only on a worker dies,” called it in song. If it is not where the banks first, she banks at least the hardest workers say die.

The imperialist powers, including Norway, the drive still in the war including Iraq and Afghanistan. Antiimperialistar As we stand on the oppressed’s side in the fight against “our” soldiers. Responsibility is the Norwegian Government’s, which act through NATO as U.S. mercenaries.

“The war on terror” gives itself also resulted in increased racism and Muslim safety here at home. Freedom of speech is abused by the newspapers Clicking the Muhammad drawings with no other purpose than to provoke Muslims, and reactions to a few are used to make harassed even stronger. Comment fields in online newspapers overflow of racism, without neither the editors or the government responds. “Freedom of expression is fundamental in Norway”, says foreign minister of drawings, before the next day he says about a Muslim’s statement about gays: “- It is in my opinion, a despicable statement. He moves right at the borderline of what it should be possible to say. “Moves, we find again throughout Europe, and attacks on Muslims and their customs come from both government and the media. As we atheists criticize religion to make klassemotsetnadene unclear, but we have to be equally critical of racism as a midel flipped to the downtrodden classes and groups within the classes against themselves instead of against borgarskapen.

Climate Problem is another area where capitalism gives the wrong answer. Restriction of their freedom of consumers, high taxes and taxation of common usage is to help the least. Meanwhile, Norway pumps up so much oil and gas as possible. The sale of medical (and partially free) carbon offsets is a new product that is misuse of the rich countries so that they can continue their high emissions while the third world be held back. The world and the working class organized communists need more than ever.

Published by Victor Vaughn

Anti-revisionist Marxist-Leninist, monarch of Latveria, owner, National Secretary of the American Party of Labor (APL) and operator of "The Espresso Stalinist" blog.

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