The APK supports “The People’s Movement against the EU” in the elections June 7th

By the Workers’ Communist Party of Denmark

The Workers’ Communist Party of Denmark fight for the dissolution of the European Union as an imperialist tool of the monopolist bourgeoisie and fight against the neoliberal and reactionary policy of the EU, that is applied in all member countries.
Our entire struggle against social cutbacks and police state-tendencies in Denmark is closely connected to our struggle against the EU.

We strongly raise the demand, that Denmark leaves the EU. We cherish no illusions that the EU may evolve into some kind of democratic institution, representing the needs and wishes of the peoples.

The European Union is closely connected to American imperialism and the predatory wars through the NATO and other imperialistic organizations.

The European parliament has not been recognized as a legitimate democratic institution by the peoples of Europe, and not by the Danish people either. When no party or list exist that represents the aspirations of the people the obvious choice would be to boycott the elections.

In Denmark our Party have supported and supports the The People’s Movement against the EU (Folkebevægelsen mod EU) and its participation in the elections. Folkebevægelsen mod EU has long been represented in the so-called European Parliament.

The Peoples Movement Against the EU is a genuine peoples’ movement and a broad coalition struggling with the aim of getting Denmark out of the EU, without any illusions of changing the EU ‘from the inside’.
The work of The People’s Movement against the EU in the union parliament has mainly been to show the anti-democratic structures of the EU, and the connection between the neo-liberal cutbacks in Denmark and the policies of the EU.

This movement has been a major factor in the two referendums won by the Danish opponents to the European Union.

The first was in 1992, with the No-vote on the Maastricht Treaty. This made a great impact, but was followed by a defeat in the referendum the following year, which the Yes-vote won, while Denmark was excluded from full participation in the provisions of the Maastricht Treaty.

These ‘Danish exceptions’ were: the economical union’s third phase (The Euro currency), Union citizenship, and parts of the military and legal program of the Union.

The second victory was a referendum in 2000 on the Danish participation in the 3rd phase of the economic union – that is a.o. the replacement of the krone with the euro. The No-vote won.

The Danes had been promised to vote on the European Constitution, but this was annulled after the No-votes in Holland and France. No referendum was allowed about the new version of this constitution, the Lisbon Treaty, which was rejected by the Irish people, the only country where a referendum has been held. The People’s Movement against the EU continues the struggle against this treaty.

Copenhagen May 27th 2009

Arbejderpartiet Kommunisterne (APK)

Website of Folkebevægelsen mod EU
The People’s Movement against the EU

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