Coalition against high prices: the PCRV made ​​its public appearance

By Moussa Zongo

The demonstration of April 8 has kept all its promises. For the first time that the coalition is mobilizing all the world. Let us consider the three major events that have marked the day.

For the first time, the Revolutionary Communist Party Voltaic (PCRV) made a public appearance. The underground party, known for his statements, this time made a public display of banners through preaching “to a provisional revolutionary government” pending the arrival of a “modern democratic Republic.” The PCRV is finally out of the woods. Maybe the big night is below. The signs and banners have attracted the attention of many protesters who see the output PCRV certainly a new tactic of fighting for the overthrow of the power he preaches from his birth in 1978. In his statement delivered on site, PCRV clear that the revolt in Burkina is “a popular revolutionary deep and broad indicating a deepening of the revolutionary crisis that has shaken our country …” The young people who were holding these signs hesitate not, however, to the openly brandish before the cameramen and photographers eager to capture many? the event.

Second highlight of the meeting, the message of the coalition. It is a short statements distributed by the PRCV from the perspective of the analysis. All agree that the crisis the country is the result of poor governance. Much of the emphasis is on the crisis in Burkina since the death of Zongo Justin on February 22 in Koudougou and events that followed until the death of the young Madina Bouda April 6, victim a stray bullet on the night of March 30 in the crow’s feet, during the hours of curfew.

Tole Sagnon returned to the impunity under the fourth republic and the lack of solutions to the problems of the population. And the coalition wants to take the bull by the horns. It requires action by the government for the cessation of acts of aggression against freedom, against impunity and for truth and justice and the end of the lifting arms and militias against the citizens. The coalition also wants answers about the cost of living. However, these requirements sound like a better tactic to return. The coalition said not to expect anything of consultations initiated by Blaise Compaore with different social groups to discuss their concerns. For them, the objective of the head of state in this new approach is to reduce social fever. No credit is granted then this approach. Since 2008 the CCVC beating the pavement for a satisfaction of its platform of action and so far, the government turned a deaf ear. The coalition compares the new address Blaise Compaore people than in 1999 after the filing of the report of the inquiry into the murder of Norbert Zongo. The authority had also promised the end of violent crimes on the occasion of the national day of pardon in March 2001. Evidence to show that one should not expect satisfactory answers in relation to popular demands.

Obviously, the coalition does not exclude actions in the fight to end the suffering of the people. Tole Sagnon even noted in his introduction that some might find that the strike is 24 bit, but he reminded activists that the motion of January 3, 1966 which claimed the power of Maurice Yameogo happened in 24 hours. Everything is in the hands of the people and is a matter of mobilization capacity. The final highlight is the mobilization of traders. In the long route, in some markets and Yaari, merchants closed their shops to attend the event. They were victims of the mutiny of the military on the night of March 22 to 23. Their representative, Moussa Dabo, vice president of the national organization of traders in Burkina (ONACOMB) who spoke on behalf of his fellow protesters to inform traders that are now in all the events that target the well-being populations. Referring to the movement in the Maghreb, he thinks that 2011 is the year chosen by God to the people in suffering. He therefore urged the people not to miss this opportunity.

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Anti-revisionist Marxist-Leninist, monarch of Latveria, owner, National Secretary of the American Party of Labor (APL).

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