Interview with Hysni Milloshi in “The Telegraph”

By Xhevdet Shehu

INTERVIEW / speaks exclusively to the “Telegraph”, the Chairman of the Communist Party, Hysni Milloshi

“SP has made​an alliance with fascists”

The biggest surprise of the local elections next May 8 is undoubtedly the re-emergence from under the stage of the Communist Party. 20 years after the overthrow of the communist dictatorship, Hysni Milloshi, Chairman of the Party that continues to defend the ideals of Enver Hoxha, has announced his candidacy for mayor of the capital.

In this exclusive interview for “The Telegraph”, Milloshi says it is time for communists to disclose their option is certainly better than the two alternatives that face and that represented by Rama and Basha. He also explains why no alliance with the Socialist Party made, which according to him, is collaborating with the traitors, those who have dyed their hands with blood of people and why SP has no … unlike the Democratic Party.

– Mr. Milloshi, you put candidacy for Mayor of Tirana. How is it that the Communist Party, so much of anatemuar, face two major political parties in the country in this situation?

– First I want to thank you for your attention to show how newspaper as “The Telegraph” I think that is the only independent newspaper in Albania, leaving it an appropriate space of all political options in the country. You ask me why I run? I will answer quite simply: to me as chairman of the Communist Party, more than my running, it is important manifestation of the communist alternative in this election. I think it is the right moment of the appearance of this alternative, because our Albania is experiencing a period of national humiliation. The fact is that from the neck up Boboshticë Llogara command not Albanians, but Greek. This is a shame that politics has led and dictated in these 20 years. And to think that never before in our history of thousands of Albanians have changed nationality. Albania is in great trouble. If it does not display the Communist Party today, when do we come forward? We heard voices and hear every day where you are communists. Support us, says Sali Berisha. They say: No, we do not support Sali Berisha. Saliu and “salinjtë” supports his Socialist Party is keeping in power. That’s why I ran for mayor and why aim to win more votes than many parties that exist only in the list and place on the rods of the SP and the DP. I think that at least ten thousand communists in Tirana will vote our option.

– Can you tell us why did not make an alliance with the Socialist Party in this election?

– Yes. This is quite simple. It was SP who refused to make alliance with the Communists. And to think that the party has made an alliance with Rama ballistë, a Zogist, former associates of fascism, etc. That we are not worrying at all. In my opinion this is the lack of emancipation by Rama. But better that we get into it was not a coalition. It is indeed surprising that in the coalition are included as the granddaughter of Abbas Shehu and Bibës Bardhok, daughter of a coalition with the criminals who killed them, the so-called “Committee of the Mountain” and not part of the Communists. So to make alliance with the SP belongs today to have killed some communists and partisans must, otherwise not accepted. For the sake of truth we have made​an appointment with a representative of the SP, Ndre Legisin, but later we learned that we did not participate in the so-called coalition of the left. I say this because it calls itself the left, just left is not. There are introduced and adventurer tipash hodgepodge policy that nothing connects with the ideals of the left. Edi Rama himself has openly declared that he is left. So, what this man? A humble servant of domestic and foreign bourgeoisie. SP does silindo alliance for the sake of power, even with former associates of fascism, only the Communist Party does. SP and all other parties continues to scar the name of Enver Hoxha, the greatest anticommunist coalition did with America, England and the Soviet Union to Nazi beast shporrur. Or take Mehmet Shehu, the right hand of Enver Hoxha, Albania’s most enduring prime. He remained prime minister for 30 years for that great idealism, but also for its glorious past as antifascist. This is a paradox of the Albanian politics, but after twenty years I hope to be open people eyes and have understood what the SP and DP, two twin parties, two branches of a tree, obedient servant of the bourgeoisie.

– In what appears PKSH alternative in this election?

– With a program against the program of the Democratic Party and against the program of the Socialist Party. I regret that I voted two or three times for the SP. Now will the citizens of Tirana to argue that a vote for the Communist Party is a vote for the blood of Kemal Stafa, the Cush of Manush Alimanit Vojo betrayed by Ramiz Alia, was a vote for the heroes, that the reactionary ruling took away from the center of Shkodra and put them in the suburbs. People should know that Communist Party is a new political force that does not conclude anything with the party of Ramiz Alia. Our Communist Party was established on September 10, 1991 and over 80 percent of the structures of our party leaders have not been any day members of the former Labour Party. So are a new party with a new vision for the future of the people and the country. Former Labour Party members for the sake of truth filled the ranks of the DP and the SP. And most surprising is that the communist party has nothing to do with the past, the alleged crimes of the communist government. We have a modest program in terms of capitalism and we think we have a substantial popular support, as are open to people and think about his instrument. We will have our voice in Albanian politics sheshmejdanin. For this to be sure.

– Where are your most powerful bases?

– In Tirana, where we have our base center and stronger, we have a stretch in the entire country, but our fundamentals are definitely strong in Vlore, the axis, in Mallakastër, Puka, etc. Kruja. We enter into this election as representatives of fukarenjve, unemployed people, people mistreated by the state and capitalism. We enter into this election in respect of the name of the party which this year reaches 70 years of life. We enter to the ideals of the martyrs and all those honest Communists who sacrificed everything for our Albania. We enter the great ideals of the Anti-Fascist National Liberation War to his grave site Albania on the world stage. You will say it will not win many votes. That is right. But we will take a rose there in Red Hill, where Kemal Stafa killed the heroes of bed. With this we say to the martyrs that we communists are alive and are always with their ideal. It is painful that the Socialist Party has speculated so much about the future twenty years with the blood of martyrs and anti-fascist war. And I voted a couple or three times for Edi Rama, as the Communist Party was impossible because of the nuances competition fascist Albanian politics.

– Do not want to say that the two candidates that you face in Tirana, that Rama and Basha, have fascist nuances?

– Yes, I mean exactly that. They are bourgeois, but I have also prominent features of fascist. Their propaganda is typical Nazi. Measures probably do not realize, but intellectuals are able to understand that there is an makartizëm fascism and vibrant.

– Thank you!

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