Prachanda: Integration of People’s Liberation Army into Nepal Army Possible Within 4 Months

Himalayan Times, 2010-05-12

KATHMANDU: Chairman of the Unified CPN-Maoist Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ today said protracted political deadlock could end if PLA integration were effected within four months.

Addressing an interaction with intellectuals, industrialists, business community and members of the civil society, he said, “We’ll dismantle the barracks of the Young Communist League within four-five days. We are ready to break the relation of the party with the cantonments.”

Prachanda also claimed that the party was ready to categorise the Maoist combatants by mid-June. He said the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, Commission for Missing People and the one to resolve contentious issues related to the constitution should be formed to resolve the vexed issues.

The talks between the three major parties were called off after the NC and UML urged the Maoists to give the number of the combatants to be integrated in the security forces on May 1.

Prachanda apologised for calling the general strike ‘indefinite’. “Our party has realised that organising indefinite general strike was a mistake and we would never repeat such a mistake,” he said.

He claimed that power centres were trying to keep Nepal as PM for more than a year even after May 28 and his party did not believe that he would quit.

Prachanda urged all the intellectuals, industrialists, business community and members of the civil society to exert pressure on Nepal to quit on moral grounds for the sake of the nation.

He claimed that the general strike was called off, as there was a conspiracy to kill party cadres. “A conspiracy was being hatched to kill up to 100 Maoist cadres each in Birgunj, Janakpur, Saptari and even in Kathmandu to disrupt the peace process,” he said, adding that 90 per cent of the World Hindu Federation activists were Muslims from Raxaul in India. “We were forced to withdraw the strike leaving the cadres frustrated.”

He also apologised to the intelligentsia and the people of Kathmandu for his remarks scathing them during a public speech in Khulamanch on May 8. He claimed he spoke against those intellectuals who showed scant respect for the people coming from villages.

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