New U.S. imperialist provocation and pro-American government of South Korea against the Democratic Republic of Korea

KFA Greece (Greek-Korean Friendship Association)

PYONGYANG, 23 Νοεμβρίου

The Army of the People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) responded to the fire of the artillery of South Korea after Tuesday, November 23 in the afternoon “decisive military action.”

The pro-American government of South Korea has insisted on carrying out military exercises close to the border line, ignoring repeated warnings from the Democratic Republic of Korea. The South Korean army launched a shot repeatedly in the direction of PR

Korea, resulting in several dozen South Korean missiles falling around the island Yonphyong at 1:00 pm local time Tuesday afternoon. These relate to today’s announcement of the Supreme Command of the Korean People’s Army (KPA).

The Korean People’s Army responded immediately to a military provocation in South Korea a “decisive military action.”

“The reaction of the Korean People’s Army is the stable and specific way to deal with ruthless firing of agents provocateurs” in accordance with the announcement of the Supreme Command of the Korean People’s Army.

“If South Korea has dared to invade the waters of the PDR of Korea, the Korean People’s Army will not hesitate to proceed to mercilessly military countermeasures,” warned the military command of DR Korea.

The new provocation of the puppet government of South Korea ‘coincide’:

• With the implementation of large-scale military exercise (challenge), which involved more than 70,000 troops of all the South Korean army corps, which started on Monday 22/11 and is scheduled to last until 30 November.

• By visiting U.S. special envoy to the region, Stephen Bosworth, who landed in Seoul a few hours before provocation (Monday 22/11). The Bosworth after his meeting with South Korean Minister

Foreign Affairs Kim Sung-Huan, said provocatively way: “It is neither surprising nor a revelation that the present DF Korea has made” rapid progress “in uranium enrichment but unpleasant challenge ‘

The KFA Greece calls on the Greek people to react and to actively support the heroic people of the DPRK taking part in a protest march to be held Friday in the direction of U.S. Consulates

Collection in Athens at 6:30 pm at Mars Area and Thessaloniki at 6:00 pm at the Statue of Venizelos

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