PCRV: Fighting Regionalism & Ethnicism with the Utmost Energy!


The reactionary power of the Fourth Republic was erected regionalism and ethnicism method of government. These two very dangerous for national unity have never reached such a crisis level in our country under the reign of Captain Blaise Compaore.

The Ambassador of France Alain Deschamps in his book “Burkina Faso 1987-1992” Reports about a government minister of the Popular Front, who complained that there are too many non-Mossi in the government of about openly and ethnicist regionalist are publicly held by certain nationals of the Centre. At the height of the movement “enough is enough”, some said that Blaise could kill 100 people a day. They would support him because he is their son;

Ziniaré which is a stone’s throw from Ouagadougou, was erected in the chief town of province first, then region; Manga has been erected in the chief town of the region at the expense of Po based on the same considerations; II is not necessary to dwell on the behaviors of some uneducated educated nationals of the Centre particularly as the brothers Oubritenga Koutaba, Konseibo of ENRAF, Cyril Goungounga Saaba (whose only regret on attach to this Department was “no longer belong to the same province as the Head of State”) who think out of the thigh of Jupiter. Proponents of this propaganda and practices of chauvinism great Mossi were recruited from the Centre:

  • the middle of feudalism with Moogho Naaba top and activists such as El Hadj Yugo, Seydou Ouedraogo Sas Naaba, Adama for for more mad;
  • Christian churches with Archbishop Jean-Marie Compaore, I Bishop Seraphim Rouamba, pastors Compaore Freeman, Samuel Yaméogo etc.;
  • the Muslim community with the sheiks Aboubacar Sana, Mamadou Band, El Hadj Yugo etc..
  • environment with intellectuals such as Edouard Ouedraogo occult advisors and Edmond de Nana “1’Observateur Paalga” Harouna lawyers and Benoit Ouedraogo, Senior Pacéré Titinga. They even created a group within the ARC Centre of intellectuals Mossi;
  • with the political Nayabtigoungou Congo Kabore Moss and his party Tenga Pen Pasgo (posted in Tanghin Dassouri great on the road to Bobo), Issa Tiendrébéogo, Cyril Goungounga Achilles Tapsoba, Simon Compaore, the Larlé Naaba for more visible. Their actions helped defeat the various national minorities and under serious threat on cohesion and national unity.

The PCRV called people of different nationalities and regions of our country:

  • denounce and combat regionalism and ethnic hatred and their authors whatever;
  • cohesion and unity of different nationalities in respect of their difference;
  • join its ranks for the overthrow of the pro-imperialist struggle of the 4th Republic of Captain Blaise Compaore and his gang.

Not to regionalism and tribalism!
Long live the unity of various nationalities called Upper Volta Burkina Faso!
Forward for the Provisional Revolutionary Government and the Constituent Assembly!
Voting is not compulsory!
Boycott the elections on November 13, 2005!

Published by Victor Vaughn

Anti-revisionist Marxist-Leninist, monarch of Latveria, owner, National Secretary of the American Party of Labor (APL) and operator of "The Espresso Stalinist" blog.

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