Video: University booed Correa over Marcelo Rivera

Marcelo Rivera No Es Ningún Terrorista! Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa was booed Thursday night at Central University of Ecuador by a group of supporters of student leader Marcelo Rivera, who remains in prison on charges of terrorism. The president went to school to report on the referendum, but the entrance and exit was rejecting someContinue reading “Video: University booed Correa over Marcelo Rivera”

Esta Vez NO!

Correa is in the service of the right and the United States Villacis Luis Maldonado, National Director of MPD, noted that Correa is leading a capitalist right-wing government, pro-imperialist and therefore not only maintains a pact with the right, but maintains part of it. These facts that have been evident in anti-worker policy, trying toContinue reading “Esta Vez NO!”