USA: American Youth favorable to Socialism

Translated from Averdade, organ of the Revolutionary Communist Party of Brazil. USA: American Youth favorable to Socialism by Glauber Ataide According to a survey published last December 28, by the Pew Research Center (, most young Americans from the ages of 18-29 have a positive view of socialism. Although the difference is not much (49%Continue reading “USA: American Youth favorable to Socialism”

Democratic Korea in solidarity with Occupy movement

Biggest Protest against Capitalism in 300 Odd Yrs Pyongyang, October 18 (KCNA) — The working masses’ struggle against capitalism was staged all at once across the world on Oct. 15 and 16. This was the biggest organized one ever in history of capitalism spanning more than 300 years. Taking part in it were millions ofContinue reading “Democratic Korea in solidarity with Occupy movement”

VI Congress of Emek Partisi

From En Marcha # 1562 January 5 to 13, 2012 Resolution We support the peoples who have rebelled for their rights and their freedom; we condemn the imperialist conspiracies against Syria and Iran. Throughout 2011, the Arab peoples of North Africa and the Near East have risen one after another. They do not want toContinue reading “VI Congress of Emek Partisi”

Dimitris Glinos on Marxism-Leninism-Stalinism

“Stalin, in the era of socialist reconstruction of society on the conditions of the struggle against the reactionary fascism enriched Marxism-Leninism with many elements which developed in new social conditions. Marxism, worldview and lively method of the proletariat and the Communist Party developed in Leninism-Stalinism, gives a unique sound knowledge of the world and theContinue reading “Dimitris Glinos on Marxism-Leninism-Stalinism”

93 years since the assassination of Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht

January 15th, 1919 Today the bourgeoisie and the social-traitors are jubilating in Berlin-they have succeeded in murdering Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg. Ebert and Scheidemann, who for four years led the workers to the slaughter for the sake of depredation, have now assumed the role of butchers of the proletarian leaders. The example of the GermanContinue reading “93 years since the assassination of Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht”

Arbeit Zukunft: Russian Federation – Growing protest on the streets of Russia

Sunday, 8 January 2012 Correspondence: After the parliamentary elections on 4th December took place in Russia, the largest rallies and demonstrations in 20 years. This was a reaction against the ruling party “United Russia”, which was confronted after the announcement of election results with massive allegations. Unfair elections, rigged elections (“dirty election”) and the exclusionContinue reading “Arbeit Zukunft: Russian Federation – Growing protest on the streets of Russia”

PCMLE: Economic crisis in Greece destabilizes the European financial system

En Marcha, May 4, 2010 Greece with its small crisis could be the straw that breaks the camel and cause a new general decline in stock markets in Europe and the world. EUR 300 billion is external debt of Greece, however, support the “Eurozone” will be over 100 billion euros. A huge injection of resources thatContinue reading “PCMLE: Economic crisis in Greece destabilizes the European financial system”