U.S. Ally Saudi Arabia executed a citizen accused of “witchcraft”

December 17, 2011 The dictatorial and corrupt feudal regime of Saudi Arabia has executed 73 people since January. The last execution is by beheading in public and has suffered a saber citizen Amina Nasser Ben Abdelhalim Jawf province accused of practicing “witchcraft”. The “apostasy” is also subject to capital punishment. This regime criminal assaults todayContinue reading “U.S. Ally Saudi Arabia executed a citizen accused of “witchcraft””

Pinochet dictatorship may have poisoned Pablo Neruda

The Communist Party of Chile (CCP) has requested the exhumation of the Communist poet Pablo Neruda, who died in 1973. The party says that the conditions of Neruda’s death have never been explained, and believes that the Chilean poet may have been poisoned by the Pinochet dictatorship. Neruda was winner of the Nobel Prize forContinue reading “Pinochet dictatorship may have poisoned Pablo Neruda”

Revolutionary Communist Party (PCR) of Brazil: In Defense of the Palestinian Homeland

In recent years, Israel intensified its offensive against the militant Palestinian people, trying by all means, economic, political and military subject him or destroy him, if possible and appropriate to control the rich oil and mineral resources of the entire region the Middle East. The military aggression, by continually bombing Palestinian people, border control, theContinue reading “Revolutionary Communist Party (PCR) of Brazil: In Defense of the Palestinian Homeland”

In Terrorism-Law Case, Chiquita Points to U.S.

By Carol D. Leonnig Washington Post Staff Writer Thursday, August 2, 2007 On April 24, 2003, a board member of Chiquita International Brands disclosed to a top official at the Justice Department that the king of the banana trade was evidently breaking the nation’s anti-terrorism laws. Roderick M. Hills, who had sought the meeting withContinue reading “In Terrorism-Law Case, Chiquita Points to U.S.”

‘Para-politics’ Goes Bananas

In a scandal with wide-ranging implications for US-Colombia ties, Chiquita Brands International, the mega-fruit company, agreed earlier this month to pay $25 million in fines to the US government for making payments of more than $1.7 million to a Colombian terrorist paramilitary group. At the center of the scandal is the United Self-Defense Forces ofContinue reading “‘Para-politics’ Goes Bananas”

The Crimes of Chiquita

1. In 1984 the United Fruit Company (UFCO) was renamed Chiquita Brands International. While I will not delve too deeply into the transgressions of the UFCO, I will say that the country I was born and spent 18 years of my life in, Guatemala, owes much of the political turmoil in it’s modern history toContinue reading “The Crimes of Chiquita”

Village destroyed: Armed soldiers evict residents in Chiquita plan to eliminate union

Chiquita SECRETS Revealed MIKE GALLAGHER & CAMERON McWHIRTER Cincinnati Enquirer 3-May-1998 Nothing remains of Tacamiche but a few concrete foundations. No one lives here any more but lizards and crows. The churches are gone. The homes of the banana workers are gone. Even the streets are overgrown with tall grass. After six decades as aContinue reading “Village destroyed: Armed soldiers evict residents in Chiquita plan to eliminate union”

Nazi Murderer of Ernesto “Che” Guevara Klaus Barbie was German & CIA Agent

From Nazi Criminal to Postwar Spy German Intelligence Hired Klaus Barbie as Agent   By Georg Bönisch and Klaus Wiegrefe    Klaus Barbie was a notorious Nazi war criminal known as the “Butcher of Lyon” because of his horrific deeds in occupied France. Now new research has revealed that he also worked as a spyContinue reading “Nazi Murderer of Ernesto “Che” Guevara Klaus Barbie was German & CIA Agent”