Bill Bland: The Workers’ Party of Korea and Revisionism

Written by Bill Bland for the Communist League INTRODUCTION In his paper entitled ‘THE WPK’S STRUGGLE AGAINST REVISIONISM’, Comrade Dermot Hudson expresses agreement with a reported statement by Nina Andreyeva: “As the Russian communist leader Dr. Nina Andreyeva remarked at the Copenhagen Seminar on the Juche Idea in 1995…” (Dermot Hudson: ‘The WPK’s Struggle againstContinue reading “Bill Bland: The Workers’ Party of Korea and Revisionism”

The Communist League: Response to ‘Why Did the Soviet Union Collapse?’

For the original article, “Why Did the Soviet Union Collapse?” look here. Dear Comrades, Our delegate has reported to us the decision of the ‘Committee for the Marxist-Leninist Party’ to publish in the Committee’s journal the article entitled ‘Why Did The Soviet Union Collapse?’ the author of which is Comrade Ted Talbot, a former memberContinue reading “The Communist League: Response to ‘Why Did the Soviet Union Collapse?’”

Bill Bland: Albania in 1984

“ALBANIA – 1984” BY BILL BLAND Some weeks ago I received, through the Albanian Embassy in Paris, an invitation to visit the People’s Socialist Republic of Albania as the guest of the Committee for Cultural and Friendly Relations with Foreign Countries, and I set out from London on June 18th. Perhaps as punishment for goingContinue reading “Bill Bland: Albania in 1984”

Bill Bland: The Market Under Socialism

ALLIANCE May 2005 Introductory Note With the permission of the Committee of the Stalin Society, I am circulating to members a statement on the present situation in Albania by another former Secretary of the Albanian Society and myself. An Albanian translation is being circulated underground by Albanian Marxist—Leninists. I am taking the opportunity at theContinue reading “Bill Bland: The Market Under Socialism”

The Communist League: The Soviet-Finnish War

Introduction After making the Soviet border regions more secure in Western Byelorussia and Western Ukraine, and acquiring defensive bases in the Baltic States of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, the Soviet Marxist-Leninists turned their attention to the vulnerability of their border with Finland. After being a Swedish province for 600 years, in 1808 Finland was cededContinue reading “The Communist League: The Soviet-Finnish War”

Book Review: “Social Democracy: the Enemy Within” by Harpal Brar

BOOK REVIEW ‘SOCIAL DEMOCRACY, THE ENEMY WITHIN’ Harpal Brar 1995; ISBN 1-874613-04-4 INTRODUCTION This book is a valuable contribution to the critique of social democracy and its counter-revolutionary role. The first half of the text is concerned with an examination of the origins of the Labour Party (the main party of social democracy in thisContinue reading “Book Review: “Social Democracy: the Enemy Within” by Harpal Brar”

Bill Bland on “Stalinism”

‘STALINISM’ An Address to the Sarat Academy in London on 30 April 1999 by Bill Bland I am grateful to the Sarat Academy for inviting me to speak to you on ‘Stalinism’. However, your choice of subject presented me with some difficulty, since I am a great admirer of Stalin and the word ‘Stalinism’ was introducedContinue reading “Bill Bland on “Stalinism””

On Milosevic

This article by the Communist League on Slobodan Milošević and what he represented is valuable. It uses the example of the Račak massacre, which has been alleged to be a hoax, but regardless it is an important work for those on the left who consider Milošević some kind of “socialist,” or those who have takenContinue reading “On Milosevic”

Book Review: “Stalin’s Letters to Molotov: 1925-1936”

‘STALIN’S LETTERS TO MOLOTOV : 1925 – 1936’ (Edited by Lars T. Lih, Oleg V. Naumov & Oleg V. Khlevniuk) (Published by Yale University Press, New Haven (USA), 1995) Introduction In December 1969, Stalin’s comrade-in-arms Vyacheslav Molotov turned over to the Central Party Archive at the Institute of Marxism-Leninism seventy-nine letters written to him byContinue reading “Book Review: “Stalin’s Letters to Molotov: 1925-1936””

Communist League Book Review: “Molotov Remembers”

COMPASS For Communist League (UK) No 108: October 1993 Book Review: MOLOTOV’S MEMOIRS Albert Resis (Ed.): ‘MOLOTOV REMEMBERS: INSIDE KREMLIN POLITICS’; Chicago; 1993 Vyacheslav Molotov was Stalin’s closest comrade-in-arms, and held for many years very important positions in the Soviet Union. One might have hoped, therefore, that his memoirs would have contained valuable information onContinue reading “Communist League Book Review: “Molotov Remembers””