Retrospect: Croatian President Franjo Tudjman dies

“He was a monster, but he was our monster” By Justus Leicht and Peter Schwarz 16 December 1999 “Tudjman almost certainly did not care that he was a monster because, unlike Milosevic, he was our monster.” These are the words that the author Misha Glenny uses in his recent book to sum up the relationshipContinue reading “Retrospect: Croatian President Franjo Tudjman dies”

Peter Drucker & the Nazi Heritage of Privatization

Applied Economics Evening Bachelors program at University of San Francisco German Resistance? “Conservative” economist Peter Drucker popularized privatization, a key Nazi economic policy Privatization is very popular among laissez-faire types today. The recent issue of the Journal of Economic Perspectives offers a different tale in which the term privatization is falsely credited to PeterContinue reading “Peter Drucker & the Nazi Heritage of Privatization”

Uncovering the Black German Holocaust

Review by Delroy Constantine-Simms University of Essex June 18, 1999 Review of: “Hitler’s Forgotten Victims” by David Okuefuna and Moise Shewa At a time when the fight for justice for Jewish Holocaust victims continues to make front-page news, the horrific experiences of Black people in Nazi Germany are virtually ignored. These experiences are brought toContinue reading “Uncovering the Black German Holocaust”

John Birch Society, a Fascist Front, Back in GOP Fold

In a display of political rehabilitation surpassing even Richard Nixon’s return to power, the John Birch society has been invited back into the big tent of the Grand old party. For those unfamiliar with the John Birch society, it was a post war conservative tea party movement on steroids. Birchers were so rabidly conservative, evenContinue reading “John Birch Society, a Fascist Front, Back in GOP Fold”

Macedonia Leaves its Partisan Heritage to Decay

Devotees of the Partisan struggle in Yugoslavia are angry that the monuments commemorating the era are falling into neglect in the very different circumstances of modern Macedonia. The controversy is even more pronounced as a result of the fact that the right-wing VMRO-DPMNE-led government of Nikola Gruevski is spending vast sums on erecting monuments ofContinue reading “Macedonia Leaves its Partisan Heritage to Decay”

ADL: Pius XII did not Save Jews in WWII

” … the ADL concluded that the claim amounted to an ‘apparent campaign of misinformation’ and urged Pope Benedict XVI to reject its conclusions. … “ The Anti-Defamation League took the Catholic Church to task this week, disputing “historical evidence” cited by Church officials as proof that WWII-era Pope Pius XII had worked to saveContinue reading “ADL: Pius XII did not Save Jews in WWII”

“Racial Hygiene” in America: Eugenicist Founders & Directors of the Pioneer Fund

The Pioneer Fund was instrumental in the formation of the Third Reich’s “racial hygiene” policies, and it is still very active, covertly, in the US. Many of the ballot measures around the country turning back affirmative action, welfare and racial “entitlements” were quietly financed by the Pioneer Fund. So was The Bell Curve, the notorious,Continue reading ““Racial Hygiene” in America: Eugenicist Founders & Directors of the Pioneer Fund”

The Nazi Monster Recruited by MI6 to Spy for Britain

By Tony Rennell Friedrich Buchardt was a clever man, an intellectual and a polymath equally at home practising law or writing papers on economics and geography. He was also a cold-blooded killer of monstrous proportions. In Nazi Germany, he put his great brain to twisted issues of race and, in particular, the distribution of JewishContinue reading “The Nazi Monster Recruited by MI6 to Spy for Britain”

Profiting from the Holocaust – The Loot from Aktion Reinhard

SS- Brigadefuhrer August Frank, one of the heads of the Economic and Administrative Main Office (WVHA) issued an order on the 26 September 1942 to the Aktion Reinhard headquarters in Lublin and to the commandant in Auschwitz, regarding the correct procedure for the treatment and distribution of Jewish possessions and valuables within the extermination camps.Continue reading “Profiting from the Holocaust – The Loot from Aktion Reinhard”

Blacks in Nazi Germany

by A. Tolbert, III So much of our history is lost to us because we often don’t write the history books, don ‘t film the documentaries, or don’t pass the accounts down from generation to generation. One documentary now touring the film festival circuit telling us to Always Remember is: Black Survivors of the HolocaustContinue reading “Blacks in Nazi Germany”

Nazis and the Republican Party

Investigative reporter Christopher Simpson says in “Blowback” that after World War II, Nazi émigrés were given CIA subsidies to build a far-right-wing power base in the U. S. These Nazis assumed prominent positions in the Republican Party’s “ethnic outreach committees.” Simpson documents the fact that these Nazis did not come to America as individuals butContinue reading “Nazis and the Republican Party”

On Milosevic

This article by the Communist League on Slobodan Milošević and what he represented is valuable. It uses the example of the Račak massacre, which has been alleged to be a hoax, but regardless it is an important work for those on the left who consider Milošević some kind of “socialist,” or those who have takenContinue reading “On Milosevic”

World War II — brought to you by Nestlé’s candy

The Swiss didn’t just hang on to Holocaust victims’ bank accounts. They used them to bankroll Hitler’s war machine. BY JONATHAN BRODER The next time you’re hungry for a Nestlé’s Crunch or a box of Quik, consider this: In 1933, the same year that Adolph Hitler rose to power in Germany, the food giant wasContinue reading “World War II — brought to you by Nestlé’s candy”

The Fate of Blacks in Nazi Germany

During the Third Reich, Germany had a small black community, yet relatively little is known about their life in the Nazi era. Deutsche Welle takes a look at survival strategies under Hitler’s oppressive regime. Deutsche Welle | 10.01.2010 Between 20,000 – 25,000 blacks lived in Nazi Germany under Hitler’s rule. When asked about blacks inContinue reading “The Fate of Blacks in Nazi Germany”

CIA’s Nazi Angel of Death Josef Mengele “Created Twin Town in Brazil”

The Nazi doctor Josef Mengele is responsible for the astonishing number of twins in a small Brazilian town, an Argentine historian has claimed. By Nick Evans in Buenos Aires 23 Jan 2009 The steely hearted “Angel of Death”, whose mission was to create a master race fit for the Third Reich, was the residentContinue reading “CIA’s Nazi Angel of Death Josef Mengele “Created Twin Town in Brazil””