Profiting from the Holocaust – The Loot from Aktion Reinhard

SS- Brigadefuhrer August Frank, one of the heads of the Economic and Administrative Main Office (WVHA) issued an order on the 26 September 1942 to the Aktion Reinhard headquarters in Lublin and to the commandant in Auschwitz, regarding the correct procedure for the treatment and distribution of Jewish possessions and valuables within the extermination camps.Continue reading “Profiting from the Holocaust – The Loot from Aktion Reinhard”

Blacks in Nazi Germany

by A. Tolbert, III So much of our history is lost to us because we often don’t write the history books, don ‘t film the documentaries, or don’t pass the accounts down from generation to generation. One documentary now touring the film festival circuit telling us to Always Remember is: Black Survivors of the HolocaustContinue reading “Blacks in Nazi Germany”

Nazis and the Republican Party

Investigative reporter Christopher Simpson says in “Blowback” that after World War II, Nazi émigrés were given CIA subsidies to build a far-right-wing power base in the U. S. These Nazis assumed prominent positions in the Republican Party’s “ethnic outreach committees.” Simpson documents the fact that these Nazis did not come to America as individuals butContinue reading “Nazis and the Republican Party”

World War II — brought to you by Nestlé’s candy

The Swiss didn’t just hang on to Holocaust victims’ bank accounts. They used them to bankroll Hitler’s war machine. BY JONATHAN BRODER The next time you’re hungry for a Nestlé’s Crunch or a box of Quik, consider this: In 1933, the same year that Adolph Hitler rose to power in Germany, the food giant wasContinue reading “World War II — brought to you by Nestlé’s candy”

Interview with Hysni Milloshi in “The Telegraph”

By Xhevdet Shehu INTERVIEW / speaks exclusively to the “Telegraph”, the Chairman of the Communist Party, Hysni Milloshi “SP has made​an alliance with fascists” The biggest surprise of the local elections next May 8 is undoubtedly the re-emergence from under the stage of the Communist Party. 20 years after the overthrow of the communist dictatorship,Continue reading “Interview with Hysni Milloshi in “The Telegraph””

The Fate of Blacks in Nazi Germany

During the Third Reich, Germany had a small black community, yet relatively little is known about their life in the Nazi era. Deutsche Welle takes a look at survival strategies under Hitler’s oppressive regime. Deutsche Welle | 10.01.2010 Between 20,000 – 25,000 blacks lived in Nazi Germany under Hitler’s rule. When asked about blacks inContinue reading “The Fate of Blacks in Nazi Germany”

Bosnian Muslims mark 16th anniversary of Srebrenica massacre

Thousands of people attended the funeral of 613 victims of the 1995 Srebrenica massacre on July 11 in the Memorial Centre at Potocari. Before the burial, some 7,000 participated in the “Srebrenica Peace March 2011”. The Peace March is conducted on a mapped route, similar to that which Bosniaks [Bosnian Muslims] from the so-called “UNContinue reading “Bosnian Muslims mark 16th anniversary of Srebrenica massacre”

Albanian Civil Movement Protests Against Demolition of Enver Hoxha’s Mausoleum

Representatives of the movement “Civil Action for the Rescue of the Pyramid” handed over to the Albanian President a petition against the demolition of the International Culture Center. Five days ago, thousands of people gathered in front of the Pyramid to protest against the Parliament’s decision for demolishing this building. They signed a petition, appealingContinue reading “Albanian Civil Movement Protests Against Demolition of Enver Hoxha’s Mausoleum”

Book Review: “Stalin’s Letters to Molotov: 1925-1936”

‘STALIN’S LETTERS TO MOLOTOV : 1925 – 1936’ (Edited by Lars T. Lih, Oleg V. Naumov & Oleg V. Khlevniuk) (Published by Yale University Press, New Haven (USA), 1995) Introduction In December 1969, Stalin’s comrade-in-arms Vyacheslav Molotov turned over to the Central Party Archive at the Institute of Marxism-Leninism seventy-nine letters written to him byContinue reading “Book Review: “Stalin’s Letters to Molotov: 1925-1936””

Bill Bland on the Enforced Resettlements in the Soviet Union

INTRODUCTION In response to an article by Alliance: Alliance number 13: “Chechnya – Oil And the Divided Russian Capitalists”, we received a letter from one “A.E.” A.E. essentially asked us to substantiate a Marxist-Leninist position on Chechnya, given that “the national rights” were violated. The exact note we received was as follows: “In discussion ofContinue reading “Bill Bland on the Enforced Resettlements in the Soviet Union”

Kissinger says in his new book that US established a strategic partnership with Mao to contain the USSR

“A coalition of the United States, China, Japan and Europe was bound to prevail against the Soviet Union” (p. 285), Kissinger says. He also says that Beijing stressed the need for “peaceful development” (p. 508), which is another word for “peaceful coexistence”. He says that the Sino-American alliance “became central to the evolution of aContinue reading “Kissinger says in his new book that US established a strategic partnership with Mao to contain the USSR”

PCOF: Enough with the anti-democratic drift of Sarkozy in the name of security!

Demolishing the forces of repression, a Roma settlement in Bordeaux Enough THE DIVERSION undemocratic Sarkozy IN THE NAME OF SECURITY! This is a “reactive” auction that creates a mixture anakato stigma of “foreign” in orbit, the Roma within a demagogic populism around the “social insecurity.” Especially this time you wish to remove the citizenship ofContinue reading “PCOF: Enough with the anti-democratic drift of Sarkozy in the name of security!”

The Revisionists of “K”KE – Social-democrat Papariga: Prima Ballerina of the Greek capital and the EU monopolies

From KKE (1918-55) “the ideas of perestroika correspond to the requirements of the reorganization of socialism, and contribute significantly to the development of the modern… theory of socialism, socialism has never been more attractive” (A. Papariga, “Pravda” June 25, 1991) (p. 8-9). “As a concept, perestroika rendered invaluable services to the international movement. Of course,Continue reading “The Revisionists of “K”KE – Social-democrat Papariga: Prima Ballerina of the Greek capital and the EU monopolies”

Partija Rada on Kosova

The escalation of clashes in Kosova is evidence once again that nationalism and the nationalist evil not only bring pain and suffering to other nations, but are also an obstacle for ones own nation to achieve its freedom and prosperity. The Albanian people in Kosova, after the suffering caused by the Belgrade regime, are inContinue reading “Partija Rada on Kosova”

R.I.P. Ludo Martens

12 March 1946 – 5 June 2011 Ludo Martens, founder of the Workers’ Party of Belgium, author of “Another View of Stalin,” has passed away. Please find below the press statement in which the Party Bureau of the Workers’ Party of Belgium announces the passing away of Ludo Martens, founder and for many years alsoContinue reading “R.I.P. Ludo Martens”