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Communist Platform (Italy): The Berlusconi Government is bankrupt

The Berlusconi Government is bankrupt.

Let us continue united the fight against the capitalist offensive, to defend our economic and political interests!

The failure of the Berlusconi Government took place in the midst of the turmoil of Italian finance. His majority collapsed under the weight of two main factors.

a) The maneuvers of the international financial oligarchy and the ruling group in Italy, which needed to avoid infection from the debt crisis by adopting anti-popular measures faster and deeper; therefore they had to dump Berlusconi, who was now considered unreliable and too weak.

b) The capacity of resistance of the working class and popular masses who, in the struggles developed over the last two years, have prevented the consolidation of a reactionary regime, split the social bloc around Berlusconi, and made the consensus of the majority of the government fall to the minimum.

The workers movement and its struggles have made an important contribution to the fall of Berlusconi, but they were not decisive, confirming Marx’s famous slogan: “Either the proletariat is revolutionary or it is not.”

This is because of its weaknesses and political, ideological and organizational limitations, as well as the grave responsibility of the reformists who, worried about the consequences, used all means to head off the decisive push of the working class,. The last gift to Berlusconi was to clear the road for the packet of urgent economic measures, another chapter of social plunder.

The end of the Berlusconi government is an important political step, which we welcome with satisfaction, but it is not the end of Berlusconism, that is, the predominance of neoliberal politics.

We must not have any illusions, much less stop mobilizing ourselves, because the picture that is before our eyes is worrisome.

First, we must observe that, while the country is under the commissariat of the EU-ECB-IMF, the government and parliament are under commissariats of “King George” Napolitano who, making himself interpreter of the diktat of the financial oligarchy, imposed the times and means for the solution of the governmental crisis and of the parliamentary discussion to approve the economic measures.

Although in an emergency situation, it foreshadows the passage to a presidential republic, a symptom of a further authoritarian involution of the bourgeois system.

With the expected appointment of Monti, Italy is moving closer to the formation of a government of almost all the bourgeois parties of the right and “left”, which will form a single party of capital when it comes to saving the ruling class from mortal danger or defending its fundamental interests.

The “emergency” government that is being formed under the pressure of the “financial markets” will be as anti-popular, if not more so, than that of Berlusconi. It is born under the sign of the clear hegemony of the imperialist bourgeoisie.

The pedigree of the neoliberal Monti is clear: for years, he was EU Commissioner (appointed by Berlusconi and D’Alema), European President of the Trilateral Commission, member of the Bilderberg Group, consultant to the investment bank Goldman Sachs, centers of imperialist power.

The new Senator for Life is a representative of the financial oligarchy, responsible for and beneficiary of the crisis. Unlike Berlusconi, he supports the overall strategic, comprehensive and long-term interests of financial capitalism.

His program is the letter of Trichet and Draghi, the increase in competitiveness at all costs (that is, the increased exploitation of the workers), the attack on the rights and interests of the working masses, the increase in the working age, cuts to pensions, privatization and easier layoffs.

The gradual liquidation of democratic freedoms, as well as the reduction of national sovereignty and the economic colonization, will continue. All this in the name of “government of globalization and the crisis” and behind the screen of the “social market economy”.

Internationally, the executive in preparation will continue to accept the leadership of US imperialism, to manage its relationship with the other European powers, thus perpetuating the role of Italy as a geo-strategic springboard and vassal country for aggression along the crisis zone from North Africa to the Persian Gulf and Afghanistan.

The government that the imperialist bourgeoisie wants to impose will have the support of the reformists, of the centrist parties linked to the Vatican and of most of the reactionaries of the PdL (the fall of their “knight” accelerates their internal discords). But it will not have support among the working masses, and this will be its weak point.

In this situation, the reformist and social-democratic leaders are confirmed in their role of props of capitalism, which in the course of the crisis are moving increasingly to the right. They conceal from the masses the class character of the government by calling it a “technical” one. The role of regulation and control of the struggles that the PD and the top levels of the CGIL will play (they spoke in favor of emergency government of Monti) will be crucial. However, this will open up the deepest contradictions in the rank and file and in the union.

The change of horses will not resolve the crisis, which is one of world capitalism and the entire ruling class. None of the economic, political, social, environmental or cultural problems that affect the working masses and the youth will be resolved. On the contrary, the working and living conditions of the majority of society will be worsened.

Behind the decline of Italian capitalism, behind the structural problems, which come from far away and affect the working masses, there is the whole bourgeois drive to defend its privileges and its ineptitude towards its own ruin.

In this situation we reaffirm the necessity of the policy of the proletarian united front. We need unity, but not unity with collaborators and opportunists. The only valid policy to put in order and prepare the counter-offensive is to promote the welding together and reorganization of the forces of the class into a single anti-capitalist front, which expresses a program of uncompromising defense of the interests of the exploited and supports their organizations such as the workers and peoples Committees.

On this basis there will be built a broad popular front, to unite around the proletariat the social classes and strata oppressed by the financial oligarchy.

We must push forward a policy of united front against neoliberalism and social-liberalism, to not pay for the debt and the crisis, against military expenditures and the politics of war, for the withdrawal from the EU and NATO.

The building of the front is primarily a process of political unity of the working class and the popular masses, forged in the struggle against the reactionary policy of the bourgeoisie, to place the crisis back on the heads of the capitalists, of the rich, of the parasites.

This fight for political unity must be conducted in meetings, in discussions with the different forces of the left and class unionism, but especially in joint struggles against any bourgeois government, on the basis of the political needs that we share.

This confirms the vital need to work for an alternative policy of revolutionary rupture with this policy and the system that produces it.

The government that we need to fight for is a government of the workers and all other exploited working masses. A government that expropriates the capitalist monopolies, seizes the wealth of the parasites, socializes the main means of production and exchange, supports the control and oversight by the working class, demolishes the oppressive bourgeois machine and gives the workers the rights and freedoms that they are entitled to. A government that serves the struggle of the proletariat to strike the bourgeoisie, to hasten its final defeat.

The interests of the working class are for a revolutionary way out of the crisis. Italy will be reborn, it will be a free and prosperous country, respected and admired; it will make its contribution to the economic and social reconstruction of the world, only with socialism.

But without the Communist Party, one cannot achieve the transition of workers and all the exploited to revolutionary positions; one cannot lead the struggle towards a new society.

To look to the future means therefore to focus attention on the function of the Communist Party, indispensable tool for leading the process of emancipation and liberation of the exploited and oppressed masses.

The reconstruction of a vanguard political organization of the working class requires the active and direct commitment today of the sincere communists and the best elements of the proletariat.

Let us work together to push forward this process, breaking once and for all with opportunism and unifying ourselves on the basis of Marxist-Leninist principles and proletarian internationalism!

November 11, 2011

Communist Platform

Communist Platform: For the expulsion of Berlusconi in power! We learn from 1943!

In its editorial of September 21, the journalist of “Republic” Massimo Giannini has rightly mocked Berlusconi after the downgrading of Italy by one of three major rating agencies, has talked of a plot by “Anglophone financial circles’ as – has Giannini noted ironically – Mussolini railed against the “perfidious Albion.” As regards, Then, the robustness of the government team, beaten in the House several times in the past days, the reporter recalled July 25, 1943, asking, “waiting for an unseen Dino Grandi,” what will be the setting for a not-too-distant end of the Berlusconi government.

Dino Grandi (especially the young generations remember him) was the hierarchy, presented in the famous meeting of the Fascist Grand Council of 25 July its agenda anti-Mussoliniano, approved by a majority of those directors in black shirt, brought on the plane constitutional regime fell.

But Giannini forget that after the brilliant victory of the Red Army at Stalingrad in January 1943, were the great strikes of workers in March 1943, led by organizations of the clandestine Communist Party of Italy, and put in crisis that shook the fascist regime in our country.

In Turin, Fiat struck, the Spa, Diatto, Michelin, Lancia, Pirelli in Milan, the Borletti, Falck, Marelli, Breda, and the strike spread throughout the month of March up to Biella, Porto Marghera and other places, with the participation of tens of thousands of workers. Many claims of an economic nature, especially those relating to cost of living allowance, had be accepted grudgingly by the Fascist authorities.

But the strike was also, and above all, a political content: “We demand the expulsion of Mussolini from power! “Was the slogan that greeted the workers and for which he fought with the greatest determination under the leadership of the Communists.

We must be able to learn from experience that great struggle. Today, for the expulsion of Berlusconi from power, is on the strength and fighting spirit of our workers, our workers, we have rely on our ability to come together and compacted into a single front of struggle, relying on our strengths and not on anything but “invisible” Montezemolo, Perfume and other “officials of the capital” that the bourgeoisie is preparing to place on the throne instead of Palazzo Chigi jester’s Arcore. Only a workers’ government born of a great and continuous proletarian and popular mobilization can save us from ruin.

September 22, 2011
Communist Platform

Political declaration of the European Regional Meeting of the ICMLPO, Copenhagen, May, 2011

Let us prepare for the sharpening of the class struggle

In the capitalist world still in deep crisis, the wind of popular revolts and of revolution is coming from the Maghreb and countries of the Middle East. The people of these countries have risen up, one after the other, against regimes of tyranny, often sold out to imperialism. They are struggling for democracy; they want to live in dignity, to work, study and contribute to the development of their country and to get rid of the corrupt regimes that have enriched themselves at their expense by selling the country and its wealth to the imperialist powers.

The revolution began in Tunisia. The resistance of the working class, of the youths, peasants, democrats and popular sectors was organized in spite of the ferocious repression of Ben Ali’s regime, supported until the last minute by its imperialist godfathers.

In this fight, the Communist Party of the Workers of Tunisia (PCOT) has played an essential leading role. Together with other forces, it is struggling today in order for this revolutionary process to continue to its end. It is the Tunisian revolution that expelled Ben Ali. It encouraged other people of the Maghreb and the Middle East to rise up. From Egypt to Yemen, from Morocco to Syria, movements have developed, provoking a large movement of sympathy among the workers, youth and peoples all over the world.

The imperialist powers that consider this region as their private hunting ground have been taken by surprise. They pretend to support these popular movements, in order to try to make use of them for their own interests. In Libya they have found forces ready to collaborate with them, and Sarkozy, Cameron and Obama launched a war that is plunging this country into chaos. For the first time in its history, NATO is intervening militarily in this region, to show the will of the imperialist powers to halt the popular movements and to establish their total control of all of Libya’s resources, especially oil, gas and water. They are also interested in Libya’s geostrategic position on the African continent and in the Mediterranean region.

As the G-8 summit has shown, the big imperialist powers are speaking of “helping” these people, but they are trying to enchain them with debts. Today the debt mechanism is an essential instrument of the neocolonial policy of imperialism. We denounce this policy of enslavement and say that on the contrary, these people do not need new debts.

It is not over yet, but with these movements, the class struggle has taken a new dimension, a new scale internationally. These people are standing up and are giving a new breath to the revolution, to the fight for national and social emancipation. They have shown that it is the people who make history and that a people united can overturn the imperialist order, can overthrow dictatorships.

The idea of the revolution is again on the agenda

The working class, the toiling people, the youth and the peoples of the world are in solidarity with this fight that inspires and stimulates them to reinforce their struggle against the capitalist imperialist system that makes them pay for its crisis. Far from being over, much less overcome, a new crisis is threatening to explode: the state debt crisis, especially in the EU. The financial oligarchy, the monopolies have put the States into debt in order to save the financial system, the banks and big monopolies. For this, billions in public money, taken from the social budgets, have been used. At the same time, wages have been lowered, and misery and precariousness have struck ever larger sectors of the masses.

The financial markets are speculating on the bankruptcy of States; they are demanding more austerity, new privatizations and new cutbacks in social rights. In order to save Euro, the leaders of big powers in the EU, the IMF and the ECB [European Central Bank] want to impose a mega-austerity plan; the so-called “stabilization plan”, which, in reality, will push even more workers of the cities and the countryside, the youths and working women into misery and insecurity, and will increase the super-exploitation in the companies. To impose such a policy of social regression, the governments of the right, social democrats and social liberals are reinforcing the reactionary laws in order to criminalize the developing social struggle. They do not hesitate to copy the racist themes of the extreme right parties which are developing a populist propaganda. We denounce the reinforcement of “fortress” Europe and say: “it is not the immigrants who should be expelled, but Sarkozy, Berlusconi and company!”

The working class, popular masses and peoples are resisting, refusing to pay for the crisis of the capitalist system.

In several countries, the youths, who are the first victim of mass unemployment and precariousness, are taking to the streets and occupying public places in cities, shouting their anger at a society that has no future to offer them. In all the countries, from Greece to the United Kingdom, from Portugal to Italy, from Ireland to Spain, the working class and popular masses are demonstrating; resisting, expressing their refusal to pay for the crisis of the system.

We are working to develop this resistance, to develop the international solidarity and to merge these fronts of struggle into a general challenge to the capitalist system, which is responsible for the crisis, wars and accidents, as the one at the Fukushima nuclear plant. It is the race for maximum profit that is sacrificing the security of the workers and peoples. We support the struggles of the workers and peoples of Europe who refuse to pay for the debts of the capitalist and we say that it is the rich, the speculators and big shareholders who must pay for them.

We support the struggles against privatization and liquidation of public services, in health, education, social protection…

We support the strikes and struggles of the workers for higher wages, the mobilizations against layoffs, against lowering of wages and worsening of social conditions.

We appeal to reinforce in each country and internationally the combat against the “pact of stabilization”.

We denounce and combat racism and struggle for equality of rights, between all the workers, which permits to struggle together against our common enemies.

We denounce imperialism’s war policy and call for solidarity with the struggles of the peoples in the Maghreb and the Middle East.

We call for a large movement of solidarity with the revolutionary process in Tunisia and for support to our fraternal party, the PCOT.

We are working to unite the forces that oppose the policy of the bourgeoisie and reaction, the policy of imperialist war, for building fronts in the struggles, among the rank-and-file, in action.

The class struggle has accelerated in a few months

We appeal to the working class, the youths, the toilers of the city and countryside, the women of the popular sectors, to intensify their struggles to defend their social and political rights and gains.

We call on the political and social organizations that want to break with this system, for social change, to prepare themselves for the new developments in the class struggle, for the battles and confrontations at a higher level.

Copenhagen, May 2011

Solidarity With the Struggle of the Arab Peoples!

We, the parties and organizations of Europe that are members of the International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organizations (ICMLPO), affirm that the popular uprisings in North Africa and the Near East have been caused by the terrible material conditions of life of the popular masses and the imposition of despotic regimes in those countries.

These conditions have objectively gotten worse as a result of the worldwide crisis of capitalism.

There are deep problems related to the question of democracy, and above all to the social question, the exploitation, poverty and inequality, created by the imperialist policy of looting and oppression of the peoples of the dependent countries.

These democratic and revolutionary processes are continuing, fighting to overthrow the despotic regimes and reactionary forces, to completely eliminate the privileges of the oligarchies, to win political liberties, to break the dependence on imperialism and to open the perspective of a new society.

These events demonstrate the revolutionary abilities of the peoples of the dependent countries, of the oppressed young people, who are the real protagonists of the process in motion.

These are very important for the proletariat, because they weaken the positions of capitalism; they can transform the dependent countries from reserves of imperialism into reserves of the proletarian revolution.

These movements in general have a progressive nature and offer precious lessons for the international proletariat, because they educate the exploited through struggle, and they instill confidence in their own one force and again put the idea of the revolution on the agenda.

We resolutely support the revolutionary and liberation movements of the oppressed peoples, which strengthen the international front of struggle against imperialism. In particular we must support the democratic revolution of the Tunisian people against the dictatorship of Ben Ali, a revolution in which the Communist Party of the Workers of Tunisia (PCOT) is playing an important role, acting with decisiveness and clarity of ideas in this revolutionary process.

Imperialism is trying to crush or control these revolutionary processes by various means, among others economic suffocation. Therefore we propose to carry out a broad campaign of international solidarity to demand the cancellation of Tunisia’s foreign debt. This debt is an important weapon in the hands of imperialism to strangle the peoples and maintain the countries in conditions of dependency.

From the beginning of the popular revolts, imperialism, particularly U.S. imperialism and the European powers such as France, Great Britain, Italy, Norway, Spain, etc., have intervened in the region, directly or indirectly, to regain control and take advantage of the situation.

The war that the imperialist powers are carrying out in Libya through their military arm, NATO, is a reactionary, imperialist war of looting of the dependent countries, of social and national oppression, to suffocate the revolutionary movements.

Its objectives are: to install a puppet government in Libya that will allow them to obtain advantageous prices of petroleum, gas and water; the appropriation of Libya’s financial wealth; to take control of a strategic area, preventing and drowning the popular revolutions; and to expel other rival capitalist powers from the region.

This is the first time that NATO has intervened in this region, and this is part of its new strategy to control the region and the continent. We must unmask and reject NATO’s criminal policy of war and terror, in which the EU is also taking part.

We demand the immediate end of the war, the withdrawal of the imperialist armed forces from Libya, Afghanistan and Iraq; we demand withdrawal from NATO and the EU, the closing of U.S. military bases, the use of public money for social service and assistance and not for war. We will pursue a policy of peace and solidarity with the peoples in struggle.

We support the development of the popular movement and defend the sovereignty and national independence of every country. We denounce the interference and threats of new imperialist interventions especially in Syria.

We reaffirm our solidarity with the Palestinian people and the population of Gaza who are suffering from a cruel blockade, organized by the racist State of Israel, and we demand its immediate end. We support the fight of the Palestinian people for effective recognition of their full national rights. We condemn the criminal Zionist policy and at the same time we denounce the complicity of the EU with Israel on the political, economic and military level.

We demand the end of the racist and xenophobic policy against immigrants, a policy that extends across Europe; we denounce the militarization of the Mediterranean by the imperialist powers that at the same time speak hypocritically about human rights.

We denounce the parallel that the reactionary forces are making between Islam and terrorism.

We say No to the maneuvers of the European Commission in its relations with the African countries, to the policy of free markets, to privatization and the destruction of public services!

Long live the struggle and international solidarity of the peoples!

Copenhagen, May 2011

Nuclear power and capitalism are a lethal combination!

The Fukushima meltdown disaster proves once again that our environment and the safety of the workers and people may be sacrificed because of the greed for maximum profit that reigns under the capitalist mode of production.

The nuclear lobby has consistently told lies, claiming that nuclear power is “entirely safe”. Fukushima, Chernobyl and Harrisburg prove the opposite. This proof is emphasized by the fact that the financial insurance monopolies themselves refuse to insure nuclear plants.

Even if the plants were “safe”, this still would not solve the problem of toxic radioactive waste. This waste is poisoning oceans and rivers every day. Uranium and plutonium lie unprotected in contaminated areas, and inside the nuclear plants themselves.

Nuclear power is expensive and a limited source of energy.

The safety of the workers in the nuclear power plants and of the people in the nearby areas is ignored. They are forced to work in contaminated areas, and are the first to suffer when accidents occur.

Because of the first strike strategy of the NATO alliance, Europe is also being polluted by hundreds of missiles with nuclear warheads belonging to different atomic powers, mainly the USA. These are a potential disaster for all, friend or “foe”. The peoples should demand that such weapons be banned from their territory, as some countries already have done.

The civil use of atomic energy originated as a by-product of military production. Even today, the civilian and military sectors are intertwined. The military and police are always involved in safeguarding the nuclear energy plants, making them into semi-militarized zones. In this way, faults and accidents can also be kept secret from the public, totally undermining democracy.

Our immediate demands are therefore:
1) Immediate start of renewable and sustainable energy production.
2) Immediate closure of all old nuclear plants.
3) No to new nuclear plants.
4) Existing plants must shut down as soon as possible

These demands are entirely just and reasonable. The peoples do not want to be dependent on nuclear power. The people of Italy have demanded a referendum to reject construction of new nuclear plants in their country; in Sardinia 97 precent of the voters said no to nuclear power in a recent consultative referendum.

We demand that the monopolies responsible for the pollution and contaminated waste resulting from the nuclear industry be compelled to pay all costs of the devastation and of dismantling of old power plants.

We still do not know the long-term consequences of the disaster in Fukushima. When a catastrophe of such a dimension occurs in a highly advanced country like Japan, similar disasters may occur anywhere. Capitalism and imperialism are incompatible with safeguarding our environment; this system is incompatible with a sustainable future.

Copenhagen, May 2011

Long live the combative youth!

The youth in Spain are continuing their action in Madrid, Barcelona and dozens of other cities in that country. In Spain, where more than 40% of young people are unemployed, the youth are in the streets for their essential and vital demands. The youth are calling for jobs, a sufficient income, housing, the right to training and education for all, etc.

The youth have united around the slogan “Real Democracy Now!” which expresses their dissatisfaction with the destruction caused by the capitalist system of exploitation and are launching a cry of revolt against it.

The capitalist system is experiencing one of its deepest crises in a century. As always, the bill is presented to the workers, who are in no way responsible for the outbreak of this crisis, while the monopolies and the banks are filling their pockets and coffers. The weight of the crisis is being placed not only on the backs of the oppressed peoples and nations of the world, but also on the backs of the workers and peoples of the advanced capitalist countries. The youth are particularly subjected to these attacks and, as such, they have taken their place at the forefront of this struggle.

By their dynamism, the youth are in the front ranks of the fight, to defend their own demands and contribute their strength, energy and enthusiasm to the previous generations.

The youth of Spain and of all Europe, ready to follow that example, wish to have the best conditions of work and life; they do not want to be condemned to more precarious conditions than those of their parents.

We, as Marxist-Leninist parties of Europe, members of the International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organizations (ICMLPO), highly value and warmly salute the fight of the youth of Spain. We think that the demands of this movement. in which the communist youth are playing an active role, are very reasonable, achievable and necessary.

We call on the youth of all Europe, and particularly those of Greece, Portugal, Ireland and Great Britain, who have been the object of virulent attacks by capital, to be inspired by the example of the youth of Spain, by their rebellion against exploitation, against reaction, against social injustice, and bring this movement forward.

Since the youth are condemned to live “without work, without a roof, without a future,” they will prove, through their mobilization, that they are able to live “without fear!”

Long live the combative youth!

The youth are the future, the future is socialism!

Copenhagen May 2011

European Regional Meeting of the International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organizations (ICMLPO)
Workers’ Communist Party of Denmark – APK
Communist Party of the Workers of France – PCOF
Organization for the Reconstruction of the Communist Party of Greece (1918-1955)
Communist Platform of Italy
Marxist-Leninist Organization Revolution of Norway (Revolusjon)
Communist Party of Spain (Marxist-Leninist) – PCE(m-l)
Revolutionary Communist Party of Turkey – TDKP
Organization for the construction of a Workers’ Communist Party of Germany (Arbeit Zukunft)

Piattaforma Comunista (Italy): May 6, strike in defense of our interests and to oust the reactionary government of Berlusconi

ITALY: On May 6, strike in defense of our interests, to pay the parasites and expel the reactionary government of Berlusconi. On one front of struggle. Piattaforma Communist

The crisis is not over, the ‘recovery’ slows down, increase the garbage contracts, unemployment, especially youth. Wages fall and prices rise. Social epidemic of overproduction. The cause is not “speculative excess”, but the contradictions of capitalism, an already obsolete system.

To increase their profits, employers intensify exploitation and relocation. Their governments are preparing new plans for “austerity” and continue bringing down the losses on workers, while helping the financial oligarchy. They continue to impose neoliberal policies of privatization, liquidation rights and social gains.

On the political front, the crisis is reflected in the reactionary transformation of the state to weaken the resistance of workers and break their unity through racism, separate agreements, federalism. Democratic freedoms are being gradually liquidated. It revives the fascist right and undertaken, shamelessly, proxy wars for oil. The ruling classes are becoming more aggressive, both inside and outside the country.

In our country the situation is aggravated because of the reactionary gang of criminals who pass laws cheating, looting public funds, is the dominance of a caste of corrupt, the babble of the parliamentary opposition to the inclusion in the EU monopolies and the subordination to the U.S. and the Vatican, all of which hit hard the interests of workers.

In this situation, it is essential to achieve maximum unity in action of the working class to extend and intensify the struggle against the capitalist offensive, political reaction and the cause of wars. On May 6, we extend the strike as much as possible. Call for participation for the unemployed, students, immigrants, women in planning, the areas hit by the anti-people policy. Try to secure the support of all unions and the USW, who refuse to pay for the crisis, debt and war spending. Grassroots development proletarian mobilization: For a strike is a useless ritual, if then back to the table with the collaborators reported. We need a real general strike unit, with economic and political objectives, and lead the country into a strong working and popular mobilization, to hit the industry, to sweep the Berlusconi government and its accomplices.

We demand urgent measures for workers and the unemployed: block the layoffs, CIG 100% respect for national agreements, increased salaries and related costs, credits to the unemployed, precarious support, not tax the wages and pensions, highly progressive taxes on profits, interest, rents and property, withdrawal of foreign troops, not a penny to the Vatican. To pay the capitalists, the rich, the parasites! We must be aware that the period of “social pact”, the electoral and parliamentary illusions are over. We have before us a period of harsh conflicts between social classes.

With the development of the proletarian movement and the construction of a broad popular front, we can open a view to breaking this dying system. The alternative is a worker government and other exploited workers to break the dominance of the bourgeoisie, imperialist alliances as a member of EU and NATO, to move to a new and higher social production system that meets the material and cultural demands of the working people and respects the environment.

To conquer our future is essential to rebuild the Communist Party based on the principles of Marxism-Leninism.

Workers and young revolutionaries, take contacts, organize!