PCMLE: Bin Laden’s Death & Ten Years of the Imperialist Invasion

From En Marcha newspaper The killing of Bin Laden claimed by the U.S. President, Barack Obama, was just a few months short of the ten year anniversary of the attack on the Twin Towers and the subsequent invasion of Afghanistan. Just in October 2001 with the action called “Operation Enduring Freedom” by U.S. troops andContinue reading “PCMLE: Bin Laden’s Death & Ten Years of the Imperialist Invasion”

PCMLE: Police State

The threat and punishment against those who express their disagreement with government policy is on the agenda in this government. There is no organized social sector, which has expressed its opposition to the anti-people policies of the government that it is saved. This time, again, the darts are directed against high school students that expressContinue reading “PCMLE: Police State”

The PCMLE born in 1964

By Pablo Miranda On 1. August 1964 in the population at Easter, then the nearby town of Guayaquil took place the First Congress of PCMLE. It was a conference in absolute secrecy. 18 comrades representing the party organization in the provinces of Pichincha, Guayas, Loja, Azuay, Esmeraldas, Los Rios attended the deliberations. Congress debated theContinue reading “The PCMLE born in 1964”

The PCMLE Regarding the Events of September 30

For some months Ecuador has been the scene of the intensification and broadening of the social struggles that various sectors of the working people, trade unionists, indigenous people, peasants, teachers, student youths, public servants, small business people and pensioners have been developing, to oppose the policies of the government of Rafael Correa that have actuallyContinue reading “The PCMLE Regarding the Events of September 30”

47th anniversary of the PCMLE

On July 15 was held at the National Theater of the House of Culture, the event’s 47-year anniversary of the Marxist Leninist Communist Party of Ecuador. This event had the participation of activists, supporters and friends of PCMLE while international delegates attended the XV International Seminar on Problems of the Revolution in Latin America, representativesContinue reading “47th anniversary of the PCMLE”

Congratulations to PCMLE on its 47th anniversary

estrevista PCMLE the national spokesman for the international seminar: We arrived at the 15th. International Seminar “Problems of the Revolution in Latin America,” how do you interpret this? Oswaldo Palacios: In our view this is a significant development in policy-making in tackling the problems and discussion between the left and revolutionary organizations in Latin America.Continue reading “Congratulations to PCMLE on its 47th anniversary”

Final Declaration of 15th International Seminarium “Problems of revolution in Latin América”

15th International Seminar: Problems of the Revolution in Latin America The world is still shaking from the economic crisis of the capitalist system that broke out just over three years ago within U.S. imperialism. Its manifestations and effects spread rapidly, first to the more developed economies and then to the entire planet. The small andContinue reading “Final Declaration of 15th International Seminarium “Problems of revolution in Latin América””

PCMLE: Workers and people of Ecuador are fighting to defeat the arrogance of government

Manifesto of May 1 The commemoration of the International Workers Day, has today, in our country, a singular importance to the referendum called by the Presidency of the Republic for May 7, which causes an important debate about whether or not to allow Rafael Correa take full and direct control of the organs of justice,Continue reading “PCMLE: Workers and people of Ecuador are fighting to defeat the arrogance of government”

From MPD – May the 1st: Combat and Struggle

The Popular Democratic Movement, will participate May 1, Labor Day, the march in defense of the rights of workers, one day fighting against the right-wing government that must be faced by the workers and peoples of Ecuador. Luis Villacis National MPD Director, invites all employees, students, peasants, workers, housewives to make this May 1st aContinue reading “From MPD – May the 1st: Combat and Struggle”

Esta Vez NO!

Correa is in the service of the right and the United States Villacis Luis Maldonado, National Director of MPD, noted that Correa is leading a capitalist right-wing government, pro-imperialist and therefore not only maintains a pact with the right, but maintains part of it. These facts that have been evident in anti-worker policy, trying toContinue reading “Esta Vez NO!”