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PCMLV Communiqué of Solidarity with the People of Tunisia

The Marxist-Leninist Communist Party of Venezuela (PCMLV) expresses its solidarity with the people most enthusiastic of Tunisia and Comrade General Secretary Hamma Hammami brother Workers’ Communist Party of Tunisia (TCO) members of the International Conference Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organizations (ICMLPO) inflicted by the crushing blow to imperialism, taking the path of popular rebellion dictator Ben Ali. Showing that in the wake of the general crisis of capitalism in its imperialist phase and last, are the prelude to the proletarian revolution.

Political analysis made in our last meeting of the ICMLPO warned the aggression of the capitalists in their efforts to shift the burden of the crisis on the battered back the world’s workers, our response would be the organization and mobilization accompanying workers’ struggles , student, peasant and finding the failure of capitalism.

The fear of a chain of protest and rebellion in the constantly increasing Magre for European imperialism, as Americans, are attentive to developments in Morocco, Algeria, Lebanon, and Egypt, Ivory Coast, where the imperialist French, U.S. and British joined the chorus satanic attempt to impose international community in Ivory Coast opposition candidate Alassane Ouattaro thus preparing the status of a civil war to create the conditions for a military coup supported by the UN. The legitimate political position of President Laurent Gbagbo to respect the sovereignty of Ivory Coast has led to the expulsion of the ambassador of Great Britain and Canada, and economic pressures and threats from the U.S. State Department.

We see events in North Africa, southern Africa the Middle East in particular in Tunisia encouraged to continue the struggle against authoritarian governments, operators and fascists who repress the people tightening all forms of domination without any contemplation, struggles every day unmask operators and dictatorial regimes in the world.

The case of Tunisia and the growing rebellion in different countries demonstrations, protests and strikes in different continents is not an isolated case, is the result of the deepening general crisis of capitalism that since last year, is specifically expressed in Western European countries and now in the countries of North Africa, as a result of neoliberal policies, as higher prices on basic goods, unemployment, which increasingly threaten stability, the miserable conditions of life workers and people in general, which is far from being diminished. It is for them that the Marxist-Leninist communist parties of the world have the responsibility to lead and support the struggles of workers in the construction and building of socialism only alternative to the failure and bankruptcy of the capitalist system.

But at the moment when the bourgeoisie supposedly moderate Democrat Tunisia aims through deception and betrayal appease revolutionary proposals, and thus frustrate the hopes of the peoples of Africa in particular the people of Tunisia.

Long live the struggle of peoples against capitalism!
Viva the people of Tunisia!

Marxist Leninist Communist Party DE VENEZUELA

Venezuelan Marxist-Leninists (PCMLV) on the Chavez Referandum

Political Resolution of the Central Committee of the Marxist-Leninist Communist Party of Venezuela

The National Situation

In the present national situation, the amendment to the constitution of the republic, which allows any government official to run for re-election continually, represents a political element of greatest importance. This proposal is opposed to the concept of alternation in office, a concept of bourgeois democracy, which reduces democracy to a change of personalities of the system, but is designed to maintain and deepen capitalist relations of production with an appearance of “change,” so that nothing changes and the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie is perpetuated.

For us the struggle is to remove the bourgeoisie, to seize power and establish the dictatorship of the proletariat as a form of government appropriate to socialism. We consider this amendment as positive since it contributes to sharpening the contradictions where they are expressed: the interests of imperialism, represented by the tendency that is opposed to the amendment as a way to close the road to the permanence of Chavez. These, with the full support of imperialism, are trying to confuse the people and, by means of terrorist measures, of manipulation of the news and psychological warfare, are trying to impose the NO option. Their plan is to call immediately for a referendum to revoke Chavez. This would imply, if the amendment is not approved, a strong internal struggle to find a substitute for Chavez, strengthening the division and backward motion of the Bolivarian process. The landowners and sectors of the “native” bourgeoisie are also pushing forward their policy in alliance with imperialism but they are playing a game of pawns and are following a policy of sabotage but without their own plan, their area of influence is among sectors of the parasitic and bureaucratic petty bourgeoisie.

On the other hand, the convergence of the revolutionary, patriotic, popular and proletarian sectors are joined in a left-wing tendency that supports the Bolivarian process and that is based on the proletariat and the peasant masses, with the presence of certain revolutionary intellectuals and a few elements of the “national” bourgeoisie and the petty bourgeoisie. They support the amendment as a form of giving continuity to the Bolivarian government without risking the possibility of splits in an electoral scenario without Chavez given his influence.

For these reasons we consider the proposal for the amendment to the constitution to be positive and we are taking up the task of winning the support of the majority. This is an activity that must be taken up by our mass organizations to mobilize them, making use of these events for the political organization and education. It is necessary to overcome the weaknesses shown in previous electoral processes, given the influence of opportunism and the petty bourgeois tendencies that have taken advantage of their preeminence in Chavez’s government and party.

At the present time, with the level of development of the struggles in Latin America, the presence of leaders of the left-wing tendency, which has anti-U.S. positions and great national and international influence, make it possible for the revolutionary forces to continue advancing and consolidating spaces to build bases for the revolution and socialism. In this we Marxist-Leninist parties have a role to play, strengthening the party and building spaces of direct ties with the masses to find the road to the genuine revolution and socialism. We understand that these processes only represent a bourgeois democratic expression, which has points of contradiction with imperialism, in particular U.S, imperialism, and neo-liberalism, but supported by social-democratic, Keynesian and reformist thought that are of a populist and anti-communist nature.

It is important to note that this process of the constitutional amendment is developing in an atmosphere marked by the sharpening of the general crisis of capitalism, which has struck the world economy hard. The Venezuelan economy will not be able to escape the totality of its effects since there will be many confrontations despite the governmental talk that “we are armor plated.” The class struggle will become serious and in our specific case the amendment will sharpen the contradictions; if the YES wins, reaction will continue to develop its policy of confrontation supported by the governors and mayors that it controls today, trying to surround Caracas, with support from Miranda, Carabobo and the border with Colombia in a long-range policy. If the NO wins, the advance of the right wing can accelerate its offensive, resorting to fascist violence supported by the favorable results, the accumulated force to revoke the government immediately, taking advantage of the internal struggle that would take place among those who support the government (mainly within the PSUV [United Socialist Party of Venezuela, Chavez’s party – translator’s note]) to succeed Chavez in the next presidential elections. This would lead to open betrayals, dissents and leaps into the enemy camp. Either way, the result of the amendment will be decisive for the future; in the regions controlled by the right wing the clashes will be more acute, especially around Caracas.

All this provides us with a panorama of greater political instability, where the need for the class vanguard is essential and our young Party will need to take up a determining role for which it must prepare all the forces at its disposal.

Central Committee of the PCMLV

Marxist Leninist Communist Party of Venezuela: the delivery of revolutionaries to the Colombian repressive apparatus is, without doubt, an ill-advised policy

Editorial in Revolutionary Steel No. 9, May 2011

Organ of the central committee PCMLV

World events move inexorably towards higher and higher stages of class struggle, although not completely visible due to the lack of a more quantitative and qualitative development that directs these actions of the proletariat in different countries. It is clear that the working class is taking firm steps to assume its leading role in the struggles.

In Egypt, before the uprisings of Cairo, generated major strikes that were harshly suppressed, but left combativeness and the spirit of struggle seeded. In Tunisia, there were demonstrations and protests, especially by the unemployed, who arrived after the immolation. In Bolivia, the Bolivian Workers Central, deep-rooted, has forced President Evo Morales to sit at the table to agree to levels of pay increase. Similarly, in Europe the major workers’ mobilizations are required reference.

Despite the bourgeois orientation of the reformist leadership that still controls the trade union movement worldwide, the working class struggles to break through, ousting the leadership and replace them with real leaders of the working class, ie, genuinely revolutionary.

Venezuela is no exception to this situation, nor is it abstract from the effects of the general crisis of capitalism. For this reason, the discontent among the working class has begun to become evident and some disorientation at the politics directed towards workers that in no way meets the aspirations and requirements of the Venezuelan working class. We live in a capitalist economy, where the individual profit of the bourgeois is the essence. This profit is based on the forced extraction of surplus value from the working class and also becomes a tool to exploit more workers.

The proletariat needs a clear policy on labor which does not discuss revolution in a speech while preserving the structure of capitalist oppression and related economic sectors are strengthened or complacent with the government; since the working class support the Chavez government, but also demand a policy that will definitely defend the workers, producing real social wealth; one that will end complacency with the exploiters, financial capital and transnational corporations in the oil and banking sectors that have been enriched to form a giant expense of the exploitation of the working class.

Moreover, we note with great concern, as every day, with great efficiency with social media communication, the Minister of Interior and Justice is proud to deliver revolutionaries to the reactionary government of Juan Manuel Santos.

Revolutionary politics has to have correlation between saying and doing. A speech against imperialism must be consistent with the confrontation with the reactionary policies. To comply with its demands, to be complacent with the right, leads to nothing good.

The delivery of revolutionaries to the repressive Colombian apparatus is, without doubt, a misguided policy that only leads to frustration and disenchantment of the masses, political confusion and mistrust around the revolutionary movement which sees the actions of this kind as a sign of weakness to fascism, a path that is not conducive to deepening revolutionary struggle but to stagnation, reformism and perhaps a betrayal of revolutionary ideals, listening in “high policy” consensus and the fear of an imperialist attack, sooner or later, with or without appeasement will be present in our land, the hands of imperialism to take over our wealth.

Only the revolutionary deepening will set us free, long live the proletarian internationalist struggles!

No to appeasement.

Marxist-Leninist Communist Party of Venezuela

We are pleased to inform to the people of Venezuela, the working class, the peasantry and the revolutionaries of the world of the emergence of the Marxist Leninist Communist Party of Venezuela (PCMLV). The party that emerges within the proletariat to secure its militant organization based on democratic centralism and the leadership of the proletarian ideology in fighting the bourgeoisie and its ideological expressions.

The PCMLV emerges as a necessity of the working class claiming the tenets of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin, to strengthen the organization of the class and defend the democratic advances in Venezuela and Latin America emerging from patriotic processes , raising open spaces to ensure the role of those who actually produce wealth: The salaried workers and the peasantry, who with his daily effort transform nature to ensure each and every good, without which life is impossible in society.

We affirm the thesis of the founders of Marxism Leninism and strive to realize the role of the proletariat, a class called to destroy capitalism and with it the exploitation conditions in which humanity has developed since the emergence of the society divided into classes until today.

The strategic objective of the PCMLV is the seizure of political power. To achieve this task it is not enough to advance in the trade union, peasant and popular movement; it is also necessary to form a political leadership with a profound class consciousness and clarity of the strategic objectives. This is only obtained through organization and work, following the example of the great revolutionaries who achieved victory through the application of Marxism-Leninism as a guide to action, preserving its fundamental principles.

The present deep crisis of imperialism creates the conditions for its destruction, and the law of uneven development creates the possibility of the victory of the revolution in one country or group of countries where the objective and subjective conditions exist, where the organization of the working class, the peasantry and other exploited sectors under the leadership of the vanguard Party make possible the seizure of power. In these circumstances we are making public the existence of the PCMLV, which is acting consistently with the principle of the proletarian internationalism and counting on the force of genuine Marxist-Leninists and the experience of the international communist movement, we are joining the International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organizations.

Socialism can only be built with the worker-peasant alliance in power and the people in arms!

Long live proletarian internationalism!

Workers and peasants, join the PCMLV, your party.

Central Committee of the PCMLV
March 2009