The Berlin Wall — Another Cold War Myth

William Blum in his latest “Empire Report” ( has the following to say about the Berlin Wall: The Western media will soon be revving up their propaganda motors to solemnize the 50th anniversary of the erecting of the Berlin Wall, August 13, 1961. All the Cold War clichés about The Free World vs. Communist TyrannyContinue reading “The Berlin Wall — Another Cold War Myth”

66th anniversary of Hiroshima: A call to end imperialism and war

From the Communist Ghadar Party of India August 6th, 2011 marks the anniversary of the terrible crime committed by the United States against the Japanese people – civilian men, women and children. 66 years ago, the US dropped atom bombs on two towns of Japan. On August 6, 1945, the atom bomb was exploded overContinue reading “66th anniversary of Hiroshima: A call to end imperialism and war”

PKK Defend Against Turkish soldiers

The guerrillas of the Workers Party of Kurdistan, the PKK claimed the lives of 13 dogs from Turkish oppression and wounded six others in an ambush in a rural area of ​​the province of Diyarbakir in southeastern Turkey. Is the action that has caused more casualties since 2008 that killed 13 other soldiers. In FebruaryContinue reading “PKK Defend Against Turkish soldiers”

History of the Imperialist “Great Game”

Afghanistan has been the victim of conspiracy and contention between the imperialists for more than a century. The term “the Great Game” was first used to describe the sparring between the British imperialists and Tsarist Russia over control of Afghanistan in the early part of the nineteenth century. One side of Afghanistan is the gateContinue reading “History of the Imperialist “Great Game””

PCOT: “We are in the midst of a revolution”

The overthrow of dictator Ben Ali We are in the midst of a revolution, that is, the revolution continues. On January 14, the people overthrew the dictator Ben Ali after a month of heroic struggles. We got rid of the dictator, but not the dictatorship,that tries to rebild itself, in the legal proceedings in theContinue reading “PCOT: “We are in the midst of a revolution””

History of the MPD in Ecuador

• On March 17, 1978 in the local Trade Union of Drivers of Pichincha, after 10 hours is installed FIRST NATIONAL CONVENTION MPD. • Delegates from 350 brigades in the provinces of Azuay, Carchi, Cotopaxi, Chimborazo, Canar, Esmeraldas, El Oro, Guayas, Imbabura, Los Rios, Loja, Manabi, Napo, Pichincha and Tungurahua. • met all requirements establishedContinue reading “History of the MPD in Ecuador”

Declaration of the PCRCI and PCRV on the Xenophobia and Chauvinism in the Ivory Coast

The wave of xenophobia that has swept the Ivory Coast since 1993 has led, at the present time, to unparalleled violence in that country. Certain bourgeois politicians have decided to resort to xenophobia as a way to attain and hold power. Carried to the point of caricature by the current rulers who are trying toContinue reading “Declaration of the PCRCI and PCRV on the Xenophobia and Chauvinism in the Ivory Coast”

The PCMLE Regarding the Events of September 30

For some months Ecuador has been the scene of the intensification and broadening of the social struggles that various sectors of the working people, trade unionists, indigenous people, peasants, teachers, student youths, public servants, small business people and pensioners have been developing, to oppose the policies of the government of Rafael Correa that have actuallyContinue reading “The PCMLE Regarding the Events of September 30”

Former UK Ambassador: CIA Sent People to be “Raped with Broken Bottles”

By Daniel Tencer The CIA relied on intelligence based on torture in prisons in Uzbekistan, a place where widespread torture practices include raping suspects with broken bottles and boiling them alive, says a former British ambassador to the central Asian country. Craig Murray, the rector of the University of Dundee in Scotland and until 2004Continue reading “Former UK Ambassador: CIA Sent People to be “Raped with Broken Bottles””

EBS teacher sides with North Korea

“North Korea, which had leadership composed of those who fought against the Japanese occupation, still strives to liberate the American colony South Korea just as it fought against the Japanese for national liberation, and that’s how they say… The war didn’t begin with a scream on June 25th, 1950. North and South had already hadContinue reading “EBS teacher sides with North Korea”

Burying the Myth: Che Guevara was NOT a Trotskyist

“I have yet to find a single credible source pointing to a case where Che executed ‘an innocent’. Those persons executed by Guevara or on his orders were condemned for the usual crimes punishable by death at times of war or in its aftermath: desertion, treason or crimes such as rape, torture or murder. IContinue reading “Burying the Myth: Che Guevara was NOT a Trotskyist”

PC de C (M-L) & EPL on the death of Manuel Marulanda of the FARC-EP

Manuel Marulanda is a deceased leader of the FARC-EP in Colombia. In March 2006, Alberto Gonzales, the theocratic crypto-fascist Attorney General of the United States, announced in conjunction with Drug Enforcement Administration and United States Department of Justice officials that the US State Department had placed a $5 million dollar reward on Marulanda’s head orContinue reading “PC de C (M-L) & EPL on the death of Manuel Marulanda of the FARC-EP”

Interview with Hysni Milloshi in “The Telegraph”

By Xhevdet Shehu INTERVIEW / speaks exclusively to the “Telegraph”, the Chairman of the Communist Party, Hysni Milloshi “SP has made​an alliance with fascists” The biggest surprise of the local elections next May 8 is undoubtedly the re-emergence from under the stage of the Communist Party. 20 years after the overthrow of the communist dictatorship,Continue reading “Interview with Hysni Milloshi in “The Telegraph””

Government followers reject deportation of alleged FARC member Joaquín Pérez Becerra

Dozens of people demonstrated in front of the headquarters of the Venezuelan Ministry of Foreign Affairs to reject the deportation to Colombia of Joaquín Pérez Becerra, an alleged member of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) and editor of the Stockholm-based Noticias Nueva Colombia (Anncol) news agency. They defended him on the grounds thatContinue reading “Government followers reject deportation of alleged FARC member Joaquín Pérez Becerra”

Revolutionary Communist Party of Côte d’Ivoire wants Case Reopened

On June 24, 2004 the General Secretary of Communist Youth of Côte d’Ivoire, Habib Dodo, was murdered by Student Federation [FESCI] of Côte d’Ivoire activists. During a press conference held on June 23 in Williamsville, M. Ekissi Achy, secretary general of the Revolutionary Communist Party of Côte d’Ivoire, called for the reopening of the caseContinue reading “Revolutionary Communist Party of Côte d’Ivoire wants Case Reopened”