Jonas Savimbi: Washington’s Freedom Fighter, Africa’s Terrorist

Peace is back on the agenda, if not yet on the horizon in Angola. With the death of rebel leader Jonas Savimbi and the state visit to Washington by Angolan president Jose Eduardo dos Santos, there is again a glimmer of hope that the country’s 27-year-long civil war may finally be coming to a realContinue reading “Jonas Savimbi: Washington’s Freedom Fighter, Africa’s Terrorist”

Men at War: Angola’s Liberation Leaders

December 12, 1975 Robin Wright Behind the bitter civil conflict that currently divides Angola into three zones of influence and two separate governments are three men: Dr. Agostinho Neto of the Popular Liberation Movement (MPLA), Dr. Jonas Savimbi of the Union for Total Independence (UNITA), and Holden Roberto of the National Liberation Front (FNLA). Dr.Continue reading “Men at War: Angola’s Liberation Leaders”

Series on Maoist Revisionism: Maoist China’s Foreign Policy: 1970s and 1980s

The Third World Asia (a) SOUTHEAST ASIA. Only in China’s traditional “sphere of influence” has the People’s Republic given consistent material support to powers abroad – to North Korea and North Vietnam – and verbal support to movements against governments with which it has friendly diplomatic relations. In the case of VIETNAM extended recognition andContinue reading “Series on Maoist Revisionism: Maoist China’s Foreign Policy: 1970s and 1980s”