“Unity & Struggle” No. 22 Released

Issue #22 of “Unity and Struggle” has been released. Unity & Struggle (Unidad y Lucha in Spanish) is the theoretical organ of the ICMLPO, or the International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties & Organizations. The 22nd edition numbers 166 pages in the Spanish version and has been published in Spanish, English, French, Turkish, Portuguese and Arabic.Continue reading ““Unity & Struggle” No. 22 Released”

About the Current Situation in the Ivory Coast

The Ivory Coast has just held its presidential election, the most expensive elections in the world and on Thursday December 2 2010 the CEI (independent Election Commission) declared Laurent GBAGBO defeated. The next day, the Constitutional Council, charged by the existing Constitution to proclaim the final results, invalidated the CEI because the CEI published theContinue reading “About the Current Situation in the Ivory Coast”

Plenum of the Revolutionary Communist Party of Upper Volta (PCRV)

From Bug-Parga Takisse Jewol-Jema Central Political Organ of the Revolutionary Communist Party of Volta No. 52 [August 1995] Last July the Central Committee of the PCRV held an ordinary Plenum: Analyzing the experience of socialism and its defeat on a world scale as a social system, the Plenum showed that this defeat is temporary andContinue reading “Plenum of the Revolutionary Communist Party of Upper Volta (PCRV)”