EMEP: No to NATO and Missile Defence System

The Justice and Development Party (AKP) government keeps lying to the peoples of Turkey. Prior to the NATO’s Lisbon meeting, AKP authorities, Prime Minister Erdogan and Foreign Minister Davutoglu both stated that they had objections to the certain articles of the Missile Defence System Project that was put on agenda by NATO. Following the LisbonContinue reading “EMEP: No to NATO and Missile Defence System”

TDKP: Kurdish movement’s direction of development

The Turkish bourgeoisie’s war threat to Syria with the support of US imperialism, the driving of the PKK leaders out of Syria, and the bringing of A. Ocalan to Turkey through an international operation -all these events have inflamed discussions about the Kurdish question both in Turkey and in the international arena. Although it isContinue reading “TDKP: Kurdish movement’s direction of development”

TDKP: The Latest Attack Directed at Iraqi Kurdistan: Turkey Takes a Further Step towards Middle-East Quicksand

In the second half of March, the collaborator ruling classes of Turkey launched a large scale attack on Iraq-Kurdistan. According to official statements, this attack aimed “to eradicate the PKK in this region”. Turkish troops would withdraw “when this mission was completed”. However, as evidenced by these vague statements, the authorities have been making contradictoryContinue reading “TDKP: The Latest Attack Directed at Iraqi Kurdistan: Turkey Takes a Further Step towards Middle-East Quicksand”

TDKP: On September 11 and a new wave of attacks by reactionary forces

The 11 September attack on the USA caused the death of thousands of innocent people. There is no doubt that this attack is indefensible as far as the peoples of the world are concerned. However, equally clear is the fact that this attack is the fruit of the situation which has been imposed by theContinue reading “TDKP: On September 11 and a new wave of attacks by reactionary forces”

Brief Information About the TDKP

The Revolutionary Communist Party of Turkey (TDKP) announced its foundation at its First (Foundation) Congress held on 2 February 1980. However, the roots of the communist movement in Turkey and the process of the TDKP’s construction go very far back. The TDKP was founded in an ideological struggle against the opportunist heritage and tradition. TKPContinue reading “Brief Information About the TDKP”

Is the New Ottoman Empire Possible?

From EMEP The executives of AKP (Justice and Development Party) have been designating The Ottoman Empire as an enviable ‘model’ for a while; and comparing the policies of Turkey with the power and impression of self-confident Ottoman. The Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan, has just stated: “We have to bring the Republic to that position.” byContinue reading “Is the New Ottoman Empire Possible?”

PKK Defend Against Turkish soldiers

The guerrillas of the Workers Party of Kurdistan, the PKK claimed the lives of 13 dogs from Turkish oppression and wounded six others in an ambush in a rural area of ​​the province of Diyarbakir in southeastern Turkey. Is the action that has caused more casualties since 2008 that killed 13 other soldiers. In FebruaryContinue reading “PKK Defend Against Turkish soldiers”

Emek Gençliği: Marcelo Rivera Must Be Released Immediately!

Emek Gençliği, or Labour Youth, is the youth wing of the Labour Party of Turkey (EMEP). Latin American countries, Ecuador, came up once more after the events of Sept. 30. South America’s other “populist”, “leftist” governments in line with the government of Rafael Correa came to power in a wide range of popular support byContinue reading “Emek Gençliği: Marcelo Rivera Must Be Released Immediately!”

Political declaration of the European Regional Meeting of the ICMLPO, Copenhagen, May, 2011

Let us prepare for the sharpening of the class struggle In the capitalist world still in deep crisis, the wind of popular revolts and of revolution is coming from the Maghreb and countries of the Middle East. The people of these countries have risen up, one after the other, against regimes of tyranny, often soldContinue reading “Political declaration of the European Regional Meeting of the ICMLPO, Copenhagen, May, 2011”

MLKP: Actions for the 10 Guerrillas Killed in Kurdistan

The armed forces of the colonialist Turkish bourgeois state killed 10 guerrillas in Sirnak within the framework of the uninterruptedly continuing military operations in Kurdistan. The People’s Defence Forces (HPG) announced that 10 guerrillas have fallen away and 8 Turkish soldiers have died in the conflict in Sirnak-Uludere that continued from May 12 to MayContinue reading “MLKP: Actions for the 10 Guerrillas Killed in Kurdistan”

EMEP: About the upcoming elections in Turkey

In 12th June, there will be general elections in Turkey. Because of the 10 percent threshold we participated the elections with independent candidates under the flag of Labour, Democracy and Freedom Block. The political party of the Kurdish movement in Turkey (BDP) and the Labour Party (EMEP) are the main powers of this block. AlsoContinue reading “EMEP: About the upcoming elections in Turkey”

The Working Class & the Labourers have won in the May Day

From the Labour Party of Turkey on May Day: The May Day celebrations held all around the world and in Turkey has been a day on which the working class and the labourers have declared that they do not want to pay the cost of the crisis. The massive character as well as the prevalenceContinue reading “The Working Class & the Labourers have won in the May Day”

EMEP: May 1 – Workers of our Country & All the World, Happy Worker’s Day!

Unity, struggle and solidarity to all workers and toilers of our country and the world. Happy May Day 1. Unfortunately, the 20,011 in a Mayıs’ına peace, democracy and freedom in front of the demands of international capital, the imperialist powers and their collaborators sought by the conditions of blood and violence are going to repression. TheContinue reading “EMEP: May 1 – Workers of our Country & All the World, Happy Worker’s Day!”

MLKP on May 1, for freedom and socialism!

The workers, laborers, youth, women, Turkish and Kurdish peoples! The working class unity, solidarity and struggle on the May 1st is approaching! May 1, from production to the power of the working class struggle for freedom and socialism per day pass! May 1, workers and workers exploitation, misery and oppression, the double exploitation of womenContinue reading “MLKP on May 1, for freedom and socialism!”

“Unity & Struggle” No. 22 Released

Issue #22 of “Unity and Struggle” has been released. Unity & Struggle (Unidad y Lucha in Spanish) is the theoretical organ of the ICMLPO, or the International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties & Organizations. The 22nd edition numbers 166 pages in the Spanish version and has been published in Spanish, English, French, Turkish, Portuguese and Arabic.Continue reading ““Unity & Struggle” No. 22 Released”