The Communist League: The Soviet-Finnish War

Introduction After making the Soviet border regions more secure in Western Byelorussia and Western Ukraine, and acquiring defensive bases in the Baltic States of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, the Soviet Marxist-Leninists turned their attention to the vulnerability of their border with Finland. After being a Swedish province for 600 years, in 1808 Finland was cededContinue reading “The Communist League: The Soviet-Finnish War”

Book Review: “Social Democracy: the Enemy Within” by Harpal Brar

BOOK REVIEW ‘SOCIAL DEMOCRACY, THE ENEMY WITHIN’ Harpal Brar 1995; ISBN 1-874613-04-4 INTRODUCTION This book is a valuable contribution to the critique of social democracy and its counter-revolutionary role. The first half of the text is concerned with an examination of the origins of the Labour Party (the main party of social democracy in thisContinue reading “Book Review: “Social Democracy: the Enemy Within” by Harpal Brar”