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“Unity & Struggle” No. 22 Released

Issue #22 of “Unity and Struggle” has been released. Unity & Struggle (Unidad y Lucha in Spanish) is the theoretical organ of the ICMLPO, or the International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties & Organizations.

The 22nd edition numbers 166 pages in the Spanish version and has been published in Spanish, English, French, Turkish, Portuguese and Arabic.

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Long live 140 years since the Paris Commune!
Revolutionary Communist Party of Brazil (PCR)

Burkina Faso
Questions regarding the situation in South Africa and Côte d’Ivoire
Revolutionary Communist Party of Upper Volta (PCRV)

The potential for confusion is constantly narrowing
Communist Party of Chile (Proletarian Action) PC (AP)

Greetings from Copenhagen, Denmark at the World Conference on Women’s Day in Caracas, Venezuela
Communist Workers’ Party of Denmark (APK)

The responsibility for organizing and carrying out the revolution is the work and the main objective of PCMLE
Marxist Leninist Communist Party of Ecuador (PCMLE)

The popular front: A tool for the current situation
Spanish Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist) PCE (ml)

The peoples of the Maghreb and the Middle East
Communist Workers’ Party of France (PCOF)

Unilaterally stop payment of the entire debt outside Greece by Euro-EMU-EU
Movement for the Reorganization of the Communist Party 1918-55

Today, like yesterday, break with reformism and opportunism to set up a real Communist Party
Communist Platform

The Soviets (workers councils), their role and their contribution to the proletarian revolution
Mexican Communist Party (Marxist Leninist)

The popular uprising for a living, democracy and national self-determination in Arabia is problematic to the imperialists and their stooges
Marxist-Leninist Organization “Revolution”

Dominican Republic
The Left is a minority
Communist Party of Labour of the Dominican Republic (PCT)

Interview with Hamma Hammami, spokesperson and member of the Workers Communist Party of Tunisia
Communist Party of Tunisian Workers (PCOT)

Turkish Foreign Policy: Illusions and Reality
Revolutionary Communist Party of Turkey (PCRT)

Amid the crisis, spread our theory, a project of great importance
Marxist Leninist Communist Party of Venezuela (PCMLV)

Partido Comunista de los Trabajadores (PCT) of the Dominican Republic Statement on Libya

No to Imperialist Intervention! Solidarity with the People of Libya!

NATO has launched its attack against Libya, just hours after the UN General Council adopted a resolution authorizing the adoption of “all necessary measures” to impose an air exclusion zone in the country. Thus begins the imperialist military intervention intended to prevent a revolutionary way to popular revolt.

The cynical argument has been, on this occasion, the defense of civilians. However, as at the time happened in Iraq, the imperialist powers turn their backs on their ally, not to support the progressive sectors, but to provide the pro-imperialist Libya bourgeoisie, which until yesterday supported Gaddafi crackdown on the popular revolt. Imperialism intends to intervene, not for democracy, but what NATO aircraft are enforcing by bombing is the maintenance of the status quo, continuing the charade, with other puppets.

The riots that are shaking up the foundations of the Arab world are the result of contradictions that have been incubating for years. Ben Ali in Tunisia, Hosni Mubarak in Egypt, do not represent the national and democratic interests of their people, they are reactionary warlords who have ruled with an iron hand their country, defending the interests of imperialism and enriching themselves and their families by brutal exploitation of the masses.

In the case of Qaddafi, he has moved from progressive positions in the past to positions subservient to imperialism and privatization policies that have affected more and more the Libyan people, while the regime has been imposing a policy of intolerance.

The generalization of the revolt seriously threatens the strategic interests of the imperialist powers, with the danger of the processes end up taking the leap toward a revolutionary change, by all means try to influence them, reinforcing the role of sectors local pro-imperialist bourgeoisie. In fact, it appears that imperialism is expected to intervene, the sectors are truly interested in giving a national revolt, democratic and anti-imperialist, will wear facing the brutal military offensive of Gaddafi.

Of the fifteen members of the UN Council, ten voted for the resolution that has covered this criminal aggression, and five abstained. These five members are Russia, China, Brazil, India and Germany. Given the power of veto of permanent members, the abstention of Russia and China has made possible the resolution, making them complicit in this assault.

The PCT requires the cessation of the aggression against the Libyan people and says no to imperialist intervention. We also call on all progressive organizations and people to organize demonstrations of solidarity with the Arab peoples in struggle.


National Secretariat

Signed: Manuel Salazar, General Secretary

Santo Domingo, DN;

March 20, 2011

Partido Comunista de los Trabajadores (PCT) of the Dominican Republic Statement takes to the streets to demand wage increase

Feb. 2011, SANTIAGO, Dominican Republic.- The Communist Party of Labour-PCT-call to its membership and the people to take to the streets to protest the high prices of goods and services to you and raise.

Yesterday, the PCT spoke to participate in the march of the park Las Palmas de Los Mina, convened by the Coalition MIUCA-Action for Change.

Manuel Salazar, secretary general of the PCT, urged his membership to the streets to protest the high prices on goods and services, and to demand a general wage increase.

He said it is a necessity to take the streets because no popular pressure the government will not take action on behalf of the majority.

Salazar believes that the movement in the streets should be the main thrust of the left and grassroots groups to demand the people’s demands. “For this government understands that there are people starving.”

He argued that one must take the streets on a civic, forceful and systematic, and make all public places accessible to protest against the economic measures the government has taken against the people.

“In each municipality of the country should develop street demonstrations every Friday, to generate a large mass movement that forced the government to respond to demands.” said the leftist leader.

Manuel Salazar, said that from now on every Friday a day of protest will happen at some point in the country in an organized and peaceful until the government and its officials understand that the bus will not go forward, but goes into reverse.