Morocco: Democratic Way rejects the official formula for reforming the Constitution

Democratic Way rejects the official formula for reforming the Constitution and calls the strengthening and consolidation of mobilization and continue the struggle for a democratic regime. After analyzing the official formula announced by the king in his speech on Thursday March 9, 2011 to amend the Constitution of the country, Democratic Way resolved: With thisContinue reading “Morocco: Democratic Way rejects the official formula for reforming the Constitution”

Plenum of the Revolutionary Communist Party of Upper Volta (PCRV)

From Bug-Parga Takisse Jewol-Jema Central Political Organ of the Revolutionary Communist Party of Volta No. 52 [August 1995] Last July the Central Committee of the PCRV held an ordinary Plenum: Analyzing the experience of socialism and its defeat on a world scale as a social system, the Plenum showed that this defeat is temporary andContinue reading “Plenum of the Revolutionary Communist Party of Upper Volta (PCRV)”

Cuban Revisionism

“I see this Movement as one of the many inspired by the bourgeoisie’s desire to free themselves from the economic chains of imperialism. I always thought of Fidel as an authentic leader of the leftist bourgeoisie, although his image is enhanced by personal qualities of extraordinary brilliance that set him above his class. It isContinue reading “Cuban Revisionism”

Maoism on Foreign Affairs vs. Pseudo-Marxist Geopolitical Pragmatism

This is an old book review by MIM (Maoist Internationalist Movement) of a work by Ludo Martens entitled, The Collapse of the Soviet Union: Causes and Lessons: For the Revolutionary Revival of the International Communist Movement. I am not a Third-Worldist or a Maoist, but this review has a principled theoretical stance regarding the International CommunistContinue reading “Maoism on Foreign Affairs vs. Pseudo-Marxist Geopolitical Pragmatism”

Michael Parenti on Chinese Capitalism

The following excerpt was written by Michael Parenti in the expanded edition of his article on Tibetan feudalism entitled, “Friendly Feudalism: the Tibet Myth.” In this work, the left-wing scholar exposes some of the realities of Chinese social-imperialism. Finally, let it be said that if Tibet’s future is to be positioned somewhere within China’s emergingContinue reading “Michael Parenti on Chinese Capitalism”

From MPD – May the 1st: Combat and Struggle

The Popular Democratic Movement, will participate May 1, Labor Day, the march in defense of the rights of workers, one day fighting against the right-wing government that must be faced by the workers and peoples of Ecuador. Luis Villacis National MPD Director, invites all employees, students, peasants, workers, housewives to make this May 1st aContinue reading “From MPD – May the 1st: Combat and Struggle”

Esta Vez NO!

Correa is in the service of the right and the United States Villacis Luis Maldonado, National Director of MPD, noted that Correa is leading a capitalist right-wing government, pro-imperialist and therefore not only maintains a pact with the right, but maintains part of it. These facts that have been evident in anti-worker policy, trying toContinue reading “Esta Vez NO!”

Abolitionist Poetry

The 1807 abolition of slave relations of production within the British Empire may have been very progressive for its time, but one wonders if these same authors would have been so jovial if they could see the way leading capitalists have lined up to contrast the modern marvel of “free trade and labor” with slavery.Continue reading “Abolitionist Poetry”

Marxist Literary Criticism: Brief Guide

Along with psychoanalytical, feminist, and cultural criticism, Marxist literary criticism exemplifies what the French philosopher Paul Ricouer terms a “hermeneutics of suspicion.” These are approaches that concern themselves not with what the text says but what it hides. As Terry Eagleton, a leading Marxist critic, writes, the task of Marxist literary criticism “is to showContinue reading “Marxist Literary Criticism: Brief Guide”

The Experience of Nepal Summed Up

“In this sense, the theory of the Communists may be summed up in the single sentence: Abolition of private property.” –“The Communist Manifesto.” “We do not believe that private property should be abolished.” –Prachanda, Interview with BBC on 09/03/2008. Introduction Perhaps you’ve heard the various communist parties claim that there has been a revolution inContinue reading “The Experience of Nepal Summed Up”

Concerning certain distortions of Stalin’s work and L. Martens’ revisionist view of socialism

This article is not my work. It was originally printed in the journal of the ICMLPO (Unity & Struggle) in the May 2008 issue #16. It was published under the title “Concerning Certain Distortions of Stalin’s Work and L. Martens Revisionist View of Socialism.” You can find it here: It appears here with noContinue reading “Concerning certain distortions of Stalin’s work and L. Martens’ revisionist view of socialism”

Nikolai Bukharin on the Use of Individual Terror Against Stalin

From Revolutionary Democracy: Introduction The participation of Bukharin and his group in terrorist activity directed against Stalin has been asserted persistently in the Soviet literature. Aside from the official party and state documentation it has been mentioned by L.M. Kaganovich in his conversations with Feliks Chuyev. [1] What is remarkable about Jules Humbert-Droz’s last conversationContinue reading “Nikolai Bukharin on the Use of Individual Terror Against Stalin”

Cuban Exiles Wage War of Terror

by Frank Joyce AlterNet, August 16, 2006. Anti-Castro terrorists based in Florida have carried out thousands of attacks against civilians, often with the full knowledge and support of the U.S. government. It wasn’t Libya, Afghanistan, or any other Arab-based group that first blew up a commercial airplane. Al Qaida had nothing to do with it.Continue reading “Cuban Exiles Wage War of Terror”