Beria Archive: Obituary of G.M. Dimitrov

From World News and Views London No.28, July 1949 Georgi Mikhailovitch Dimitrov was born on June 18, 1882, in the town of Radomir, of a proletarian revolutionary family. When he was only 15 years old, the young Dimitrov, working as a compositor in a printshop, joined the revolutionary movement and took an active part inContinue reading “Beria Archive: Obituary of G.M. Dimitrov”

Grover Furr: Rejoinder to Roger Keeran

Written by Grover Furr Let me begin by acknowledging the positive. Keeran correctly identified one error in my book. On page 30 I wrote: Stalin did refer to Trotskyites in very hostile terms. But he did not advocate persecuting them [i.e. Trotskyites]. As Keeran notes, this is wrong. I should have written: Stalin did referContinue reading “Grover Furr: Rejoinder to Roger Keeran”

Clara Zetkin: a fighter for the liberation of working women

On the anniversary of 75 years, Clara Zetkin received a unique gift. A greeting of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, who was addressing “the fearless spokesman of the proletarian revolution, the friend and companion of the working masses of the USSR and a fighter for the liberation of theContinue reading “Clara Zetkin: a fighter for the liberation of working women”

Writings on the Role of Lavrenty Beria

Stalin and supporters continued this struggle against opposition from other elements in the Bolshevik Party, resolutely but with diminishing chances for success, until Stalin died in March 1953. Lavrentii Beria’s determination to continue this same struggle seems to be the real reason Khrushchev and others murdered him, either judicially, by trial on trumped-up charges inContinue reading “Writings on the Role of Lavrenty Beria”

Alliance (Marxist-Leninist): Where We Stand – Beria and the Berlin Rising of 1953

Fifty years after, the risings and riots, of the working class in June 1953, across the German Democratic republic (GDR) – notably in Berlin, remain controversial amongst Marxist-Leninists. Some argue this was a genuine revolt of the German working class. Others, supporters of post-Stalin USSR, argue they were imperialist provocations. Alliance Marxist-Leninist will argue that:Continue reading “Alliance (Marxist-Leninist): Where We Stand – Beria and the Berlin Rising of 1953”

PC (AP): Letter to the Russian Embassy in Santiago, Chile

Thursday, December 1, 2011 Under the 94th Anniversary of the October Revolution, leaders and members of the Chilean Communist Party (Proletarian Action), PC (AP), 11:00 hours, delivered a letter to the Russian embassy, ​​were chanted slogans against the semi-fascist dictatorship of the Medvedev-Putin mafia, alive at 94 years of working and popular epic, the leadersContinue reading “PC (AP): Letter to the Russian Embassy in Santiago, Chile”

Nazi Murderer of Ernesto “Che” Guevara Klaus Barbie was German & CIA Agent

From Nazi Criminal to Postwar Spy German Intelligence Hired Klaus Barbie as Agent   By Georg Bönisch and Klaus Wiegrefe    Klaus Barbie was a notorious Nazi war criminal known as the “Butcher of Lyon” because of his horrific deeds in occupied France. Now new research has revealed that he also worked as a spyContinue reading “Nazi Murderer of Ernesto “Che” Guevara Klaus Barbie was German & CIA Agent”