Nick Cave’s Music

Nick Cave’s music is an absolute bombing of conservative bourgeois values even while it creates an old-world conservation of its own. Humanism is as alien to him as the mercy of God. He displays the utmost fetishism for old imagery, rife with churches, the Old West, as well as Gothic and supernatural elements. The Boatman’sContinue reading “Nick Cave’s Music”

Are the Smurfs Communist?

From RSA Madrid For many it is said that the Smurfs, the beloved cartoon series created by the  Belgian cartoonist Peyo, represented the ideal society imagined and longed for by Communists. To argue so great statement, they bring to the fore various different reasons. – First it was claimed that lived in the forest inContinue reading “Are the Smurfs Communist?”

40 Helpful Tips for Becoming a Successful Anti-Communist

by J. Slavyanski of the APL 1. Constantly insist that Marxism is discredited, outdated, and totally dead and buried. Then proceed to build a lucrative career on beating that supposedly ‘dead’ horse for the rest of your working life. 2. Remember, any unnatural death that occurs under a ‘Communist’ regime is not only attributable toContinue reading “40 Helpful Tips for Becoming a Successful Anti-Communist”

Feudalism and Hollywood

As with all things, art and class struggle are related. As far as revolutionary content, television is absolutely the worst, because it is entirely state and monopoly controlled. Even in liberal Hollywood, which romanticizes the bloodthirsty limb-chopping feudalism of the Russian Czar and the Dalai Lama, filmmakers still have more autonomy than those who produceContinue reading “Feudalism and Hollywood”

Nazis and the Republican Party

Investigative reporter Christopher Simpson says in “Blowback” that after World War II, Nazi émigrés were given CIA subsidies to build a far-right-wing power base in the U. S. These Nazis assumed prominent positions in the Republican Party’s “ethnic outreach committees.” Simpson documents the fact that these Nazis did not come to America as individuals butContinue reading “Nazis and the Republican Party”

World War II — brought to you by Nestlé’s candy

The Swiss didn’t just hang on to Holocaust victims’ bank accounts. They used them to bankroll Hitler’s war machine. BY JONATHAN BRODER The next time you’re hungry for a Nestlé’s Crunch or a box of Quik, consider this: In 1933, the same year that Adolph Hitler rose to power in Germany, the food giant wasContinue reading “World War II — brought to you by Nestlé’s candy”

Coca-Cola & KFC to be introduced to the DPRK

PYONGYANG – Coca-Cola and Kentucky Fried Chicken are to be supplied to Pyongyang by end of this year, according to YTN. Representatives from the two companies paid a visit to North Korea last week, invited by a domestic government-owned company that specializes in hosting foreign investments. Although Pyongyang has introduced foreign food like pasta orContinue reading “Coca-Cola & KFC to be introduced to the DPRK”

Review of Less Than Zero

Less Than Zero is a novel, or perhaps a very short semi-autobiography, about rich young Americans in college, in Los Angeles. In a word, it’s a much less innocent Catcher In the Rye. Reading this 22,000-word novel (barely longer than a short story) is as easy and as inexplicable as the feeling of gazing outContinue reading “Review of Less Than Zero”

TS Eliot rejected George Orwell’s Animal Farm because of its ‘Trotskyite’ politics

TS Eliot refused to publish Animal Farm by George Orwell because of its “Trotskyite” politics, it has been claimed. By Stephen Adams The poet, a former director of the publisher Faber & Faber, made his feelings clear in a rejection letter to Orwell in 1944. Orwell succeeded in having Animal Farm, an allegory on StalinistContinue reading “TS Eliot rejected George Orwell’s Animal Farm because of its ‘Trotskyite’ politics”

Crisis increases the demand for works of Karl Marx

The recent world crisis was an incentive to the demand of socialist literature, especially “Das Kapital” by Karl Marx, in which he rejects the fundamental basis of capitalism. In Sao Paulo, city bookshops already exhausted the sale of copies of works in less than a month. In the bookstore for example, the only works inContinue reading “Crisis increases the demand for works of Karl Marx”

Good and Bad Genocide: Suharto and Pol Pot

Good and Bad Genocide Double standards in coverage of Suharto and Pol Pot By Edward S. Herman Coverage of the fall of Suharto reveals with startling clarity the ideological biases and propaganda role of the mainstream media. Suharto was a ruthless dictator, a grand larcenist and a mass killer with as many victims as Cambodia’sContinue reading “Good and Bad Genocide: Suharto and Pol Pot”

A Way to Compare World Outlooks, Ideologies

The way in which various ideologies can influence one’s world outlook and evaluation of objective evidence is best shown through the following question. This shows how Marxism is far more than just a socio-political theory, as are other ideologies such as liberalism. Q: Why do nations go to war? A: Human nature – classical realismContinue reading “A Way to Compare World Outlooks, Ideologies”

Thoughts on the DPRK

It is a well-known fact that there has not been any famine in North Korea since 1997, and that the famine that did exist was mostly the result of serious natural disasters and leftover destruction from the Korean War, not mismanagement. The videos repeatedly shown today as starving North Koreans are all from pre-1997. TheContinue reading “Thoughts on the DPRK”


The word “modernism” is intentionally ambiguous, and perhaps without realizing it is a fitting term for such a literary movement. In the most common usage it refers to the twentieth-century movement that began with the concept of the “modern” (obviously, since without this word how could one have modern-ism?) and ended up being a collectionContinue reading “Modernism”