CIA’s Nazi Angel of Death Josef Mengele “Created Twin Town in Brazil”

The Nazi doctor Josef Mengele is responsible for the astonishing number of twins in a small Brazilian town, an Argentine historian has claimed. By Nick Evans in Buenos Aires 23 Jan 2009 The steely hearted “Angel of Death”, whose mission was to create a master race fit for the Third Reich, was the residentContinue reading “CIA’s Nazi Angel of Death Josef Mengele “Created Twin Town in Brazil””

Bosnian Muslims mark 16th anniversary of Srebrenica massacre

Thousands of people attended the funeral of 613 victims of the 1995 Srebrenica massacre on July 11 in the Memorial Centre at Potocari. Before the burial, some 7,000 participated in the “Srebrenica Peace March 2011”. The Peace March is conducted on a mapped route, similar to that which Bosniaks [Bosnian Muslims] from the so-called “UNContinue reading “Bosnian Muslims mark 16th anniversary of Srebrenica massacre”

Fascist killings in Norway: The Massacre of the Knight Templar

From Marxist-Leninist Organization Revolusjon of Norway Fascist onslaught in Norway has killed close to 100 people, targeting the political engagement and organization among progressive and democratic youth in particular Norway was on 22nd July 2011 site of the worst terrorist attack in the Nordic countries since the Second World War, perhaps the most systematic slaughterContinue reading “Fascist killings in Norway: The Massacre of the Knight Templar”

PCOF: Enough with the anti-democratic drift of Sarkozy in the name of security!

Demolishing the forces of repression, a Roma settlement in Bordeaux Enough THE DIVERSION undemocratic Sarkozy IN THE NAME OF SECURITY! This is a “reactive” auction that creates a mixture anakato stigma of “foreign” in orbit, the Roma within a demagogic populism around the “social insecurity.” Especially this time you wish to remove the citizenship ofContinue reading “PCOF: Enough with the anti-democratic drift of Sarkozy in the name of security!”

Jello Biafra Cancels Israel Show, Attacks Boycotters

The former lead singer of the Dead Kennedys has pulled out of a planned concert in Tel Aviv this weekend, but says he will still go to Israel. Jello Biafra, who was set to play in Tel Aviv for the first time on July 2 with his band the Guantanamo School of Medicine, said theContinue reading “Jello Biafra Cancels Israel Show, Attacks Boycotters”

America’s Laziest Fascist

May 20, 2004 | Michael Savage doesn’t get out much. The hardcore conservative radio host of “The Savage Nation” has always been a relatively reclusive figure. He doesn’t do book tours or publicity stunts. He’s not exactly approachable either: He claims to carry a gun with him at all times, and he doesn’t like nosyContinue reading “America’s Laziest Fascist”

2010 presidential election in Côte d’Ivoire: Yes to popular sovereignty! No to reactionary civil war! No to foreign military interventions!

The Revolutionary Communist Party of Côte d’Ivoire (PCRCI) is a revolutionary party in the Ivory Coast. It participates in the International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organizations and claims the line of Enver Hoxha and the Party of Labour of Albania. As such, it is non-revisionist and fights for a proletarian revolution. Since 1990 itContinue reading “2010 presidential election in Côte d’Ivoire: Yes to popular sovereignty! No to reactionary civil war! No to foreign military interventions!”

South Africa: Still Struggling 50 Years After Sharpeville Massacre

MRzine, March 29, 2010 Still Struggling, Still Protesting, Fifty Years after the Sharpeville Massacre by Jennifer Dohrn It is amazing that I am now at last again on South African soil, since my previous trip here was in December. I am at home in my soul in a way that is unique for my travels.Continue reading “South Africa: Still Struggling 50 Years After Sharpeville Massacre”

Abolitionist Poetry

The 1807 abolition of slave relations of production within the British Empire may have been very progressive for its time, but one wonders if these same authors would have been so jovial if they could see the way leading capitalists have lined up to contrast the modern marvel of “free trade and labor” with slavery.Continue reading “Abolitionist Poetry”

Jonas Savimbi: Our Own Terrorist

By NICHOLAS D. KRISTOF Published: March 05, 2002 If we want to fathom how countries like Saudi Arabia or Pakistan could possibly support terrorists, we might peek into a mirror. Jonas Savimbi, the Angolan rebel who was killed 10 days ago, murdered and tortured countless civilians over the years; the Angolan civil war that heContinue reading “Jonas Savimbi: Our Own Terrorist”