Kasama’s Anti-Stalinism: Furr on Bukharin

Carl: You wrote: “But for Bukharin, GF, someone I and many others think highly of (although perhaps not so many in this forum), it was indeed a capital case.” You ought not to “think highly of” this truly revolting person, Bukharin. Bukharin is not worthy of your respect, or that of any decent person. ReadContinue reading “Kasama’s Anti-Stalinism: Furr on Bukharin”

Grover Furr stomps Kasama Liberals

Thanks for all the remarks! Here are a few replies. I’ll be brief. Mike Ely wrote: “Give us a short, simple list of your evidence for this global Trotsky-Bukharin-Nazi conspiracy. You can’t because it didn’t exist.” Either you have not studied the materials or you don’t remember them. There were a series of inter-related conspiracies.Continue reading “Grover Furr stomps Kasama Liberals”


The word “modernism” is intentionally ambiguous, and perhaps without realizing it is a fitting term for such a literary movement. In the most common usage it refers to the twentieth-century movement that began with the concept of the “modern” (obviously, since without this word how could one have modern-ism?) and ended up being a collectionContinue reading “Modernism”