I Am Anti-Liberal

I am not a Maoist, but one of my favorite pamphlets is written by Mao, entitled “Combat Liberalism.” It defined the very essence of liberalism as a manifestation of opportunism. As a communist, defending liberalism is in no way, shape or form on my agenda. I despise liberalism as the essential face of imperialism. IContinue reading “I Am Anti-Liberal”

Freud & the Tyrants of Therapy

For more than a century and a half since the founding of the psychoanalytic criticism by Sigmund Freud, the school has found a tremendous audience in the field of literature and politics in general. Psychoanalytic or “Freudian” critical practice is essentially the criticism of something, in two ready-made examples, a person or a literary text,Continue reading “Freud & the Tyrants of Therapy”

Briefly on Socialism

This is something that has been forgotten by many. According to Marxism-Leninism, a capitalist society is one in which 1) the means of production — factories, land, etc., — are owned by individuals or corporate groups of individuals called capitalists; 2) this class of capitalists holds political power by controlling the state apparatus; 3) productionContinue reading “Briefly on Socialism”