Why Did the Soviet Union Collapse?

For the Communist League response to this article, see here. by Ted Hankin INTRODUCTION One of the most retailed reasons amongst Marxist-Leninists for the demise of the Soviet Union is the ‘traitors thesis’. At its crudest, the traitors thesis argues that the USSR was on track for socialism until the death of Stalin when aContinue reading “Why Did the Soviet Union Collapse?”

Book Review: “Social Democracy: the Enemy Within” by Harpal Brar

BOOK REVIEW ‘SOCIAL DEMOCRACY, THE ENEMY WITHIN’ Harpal Brar 1995; ISBN 1-874613-04-4 INTRODUCTION This book is a valuable contribution to the critique of social democracy and its counter-revolutionary role. The first half of the text is concerned with an examination of the origins of the Labour Party (the main party of social democracy in thisContinue reading “Book Review: “Social Democracy: the Enemy Within” by Harpal Brar”

Series on Maoist Revisionism: On the “Socialism” of the Maoist Revisionists

From the Journal “Reorganization” by the KKE (1918-1955) The issue of socialism is today one of the most central positions in political and ideological struggle taking place between the Marxists – Leninists and revisionists of all shades (Khrushchev, Tito, Chinese, Euro-Communists). In theory, the scientific understanding of socialism to find pleria formulated and integrated inContinue reading “Series on Maoist Revisionism: On the “Socialism” of the Maoist Revisionists”

About the American Party of Labor (APL)

The American Party of Labor (APL) is a Marxist-Leninist political party in the United States, founded in December, 2008. It follows the line of Marx-Engels-Lenin-Stalin and published The Red Phoenix. In the fallout of a global recession, the people of the United States stand in a position of economic uncertainty. There is no end to theContinue reading “About the American Party of Labor (APL)”