Bill Bland: On the Coups and Counter-Coup in Georgia

W.B. Bland’s Work Regarding Beria Poplar UK 5 December 1998 Editor’s Original Intro This was contained in a letter to Hari Kumar where Bland took strong exception to conjectures that Beria was not a Marxist-Leninist. In this letter, he rightly upbraids Kumar, of: “expressing doubt” and “in effect, wringing your hands and saying: “Dearie me,Continue reading “Bill Bland: On the Coups and Counter-Coup in Georgia”

Grover Furr’s Response to Mike Ely’s Charges Against Beria

Dear fellow listmembers: On his blog today Mike Ely repeated as true the rumors spread during Khrushchev’s time that Lavrentiy Beria was a rapist and molester. Ely’s remarks were accepted as true by at least one followup poster, who also threw in the rumors about mass rapes by the Red Army: I justContinue reading “Grover Furr’s Response to Mike Ely’s Charges Against Beria”

PCMLV: In the Midst of Crisis, to Disclose our Theory is a Labor of Great Importance

Marxist-Leninist Communist Party of Venezuela in Issue No. 22 of “Unity & Struggle” Translations by George G The working class has the historical responsibility of assuming its role as vanguard in carrying out the proletarian revolution, defeating capitalism and imperialism, making legitimate use of the various forms of struggle to build socialism. This demands ofContinue reading “PCMLV: In the Midst of Crisis, to Disclose our Theory is a Labor of Great Importance”

Fraud, Famine and Fascism: The Ukrainian Genocide Myth from Hitler to Harvard

by Douglas Tottle Published 1987 in Canada Unlike the rest of the books in this on-line library, I do not physically possess this book. I am including it here, however, because of its importance and its rarity. This book is currently out of print and extremely rare. A worldwide library search reveals that this bookContinue reading “Fraud, Famine and Fascism: The Ukrainian Genocide Myth from Hitler to Harvard”

Moni Guha: Collapse of Socialism

Introduction The subject matter of our study is “Collapse of Socialism”. But socialism did never collapse it was usurped. This is a historical fact which is being denied. What collapsed in 1990 in Eastern Europe and in 1991 in the Soviet Union was market socialism of the revisionist regimes, not the Marxian socialism of theContinue reading “Moni Guha: Collapse of Socialism”

Bill Bland: The Workers’ Party of Korea and Revisionism

Written by Bill Bland for the Communist League INTRODUCTION In his paper entitled ‘THE WPK’S STRUGGLE AGAINST REVISIONISM’, Comrade Dermot Hudson expresses agreement with a reported statement by Nina Andreyeva: “As the Russian communist leader Dr. Nina Andreyeva remarked at the Copenhagen Seminar on the Juche Idea in 1995…” (Dermot Hudson: ‘The WPK’s Struggle againstContinue reading “Bill Bland: The Workers’ Party of Korea and Revisionism”

Cold War: a Marxist view

The Revolutionary Highway Has No Exits – The History of the Cold War By Arlen Tracey The Cold War, a global conflict between the United States and its allies in Western Europe, against the Soviet Union and its allies around the world, was a conflict that evolved and twisted itself over its decades of existence.Continue reading “Cold War: a Marxist view”

Molotov on Economics

“All of Khrushchev’s errors flowed from this mistake. Marx raised this question, and Lenin confirmed it in his essay State and Revolution. I know it well. There he wrote that at the final stage of communism the principle will be: “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.” The later formulationContinue reading “Molotov on Economics”

The Communist League: Response to ‘Why Did the Soviet Union Collapse?’

For the original article, “Why Did the Soviet Union Collapse?” look here. Dear Comrades, Our delegate has reported to us the decision of the ‘Committee for the Marxist-Leninist Party’ to publish in the Committee’s journal the article entitled ‘Why Did The Soviet Union Collapse?’ the author of which is Comrade Ted Talbot, a former memberContinue reading “The Communist League: Response to ‘Why Did the Soviet Union Collapse?’”

Why Did the Soviet Union Collapse?

For the Communist League response to this article, see here. by Ted Hankin INTRODUCTION One of the most retailed reasons amongst Marxist-Leninists for the demise of the Soviet Union is the ‘traitors thesis’. At its crudest, the traitors thesis argues that the USSR was on track for socialism until the death of Stalin when aContinue reading “Why Did the Soviet Union Collapse?”

The Sino-Albanian Split & Khrushchev’s Attempted Coup against Socialist Albania

“The spillover from the Sino-Soviet conflict into Eastern Europe was evident almost immediately. In late 1960 and early 1961 the Albanian leader, Enver Hoxha, sparked a crisis with the Soviet Union by openly aligning his country with China, a precedent that caused alarm in Moscow. Quite apart from the symbolic implications of Hoxha’s move, KhrushchevContinue reading “The Sino-Albanian Split & Khrushchev’s Attempted Coup against Socialist Albania”

Bill Bland: The Market Under Socialism

ALLIANCE May 2005 Introductory Note With the permission of the Committee of the Stalin Society, I am circulating to members a statement on the present situation in Albania by another former Secretary of the Albanian Society and myself. An Albanian translation is being circulated underground by Albanian Marxist—Leninists. I am taking the opportunity at theContinue reading “Bill Bland: The Market Under Socialism”

The Communist League: The Soviet-Finnish War

Introduction After making the Soviet border regions more secure in Western Byelorussia and Western Ukraine, and acquiring defensive bases in the Baltic States of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, the Soviet Marxist-Leninists turned their attention to the vulnerability of their border with Finland. After being a Swedish province for 600 years, in 1808 Finland was cededContinue reading “The Communist League: The Soviet-Finnish War”

Series on Maoist Revisionism: Enver Hoxha Quotes on Maoist Revisionism pt. 4

“When our Party was founded, during the National Liberation War, as well as after Liberation, our people had very little knowledge about China. But, like all the revolutionaries of the world, we, too, had formed an opinion that it was progressive: “China is a vast continent. China is fighting, the revolution against foreign imperialism, againstContinue reading “Series on Maoist Revisionism: Enver Hoxha Quotes on Maoist Revisionism pt. 4”

DuBois on Stalin

From the National Guardian March 16, 1953 On Stalin By W.E.B. DuBois Joseph Stalin was a great man; few other men of the 20th century approach his stature. He was simple, calm and courageous. He seldom lost his poise; pondered his problems slowly, made his decisions clearly and firmly; never yielded to ostentation nor coylyContinue reading “DuBois on Stalin”