Communist League Book Review: “Molotov Remembers”

COMPASS For Communist League (UK) No 108: October 1993 Book Review: MOLOTOV’S MEMOIRS Albert Resis (Ed.): ‘MOLOTOV REMEMBERS: INSIDE KREMLIN POLITICS’; Chicago; 1993 Vyacheslav Molotov was Stalin’s closest comrade-in-arms, and held for many years very important positions in the Soviet Union. One might have hoped, therefore, that his memoirs would have contained valuable information onContinue reading “Communist League Book Review: “Molotov Remembers””

Why I Resigned From the Trotsky defense Committee, by Mauritz A. Hallgren

Why I Resigned From the Trotsky Defense Committee Mr. Felix Morrow, Acting Secretary American Committee for the Defense of Leon Trotsky, Room 511, 22 East 17th Street New York, N. Y. Dear Sir: It has become necessary for me to clarify my position with respect to the Moscow trials and particularly with respect to Trotsky’sContinue reading “Why I Resigned From the Trotsky defense Committee, by Mauritz A. Hallgren”

Kasama’s Anti-Stalinism: Furr on Bukharin

Carl: You wrote: “But for Bukharin, GF, someone I and many others think highly of (although perhaps not so many in this forum), it was indeed a capital case.” You ought not to “think highly of” this truly revolting person, Bukharin. Bukharin is not worthy of your respect, or that of any decent person. ReadContinue reading “Kasama’s Anti-Stalinism: Furr on Bukharin”

Grover Furr stomps Kasama Liberals

Thanks for all the remarks! Here are a few replies. I’ll be brief. Mike Ely wrote: “Give us a short, simple list of your evidence for this global Trotsky-Bukharin-Nazi conspiracy. You can’t because it didn’t exist.” Either you have not studied the materials or you don’t remember them. There were a series of inter-related conspiracies.Continue reading “Grover Furr stomps Kasama Liberals”

Grover Furr defends research on Moscow Trials from Charlatan Mike Ely

-The following is a response written by Grover Furr on the Kasama Project website- Someone brought to my attention that my research is being discussed here. I asked Mike Ely if I could respond, and he agreed that I could. I welcome criticism! But to be valuable, it has to be accurate. Here are someContinue reading “Grover Furr defends research on Moscow Trials from Charlatan Mike Ely”

Albania’s Communists Seek Revival at Polls

Article from Balkan Insight Two decades after Albanians rebelled against the Stalinist regime of former dictator Enver Hoxha, two communist parties are wooing voters at the May 8 local elections, hoping to garner support among those dissatisfied with the current political elite. “We are communists, neither Socialists nor Democrats,” says Hysni Milloshi, leader of Albania’sContinue reading “Albania’s Communists Seek Revival at Polls”

Crisis increases the demand for works of Karl Marx

The recent world crisis was an incentive to the demand of socialist literature, especially “Das Kapital” by Karl Marx, in which he rejects the fundamental basis of capitalism. In Sao Paulo, city bookshops already exhausted the sale of copies of works in less than a month. In the bookstore for example, the only works inContinue reading “Crisis increases the demand for works of Karl Marx”

Enver Hoxha’s first reaction to 20th Congress of the CPSU

February 26, 1956 MOSCOW, Sunday All night long I read the secret report of N. Khrushchev that he gave to us as he did the same with all other foreign delegations. The report rejects the figure and all the acts of the great Stalin. I understood the position of Khrushchev and his other companions againstContinue reading “Enver Hoxha’s first reaction to 20th Congress of the CPSU”

Excerpts from: Enver Hoxha – Report to the 7th Congress of the PLA

Introduction Dear Comrades! It has been exactly five years since the Party met for its sixth Congress and adopted the guidelines for the economic and social development of the country for this period. The major tasks it undertook then have been successfully fulfilled. Today our Party comes together for its seventh Congress, prepared and determinedContinue reading “Excerpts from: Enver Hoxha – Report to the 7th Congress of the PLA”

The Warmongering Plans of the Chinese Leaders & the Visit of Hua Kuo-feng to Yugoslavia & Rumania

From Albania Today, this is a long but fascinating and revealing article about revisionist China’s support of reactionary regimes in light of the “Three Worlds Theory.” The Chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist Party and Premier of the State Council of China, Hua Kuo feng has just ended his long trip which took himContinue reading “The Warmongering Plans of the Chinese Leaders & the Visit of Hua Kuo-feng to Yugoslavia & Rumania”

Maoism on Foreign Affairs vs. Pseudo-Marxist Geopolitical Pragmatism

This is an old book review by MIM (Maoist Internationalist Movement) of a work by Ludo Martens entitled, The Collapse of the Soviet Union: Causes and Lessons: For the Revolutionary Revival of the International Communist Movement. I am not a Third-Worldist or a Maoist, but this review has a principled theoretical stance regarding the International CommunistContinue reading “Maoism on Foreign Affairs vs. Pseudo-Marxist Geopolitical Pragmatism”

From MPD – May the 1st: Combat and Struggle

The Popular Democratic Movement, will participate May 1, Labor Day, the march in defense of the rights of workers, one day fighting against the right-wing government that must be faced by the workers and peoples of Ecuador. Luis Villacis National MPD Director, invites all employees, students, peasants, workers, housewives to make this May 1st aContinue reading “From MPD – May the 1st: Combat and Struggle”