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“The Espresso Stalinist” is my personal blog only. It does not necessarily represent any organization I work with or support unless otherwise noted.

I am a working class, self-taught, unrepentant Marxist-Leninist; a writer and activist, lover of coffee. I uphold the anti-revisionist line of Marx-Engels-Lenin-Stalin. This blog is meant to be a platform for the preservation of rare documents that contribute to the international struggles of the working class.

This blog is from an anti-revisionist Marxist-Leninist perspective. Expect some heavy theory, current events, and some humor along the way. I am not responsible for the content of other websites/organizations linking to, agreeing with, endorsing or supporting this blog. I hope you enjoy the site. I’m not a doctor, I just play one on TV.

– ES

46 thoughts on “About the Espresso Stalinist

  1. Interesting blog, I as an Brazilian Marxist-Leninist, would like to hear(read) your opinion about Brazil’s represantative in the ICMLPO,the PCR,and the International Conference in general.
    From my point of view, they are an excellent example of theoretical soundness and, in Brazil, are destined to reconstruct the workers movement.

    1. I agree with your assessment. I support the ICMLPO Unity & Struggle, non-revisionist Marxism-Leninism and the line of Enver Hoxha. I also support individual Marxist-Leninist parties such as the PKSH.

    1. Hello. Believe it or not I visited your website the other day when I saw your link to me coming in. Greetings, comrades!

    1. Yes, several. There’s one in Ecuador, one in Colombia, two in Turkey, one in Tunisia and elsewhere.

      Most of the pro-Albania line parties that are succesfull are in the “Third World,” oddly. The only ones without strong non-revisionist line parties are in the USA, Canada and some parts of Europe.

  2. A great discovery!

    Comrade, are you acquainted with Grover Furr – an American historian who is an authority on ‘Stalin era’?

    Grover Furr reached the same conclusion like yours, namely, that Stalin was far from a ‘dictator’ he is made out to be but in fact almost almost “at the beck & call” of Soviet bureaucracy.

    Great site!


  3. i enjoy your site but the critique of mao breaks my heart. hoxha is right for his criticizing mao’s accepting nixons visit and lack of “principle” but mao upheld stalin’s revolutionary ardour. hoxha specifically endorsed jiang qing and the gang of four against hua guofeng, citing his rejection of stalinism and the cultural revolution. and while hoxha may have criticized mao, relations weren’t broken until the reactionary coup d’etat introduced deng’s rightism. as for beria, i genuinely feel that he usurped power from malenkov, kaganovich, and of course molotov ensuring khrushchev’s rise.

    1. I agree it is heart-breaking how the Chinese people’s desire for socialism was halted after the victory of the bourgeois-democratic revolution and was prevented from reaching socialism or the dictatorship of the proletariat by Maoist revisionism. But regardless, we can’t look at these things emotionally. There is much evidence China was state-capitalist from the very beginning, and it most certainly is now.

      as for Mao upholding “Stalin’s revolutionary ardour” I suggest you read this: https://espressostalinist.wordpress.com/2011/09/06/series-on-maoist-revisionism-the-communist-party-of-china-and-the-20th-congress-of-the-c-p-s-u/

      When you say that Hoxha endorsed Jiang Qing and the “Gang of Four” against Hua Guofeng, you are objectively wrong. Hoxha had no love for Deng or Hua (he called them fascists) but he was not impressed with the “Gang of Four” and “Lady Mao” either. His stance was just and right – the Gang of Four were a gang of revisionists too, hungry only for power and using the name of Mao to seize it. It’s possible that the Gang of Four might have been more “left-wing” than Deng or Hua, but that isn’t saying much. Jiang Qing was heavily involved in Mao’s revisionism as well.

  4. We do not agree politically by far. But I respect your opinions. I found your blog due to your post on Native American Genocide. I’m following you as I always like to hear other opinions on situations. Though I won’t lie – your massive amount of Albanian flags are personally disturbing. But to each his own. (And no, I’m not Serbian though my icon is of the flag. I live here now and my blog is about my journeys here. I am a Slav – Rusyn/Ruthenian – with a large minority here in Serbia.)

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and criticisms. I appreciate your readership.

      And I am a Marxist-Leninist, not any kind of Albanian nationalist, I assure you. I merely enjoy Albanian imagery and seek to spread knowledge of the Albanian socialist experience among other things.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment.


  5. I didn’t know anything about the American-Phillipine War. I’ts so sad how Filipinos were murdered and dehumanized by the white American government. This is precisely why I hate knowing that there are people of non-white races who actually tell their children to marry white people. What they’re really saying is that the white man is better than you, and because you will never be white do the next best thing and marry someone white-so that “inferior blood” that runs through our veins will be diluted The only people that say love is color blind is the one who stares in the mirror and hates the color of the reflection he sees. I support everyone’s right to marry whom she/he pleases, but if a Filipino man ever became president, I’d want to see a Filipino woman at his side. As Malcolm X once said black men who love black women marry black women. The cartoons of the Filipinos portrayed in these racist newspapers were appalling-trying to make the Filipinos look savage and subhuman. How sick white america was at the turn of the century. They used the same tactics against blacks. As the Holy Bible states in Ecclesiates, “there’s nothing new under the sun”.

  6. happy liberation day comrade. today is the anniversary of the albanian liberation, the only nation that completely liberated itself through domestic guerrilla action in world war 2

  7. Do you see a renaissance of Stalinist thinking in M-L parties around the world?…and, is there any hope for such a thing in the US… CPUSA is bourgeoisie …RCP has a cult of personality with BA…is there any representation of the Stalinist ethos in any party extent?

  8. Greetings Espresso Stalinist:

    I am Jesse writing from the African People’s Solidarity Committee under the leadership of the African People’s Socialist Party. We’ve noticed that you shared text from the pamphlet, “All Diamonds are blood diamonds” by Penny Hess of the APSC, on the page below:


    However, there is no citation on this page or reference to APSC or Penny Hess. Could you please edit the page and direct your readers to the APSC website apscuhuru.org where can they can find the entirety of the blood diamonds document?

    Thank you for getting the word out about the colonial nature of the diamond industry.


  9. I discovered your site when looking for the annihilation of the Native Americans. I intend to use your site for ideas on research because you do a great job expanding the horizons of a persons way of thinking. Thank you.

  10. I assume that, as you identify simply as a Marxist-Leninist and seem to have a lot of references to Enva Hoxha (and none to Mao Tse-Tung), that you are not a fan of Maoism. What in Maoist theory do you consider to be “bad” or counterrevolutionary? I am a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, you see, but I am fond of what little I’ve seen on here so far. Not looking to start an ideological argument, just curious.

    -The Never Setting Sun

  11. Hello comrade, I have taken an interest in the Hoxhaist line of Marxism-Leninism. I have always held a Marxist-Leninist-MZT POV, and have only recently began to investigate into Hoxha. He seems to very heavily criticized in the online Marxist community especially, bunker memes and such.

    I would appreciate it if we could discuss this, if you have the time.
    My email is drillmastersimon@hotmail.com

    Thanks in advance

  12. Hello from Albania. We here are proud of Enver Hoxha and all his deeds and faithfulness to Marxism-Leninism. After his death, and especially after 1990, treachery turned Albania into a garbage bin where the few get crazily rich on the expense of the majority who live in misery.

  13. I read in a comment something about bunkers in Albania and Hoxha. People, don’t forget that Khrushchev couldn’t realise his treachery successfully without first pulling Stalin out of people’s hearts and they attacked him in two directions: The cult of the individual and the executions. Bunkers you mention is one of the arguments of those who want to make Hoxha’s brilliant life filthy to pull him out of the people’s hearts. Albania was a small socialist country surrounded by countries who still claim more lands as theirs, as if having half of the Albania is not enough. Surrounded by enemies and being in the forefront of political struggle with capitalism and revisionism, and especially after the split with China, we had to take measures, no?

    Why is it normal for other countries to even build racket bases and it is not normal for small countries like Albania to defend itself?

    So do not be a prey of today’s propaganda against Enver Hoxha. Albania today is in the grip of Serbia….

  14. I’d really like to see a piece on the Salvadoran Genocide by Fascist Leader Maximiliano Martinez Hernandez, who was US backed. It was a genocide as well as a reactionary ethnocide; he is responsible for the complete lack of indigenous culture in El Salvador.

  15. Hi comrade, I was wondering what your stance was regarding the suppression of religion in Albania post 1967 and whether or not one can be a Marxist-Leninist and religious in some form or fashion. I am a Hoxhaist, more or less, but that’s the one thing that’s always bothered me. Thanks!

  16. I was researching coffee because I love coffee and somehow ended up here. I am not complaining. My term paper in high school was on Marx. I would have gotten an A, only it was late and I flunked. That was over 20 years ago so I am sure to have forgotten its contents by now. I have bookmarked this site and hope to return. However, I will now continue my search for coffee as I am almost out and that is unacceptable.

  17. As a Hoxhaist & anti-Revisionist Marxist-Leninist, i love the page, with the disagreements coming on the Israel-Palestine Conflict. Comparing Zionism (which has a left and right wing) as a whole to Nazism is absolutely un-Marxist and claiming Israel to be illegit is also un-Marxist. Hoxha recognized Israel’s independence and Sovereignty as did Stalin. It is the Likud Party/Settler Fascists with their Revisionist Zionism that is the problem. Zionism has a socialist & marxist side as well and that was evident with many Socialist leaders of Israel over it’s history, as well as the failure to condemn Islamo-Fascism and the hypocrisy of the Palestinian Leadership. In fact, a well known Ethiopian Hoxhaist Meles Zenawi, was a called a great friend to Israel when he passed not long ago. Once we get rid of the fascist parties, Hoxhaism fits Israel perfectly as they are indeed a place surrounded by hostile countries and are worthy of carrying on Socialism to preserve themselves.

  18. Dear Comrade Espresso Stalinist,
    Thank you for all your contributions to the class struggle. Your work is very valuable in face of revisionists, who continually seek to redefine history and the principles of Marxism-Leninism.

  19. Can you tell me about APL’s position on the formation and the character of the new communist party under the name “Party of Communists USA”, that emerged as a split from the revisionist CPUSA? What is your party’s position on new party’s programme and policies? Is there a possibility of developing common actions and – perhaps – a future unification?

    Thanks in advance

  20. Greetings sir. You have put up a really good site to counter all the nonsense being spread today about Stalin. We cannot hope to revive socialist movements around the world without exonerating leaders like Stalin first. I just hope that more people visit your blog and clear their misconceptions about Stalin.
    Although I would like to suggest you to include a section for Lenin as well. Lenin has seen a lot of mudslinging too and the people of the world deserve to know the truth about him
    I would also like to discuss some more things with you.

    Red Salute from India

  21. I ended up here after following a link from Facebook. Great work here, comrade. Your polemics are as clear as Lenin’s and twice as spicy. Thank you for your service.

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