The Real Stalin Series


The page is dedicated to preserving “The Real Stalin” series by the late Dennis “Klo” McKinsey. The author poured a tremendous amount of effort into producing this work. It represents a great contribution to advancing an accurate and objective view of J.V. Stalin, including his contributions to Marxist-Leninist theory, his work and writings, even his personal and political character. In my opinion, this is the best work on this subject to date. Please enjoy and share widely.

 – E.S.

October Revolution

Civil War

Time of NEP

Lenin’s Testament




Soviet Society

Soviet Nations

Famine of 1932

5th Column

Moscow Trials

Party Purges

Military Purges



Deportation of Nations


Anticommunist fairy-tales about Stalin

Foreign Policy before WW2

2nd World War

Cold War

After Stalin

Private Life of Stalin

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