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A Coming of Age: Albania Under Enver Hoxha by James S. O’Donnell

Albania Defiant by Jan Myrdal and Gun Kessle

Amoral America: How the Rest of the World Learned to Hate America by Robert W. Fearn

Azerbaijan: A Land In Bloom 

Russian Socialist Federal Soviet Republic – The Whole Republic a Construction Site

CIA Sabotage Manual for the Nicaraguan Contras

Class Struggles in China by Bill Bland

Economic Problems of Socialism in the USSR by J.V. Stalin

From Trotsky to Tito by James Klugmann

If An Agent Knocks

Killing Hope

1938 Moscow Trial Transcripts: The Case of the Anti-Soviet “Bloc of Rights and Trotskyites” (Full)

Programattic Proclaimation of the Soviet Revolutionary Bolsheviks

Spain: the Unfinished Revolution by Arthur H. Landis

Stalin’s Speeches to CPUSA by J.V. Stalin

The Battle For China’s Past: Mao and the Cultural Revolution Mobo Gao

The Facts About Soviet-Albanian Relations

The Soviet Union: Socialist or Social-Imperialist? Part I

The Stalin Constitution by I. Trainin

The Truth About Hungary by Herbert Aptheker

12 thoughts on “Online Library (Books, PDFS)

  1. very few websites publish the pdf’s of books. Most want to sell the book. Yours is a unique location. Thanks for your work.

  2. hi all, super site.
    I´ve been looking hard for, but haven´t found, an e-book version of, the “History of the Party of Labor of Albania”. Any ideas?
    (cry along with me now: virtually all of my very large collection of print book M-L classics was wiped out by moisture… mold sucks!)

    Recently I read, “The Great Conspiracy” – awesome! That plus “The Real Stalin Series” (which I´m reading now) are, imho, the best source books to get an overview of Stalin.

  3. I´m also looking for an e-book version of Enver Hoxha´s Selected Works Volume 2 (I´ve downloaded volumes 1,3,4,5 +6, but can´t find V2 anywhere). Two more: “Among the Common Folk” by Hoxha and “40 Years of Socialist Albania” (I assume by the PLA). I´ve run into a version of “40 Years…” but it´s 105mb big and I´ve not be able to download it completely because that would take more than 10 hours non-stop. If it were divided into smaller pieces then it could be done in several steps.

  4. Dear Comrades,
    I am loking for books on Marxist Economy.It is a weak area of ML Movement.

  5. I’ve been looking (unsuccessfully so far) for an on-line copy of Red Papers 7 (RP7) (re: the Restoration of Capitalism in the USSR). Imho THE best thing the RU/RCP has ever done, by far, was write/publish RP7. (It was the one time they took a leading role in anything theoretical.)
    For those interested in this question, that, plus 3 other “works” (1 by Martin Nicolaus, 1 by Bill Bland, and the writings of Enver Hoxha on the subject) were/are the place to start.
    Your publication here of:
    ” The Soviet Union: Socialist or Social-Imperialist? Part I ” is very useful, thanx. Would you know how to track down (or can you publish) RP7 and also: the RCP’s: ” The Tarnished Socialism Thesis”

  6. I’m almost positive that I downloaded from this site the book, “The Great Conspiracy” by Sayers and Kahn; but now I don’t see it listed here on this page. Is it still available and I just too blind or dumb to find it here? If not, did you decide to no longer offer it; if so, can you tell us why not? It is a hugely important book.

  7. Dear Mr. Espresso,
    It says at the top that one might contact you; but I can’t figure out how to do that. I thought maybe clicking on your coffee-drinking image; but nothing happened. Would you please indicate how to reach you less publicly?

  8. Dear Pabolo!


    In response to>>>

    “Recently I read, “The Great Conspiracy” – awesome! That plus “The Real Stalin Series” (which I´m reading now) are, imho, the best source books to get an overview of Stalin.”

  9. “The Real Stalin Series” was compiled by Dennis (Klo) McKinsey; and was posted by the American Party of Labor as an entire issue of their theoretical journal, Revolutionary Spirit, June 2011 issue .
    My initial critique of this work:
    1) The author poured a tremendous amount of work into producing this document/book. It represents a great contribution to getting an accurate and very complete view of J.V.S. – his stand, work/writings, even his personal–political character. imo, this is THE best work on this subject to date.
    2) The down-side of the book is that it is very hard to make use of because:
    a) it is extremely long, b) highly repetitive, c) relatively much too un-organized. d) there are a few quotes that seem to have slipped thru that are incorrect from an M-L-ist perspective and ARE attacks on J.V.S. Such a shame … makes me think that he ran out of energy/time to tidy it up enough.
    I am tempted to undertake the task of making it much more organized – but that’d be a huge amount of work; and I don’t even know who now “owns” the document and how one might get permission from them to take up such work, and if permission were given, what would be a correct/principled process of review/acceptance for such a re-working.
    Hope this helps,

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