Capitalist Terms Glossary

Freedom – the ability to exploit others if you have the money, and the ability to starve to death if you do not.

Capitalism – global oil-burning economic system that centralizes economic power in the hands of a few thousand landowners and business owners. Prone to periodic crashes, poverty, imperialist wars that kill millions, starvation and general psychological disease.

Free Press – privately-owned press.

Free Market – privately-owned production.

Free Trade – capitalist trade between financial robber barons.

Free Speech – the ability of the KKK to call for mass murder of blacks; freedom of talk, not freedom of action; the ability to play a “loyal opposition” to the government.

Privatization – the selling by puppet US governments of egalitarian state-owned enterprises to private corporate bosses for 1% of their worth; the appropriation of land, resources and production by oligarchs.

The Economy – the bourgeoisie’s profit margin.

Economic Growth – the rich getting richer, thereby raising the GDP; increased corporate profits.

Economic Development – the dedication of Third World country’s resources to invading foreign capital.

Industrialization – the growth of monopoly capitalism and the destruction of small, independent businesses.

Fighting For Freedom – being financed by the CIA, FBI, MI6 or US Military.

Dictator – a leader that is not the head of a corporate puppet regime installed by invasion and occupation or the CIA; a leader with redistributive economic policies, lacking World Bank and IMF loans or an export-based economy; a leader that copies the United States too closely.

Anti-Semites – those not in favor of the genocide of Palestinians by the use of cluster-bombing and white phosphorous by the IDF.

Economic Freedom – the extent to which private ownership and capital dominates the society entirely; the ability for less then 1% of the population to control 80% of the wealth; economic gangsterism. The freedom to buy from corporations and work for corporations.

Job Creation – increase in plantations, underage labor and sweatshops.

Diversity of Opinion – the promotion of reactionary ideas drowning progressive ones.

Relativism – postmodern wishy-washiness.

Free Competition – the curbing of rights, environmental regulations, safety rules, child labor laws, work hour limits, et al.

Stabilize the Region – bombing the region back to the Stone Age.

Terrorism – oppressed people striking back at colonial occupiers through every possible means to express themselves.

Terrorist – a person who does not submit to global genocide.

Peacekeepers – occupation army.

Coalition Forces – occupation army.

US Soldiers – occupation army.

Military Intervention – bombing campaigns followed by on-the-ground occupation and stealing of resources.

Building Infrastructure – US-subsidized freeway system forcing dependence on automobiles instead of public transit; see also: Iraq.

Protectorate – colony.

Economic Stimulus – promotion and manufacture of wasteful and unnecessary products.

Economic Advisors – capitalist spies.

Insurgents – armed civilian fighters against foreign occupation armies; failed napalm targets.

Published by Victor Vaughn

Anti-revisionist Marxist-Leninist, monarch of Latveria, owner, National Secretary of the American Party of Labor (APL) and operator of "The Espresso Stalinist" blog.

2 thoughts on “Capitalist Terms Glossary

  1. Let me add something to your list:

    Fighting terrorism – killing everyone who looks like he doesn’t support US occupants, or is too far to see how does he look like.

    Communist – the devil himself. Try to imagine most horrible act of cruelness and be sure – he has done it before, and will do it again, if we don’t stop him

    Education – way of programming people to make them think and behave according to big capitalists needs

    International Monetary Fund financial assistance – easy way to make a poor country dependant on foreign capital

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