Hayat TV Will NOT Be Silenced!

From 2008:

On July 17th 2008 the Turkish government shut down the Hayat TV satellite channel run by the Turkish Labour Party. The television station begun last year under the slogan “Life’s all colours”. The official reasoning for the sudden cut is charges of “separatism” and for supplying the pro-kurdish RojTV with images from a Newroz celebration. General Director Çubukçu rebuffs the charges as a political move, and has vowed to resume broadcast through an arduous legal struggle. Çubukçu went on to say “we did not receive any legal warning. We learned about the decision when they cut our broadcasting. But, the letter to the company from which we rent our frequency band was clearly threatening.” Türksat general manager Özkan Dalbay’s letter to Turkovizyon, from which Hayat TV rents its frequency band, states that the demand to cut Hayat TV’s broadcasting came from the Radio and Television Supreme Council (RTÜK):

“In order that Turkovizyon’s broadcasting activities are not shut down completely by our company, we request that you cut Hayat TV’s broadcasting immediately and be more sensitive about the channels you will include in your digital platform.”

“This is an indication of the impatience of the Justice and Development Party. However, since we experienced similar experiences in the past, we are still on our job. They cannot shut us up, we will not shut up”, says Çubukçu. Hayat TV broadcasting policy is to be on the side of labor, democracy and class struggle. This is the reasoning for the action taken by the right-wing Turkish government.

Sevda Karaca, who is the producer and narrator of the women’s program “Bread and Rose”, says the action means the voices of the women who are constantly exploited because of their social, sexual and national identities and who resist sexual discrimination in the media.

Karaca’s audience is getting ready to give a press release.
“The opponents of the Justice and Development Party (AKP) should act together”

According Kara, who finds it rather interesting that right after Hayat TV, National Channel was shut down as well, the Justice and Development Party is trying to shut the voices of those who are against it. The progressive forces in Turkey and Kurdistan must unite to meet this force which seeks to serve American imperialism by smothering the class struggle and keeping the Turkish people in bondage!


To demand the cessation of persecution of the Turkish people by AKP please email the following recipients:

Email: rtuk@rtuk.gov.tr

Tel: 0090 312 297 50 00
Fax: 0090 312 266 20 38

İçişleri Bakanlığı
Sayın Beşir ATALAY (İçişleri Bakanı)

Email: basin@icisleri.gov.tr
Tel: 0090 312 425 72 14
Fax: 0090 312 418 17 95

Email: info@turksat.com.tr
Tel: 0090 312 615 3000
Fax: 0090 312 499 5115

What Is Hayat TV?

Hayat TV, the pro-people and pro-workers television is, as an alternative to the existing mass media, broadcasting on Turksat 2A Satellite. In addition to Turkey, it can also be viewed all over Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and the Caucasus.

Hayat TV is also a different alternative in terms of its organisational formation within the field of television broadcasting where monopolies dominate. Announced to the public with a declaration signed by hundreds of people, among whom were trade unionists, representatives of the mass organisations and many workers and labourers; Hayat TV aims to carry the ignored sections of the society to the screen with its participatory organisational model.

Hayat TV follows an increasingly enhanced broadcasting line with various documentaries, news programmes, street interviews as well as music and entertainment.

Hayat TV, setting out with the principle of “revealing the genuine colours of life”, claims to be a television channel through which life, truth, objective broadcasting and everything non-alien to people will be reflected. It is stated in the organisation manifesto of the channel that; “There are a lot of voices and images but when all of these come together, they do not constitute multi-vocality and they appear to be mono-vocal. We, the millions of workers and labourers, are obliged to watch whatever is presented on the television that we put in the key place of our homes. We are either alienated to ourselves, our problems and culture or identified with a different world which by no means resembles us. Let us be neither alienated nor identified with phenomena outside of ourselves. Let us be ourselves, protect our own existence.”

Hayat TV is a channel in which all sections whose existence has been ignored until now will not only find themselves but also call themselves into being. Hayat TV is the channel of the Kurds, the Laz people, the Arabs, the Circassians, the Armenians and the Surianis as well as of the workers, labourers and the impoverished masses.

Hayat TV had set up its cameras just in the midst of life and catch its visual richness in the rhythm of life flowing. Hayat TV calls itself into being as the channel of women whose lives have been caught between the kitchen and the bedroom, children targeted in advertisements as future “consumers”, the handicapped people, the environmentalists, the defenders of human rights and of course the art and artists.

Hayat TV is the voice of all sections struggling for a more liberated and more democratic world around the world. It conveys all lives and struggles from all corners of the world via broadcast to be viewed in the Middle East, the Caucasians and North Africa besides all Europe.

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Anti-revisionist Marxist-Leninist, monarch of Latveria, owner, National Secretary of the American Party of Labor (APL) and operator of "The Espresso Stalinist" blog.

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