Benin Marxist-Leninists are not allowed to participate in elections

Flag of the Communist Party of Benin (PCB)

Thanks to Roach for translation.

In the cadre conference held on the January 22th, it was determined that the Communist Party of Benin would run in the countries elections and Professor Philippe Noudjenoume, the parties first secretary, was designated as its candidate candidate.

Those who attended the conference decided to immediatly handle those informations to the people of Benin through propaganda in the countries TV stations. To cover the expenses, a campaign was started and a comission was formed to fulfill our more nescessary goals, the network Golfe-TV accepted the request and aired the announcement of the running of Philippe Noudjenoume to the office of President in the same day on the 22th. Channel 3 also accepted air it, but thanks to the lack of proper techinical personnel, the annoucement was not aired until the 24th.

On the national network, ORTB, the public relations director, without no further explanation, rejected the annoucement (even though being paid) in which content is: Presidential Elections 2011: ”All power to the workers ! CPB presents its candidate Philippe Noudjenoume. Support his candidacy !”

What kind of problem the following paid ad can bring to those responsible for an national TV network, intented to public serve, problem enough to deny us our candidacy ? The CPB denounces this arbitrary act that, under the certain circunstances, can incite the actions of bandits conected to Boni Yayi.We cannot accept that, in the end of the day, ORTB spreads propaganda about the ”works” of Boni Yayi- in a clear violation of the lawn- and in contrast, rejects a paid announcement of CPB’s candidacy to the presidential elections.

We call all workers and democrats to take ORTB back to the people and to fight for its liberation and emancipation.

Down with Boni Yayi tyrannical power !

Communist Party of Benin

Source: PCR Brazil

Published by Victor Vaughn

Anti-revisionist Marxist-Leninist, National Secretary of the American Party of Labor (APL).

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