Morocco: Democratic Way rejects the official formula for reforming the Constitution

Democratic Way rejects the official formula for reforming the Constitution and calls the strengthening and consolidation of mobilization and continue the struggle for a democratic regime.

After analyzing the official formula announced by the king in his speech on Thursday March 9, 2011 to amend the Constitution of the country, Democratic Way resolved:

With this initiative, the aim is to reproduce the same form of taxation which were adopted in the past for the development or reform of other previous constitutions. The king decides unilaterally on the reforms and choose at will to the authority in charge of writing, continuing with the line drawn by the same regime since the first Constitution of 1962.

In terms of content, we do not perceive any change or break with the past, so that it remains committed to the continuation of an authoritarian regime and proprietorship where the king is still the commander of the faithful and the central figure who holds the broad powers granted by Article 19 of the present Constitution, and violating the principle of responsibility requires control of one ruler in power.

This measure does not respond at all to the demands of the movement of the struggle for democracy and social justice that was established on February 20 and reduces the constitutional issue to a mere superficial reforms while maintaining unchanged the nature of the current political regime, when the essence of the democratic movement requires a comprehensive and radical reform of the Constitution, beginning with the dissolution of Parliament, Councils, Government and remove all symbols of the mafia majzaní responsible for political and economic crimes. Therefore, with this supposed constitutional regime it aims to tame the claims of this movement, confined to the background where they will surely end up languishing under these false expectations and divided to facilitate its enforcement.

Democratic change we seek is a radical structural change and to be given at all levels, and that at least includes the following key provisions:

The election of a Constituent Assembly for drafting a democratic constitution will reincarnate the Moroccan people as the sovereign authority and source of all powers, which breaks with the current authoritarian regime and one-person, to establish the equality between men and women and recognize the Amazigh language and culture on a par with the other official languages.

Dismantling and disbanding of all repressive apparatus responsible for political crimes and prosecution of perpetrators.

The processing of all those responsible for economic crimes related to corruption, plunder and looting of the country’s wealth and the confiscation of all assets and properties.

The dissolution of the government together with all institutions “elected” for lack of democratic legitimacy and popular.

The holding of free and democratic elections on equal opportunities for all actors and forces the removal of the control exercised by the Ministry of Interior on them.

The establishment of economic and social policy which corresponds to the Moroccan people’s basic needs by ensuring full employment, free access to social services and finally ending the rentier economy.

The protection of public media and the reaction against the single thought, guaranteeing its independence, diversity and contribution to the dissemination of the principles of dialogue, freedom and democracy.

The development of national culture and all its components as part of the heritage and cultural legacy of humanity.


We call on all citizens who yearn for freedom, dignity and democracy and all the militant forces of our country to safeguard the unity of this movement, ensuring continuity and fight any move that seeks to abort.

We reaffirm our active commitment to all initiatives and mobilizations that are taking place in our country to achieve all these claims.

Democratic Way

National Secretariat

Published by Victor Vaughn

Anti-revisionist Marxist-Leninist, monarch of Latveria, owner, National Secretary of the American Party of Labor (APL) and operator of "The Espresso Stalinist" blog.

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