Piattaforma Comunista (Italy): May 6, strike in defense of our interests and to oust the reactionary government of Berlusconi

ITALY: On May 6, strike in defense of our interests, to pay the parasites and expel the reactionary government of Berlusconi. On one front of struggle. Piattaforma Communist

The crisis is not over, the ‘recovery’ slows down, increase the garbage contracts, unemployment, especially youth. Wages fall and prices rise. Social epidemic of overproduction. The cause is not “speculative excess”, but the contradictions of capitalism, an already obsolete system.

To increase their profits, employers intensify exploitation and relocation. Their governments are preparing new plans for “austerity” and continue bringing down the losses on workers, while helping the financial oligarchy. They continue to impose neoliberal policies of privatization, liquidation rights and social gains.

On the political front, the crisis is reflected in the reactionary transformation of the state to weaken the resistance of workers and break their unity through racism, separate agreements, federalism. Democratic freedoms are being gradually liquidated. It revives the fascist right and undertaken, shamelessly, proxy wars for oil. The ruling classes are becoming more aggressive, both inside and outside the country.

In our country the situation is aggravated because of the reactionary gang of criminals who pass laws cheating, looting public funds, is the dominance of a caste of corrupt, the babble of the parliamentary opposition to the inclusion in the EU monopolies and the subordination to the U.S. and the Vatican, all of which hit hard the interests of workers.

In this situation, it is essential to achieve maximum unity in action of the working class to extend and intensify the struggle against the capitalist offensive, political reaction and the cause of wars. On May 6, we extend the strike as much as possible. Call for participation for the unemployed, students, immigrants, women in planning, the areas hit by the anti-people policy. Try to secure the support of all unions and the USW, who refuse to pay for the crisis, debt and war spending. Grassroots development proletarian mobilization: For a strike is a useless ritual, if then back to the table with the collaborators reported. We need a real general strike unit, with economic and political objectives, and lead the country into a strong working and popular mobilization, to hit the industry, to sweep the Berlusconi government and its accomplices.

We demand urgent measures for workers and the unemployed: block the layoffs, CIG 100% respect for national agreements, increased salaries and related costs, credits to the unemployed, precarious support, not tax the wages and pensions, highly progressive taxes on profits, interest, rents and property, withdrawal of foreign troops, not a penny to the Vatican. To pay the capitalists, the rich, the parasites! We must be aware that the period of “social pact”, the electoral and parliamentary illusions are over. We have before us a period of harsh conflicts between social classes.

With the development of the proletarian movement and the construction of a broad popular front, we can open a view to breaking this dying system. The alternative is a worker government and other exploited workers to break the dominance of the bourgeoisie, imperialist alliances as a member of EU and NATO, to move to a new and higher social production system that meets the material and cultural demands of the working people and respects the environment.

To conquer our future is essential to rebuild the Communist Party based on the principles of Marxism-Leninism.

Workers and young revolutionaries, take contacts, organize!

Published by Victor Vaughn

Anti-revisionist Marxist-Leninist, National Secretary of the American Party of Labor (APL).

One thought on “Piattaforma Comunista (Italy): May 6, strike in defense of our interests and to oust the reactionary government of Berlusconi

  1. Workers of Italy unite!!!
    There are a lot of little Communist Parties here…but we need urgently only one!!!! A big one!!!!
    Berlusconi is now out! The Monti governament is arrived…but the story for the workers doesn’t change. P.C.I. (m-l)…when?

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