PCR: Long Live May Day!

From Revolutionary Communist Party of Brazil (PCR):

In the nineteenth century, workers of all countries resolved to celebrate this day every year, the first of May. That was in 1889 when, at the Congress of the Socialist Toureza is waking from its winter sleep, when the forests and hills are wearing their robes and green fields and meadows are adorned with flowers, when the sun shines more warmly and when joy fills the air of rebirth and nature surrenders to dance and joy – they decided to declare openly and loudly to everyone, on this very day, that employees are bringing spring to humanity and its liberation from the chains of capitalism.

That is the mission of the workers – to renew the world based on freedom and socialism.

Every class has its own festivals. The nobility introduced its festivals, and they proclaim their “right” to rob the peasants. The bourgeoisie have their festivals and their dates “justify” their “right” to exploit workers. The clergy also have their festivals, and they praised the existing system under which workers die in poverty while the lazy swim in luxury.

Workers also need to have their festivals, and they shall proclaim universal labor, universal freedom, universal equality of all men. This festival is the first of May.

That’s what the workers have decided to make that date, in 1889.

Since then, the battle cry of the workers for socialism has echoed louder in the meetings and marches of May 1st. The ocean of the labor movement grows more and more, spreading to new countries and states of Europe and America to Asia, Africa and Australia. In the course of a few decades, the previously weak international association of workers has become a powerful international brotherhood, holding regular meetings and join millions of workers in all parts of the world.

The sea is rising proletarian fury of giant waves, and moves increasingly staggering menacingly against the citadels of capitalism. The big miners’ strike broke out recently in Britain, Germany, Belgium, America, etc., a strike that has put fear into the hearts of explorers and government officials from around the world, is a clear sign that the socialist revolution is far away …

“We do not worship the golden calf!” We do not want the kingdom of the bourgeoisie and the oppressors! Condemnation and death to capitalism and its horrors of poverty and bloodshed! Life in the realm of work, live socialism!

That is what the class-conscious workers of all countries proclaim this day.

And confident of victory, serene and strong, they march proudly along the road to the promised land, towards the glorious socialism, step by step carrying out the great call of Karl Marx: “Workers of all countries, unite! ”

This is how the workers in the free countries celebrate May 1.

So let’s extend our hands to our colleagues around the world and together they proclaim:

Down with capitalism!

Long live socialism!

This pamphlet, entitled “Long live May 1!” Was written by JV Stalin in Moscow in early April 1912. It was secretly printed at a printing legal in Tiflis and all copies were subsequently sent to St. Petersburg.

Published by Victor Vaughn

Anti-revisionist Marxist-Leninist, monarch of Latveria, owner, National Secretary of the American Party of Labor (APL) and operator of "The Espresso Stalinist" blog.

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