PCM-ML: May 1st – Class Unity, Solidarity, Protest!

No Gratitude, No Order!

Work Against Labor Reform; The Mobilization of Workers!

Year after year, from 1887, a proposal of Frederick Engels and Karl Marx to the First Founding Congress of International Association of Workers says the world’s working class should take to the streets to show the capitalists and their governments that without the strength and intellect of workers, the company will not moving and their wealth will not reproduce.

The bourgeoisie and their governments have always wanted to confine the first of May to a most senseless event. But this day, did not come from a nostalgic inspiration of workers to create a festive day in the calendar, but by the need to be organized and act together before the greed of the bosses for the 8-hour workday, employment security, collective bargaining, the right to strike, freedom of organization, trade union autonomy and a fair wage.

What Can We Do to Master the Nobility on this First of May?

Incomplete schools through the readjustment of personnel, managers and supervisors without the corresponding key, mayors and prefects creating teacher shortages, teachers working hours for merit; teacher entrance exams whose results are not respected. Schools falling for years without repair, accusations of right-wing organizations towards teachers of being responsible for low test results ENLACE and PISA, instigating society to press us to raise the quality of education. Teaching careers largely remain stalled; the bulk of teachers are in the lower levels and they always have excuses not to promote you.

Along with this, the Federal Government’s obsession to end the six-year scope of their educational measures, a competence education that replaces an comprehensive education, humanist and nationalist teacher entrance exams, recruitment fees, periodic certification of teachers, and soon a performance card to be given to parents to verify the results of their children, accountability for results, to which the government washes its hands, ignoring the economic, social and cultural situation, the unemployment and social crisis in which the PAN and PRI have left the country.

Do the SEP & the Government Really Want the SNTE (National Union of Education Workers) to Disappear?

Absolutely. Not only that, they removed all our rights and victories. Do not forget that the neo-liberal model is designed to operate without unions.

Now, the bourgeoisie and its main parties PAN and PRI have agreed to deal a blow to workers, and have submitted to Congress a bill to amend Article 123 of the Constitution, a regulatory law known as known as the Federal Labor Law. This reform has been for many years a demand of COPARMEX and other bourgeois agencies and and will have a catastrophic effect on the general working conditions of teaching.

This is a counter-reform intended to override collective agreements, the right to strike, and even responsibilities to workers when they try to organize and defend against employer abuses, to make it easier for employers to fire workers, making personnel adjustments in whatever way they please, reduction of salaries, and implement wages based on productivity and hourly pay, impose temporary contracts and work for periods of initial training or testing, at the end of which the employer is not required to concede space.

To ensure that this law passes, they are trying to override the role of unions as organizations for the defense of workers, making them apolitical and merely puppets of the bosses, pacts with the union leaders create strategies to divide unions, promoting the creation of others as in the SNTE, confront and repress others, such as the Mexican Union of Electricians and the miners’ union at Cananea. In response, only unity and mobilization make us strong.

All to March May 1st!

Totally Repudiate the Labor Reform!

Solution to all the Problems of Teachers!

Stop the Attacks against SME!

Published by Victor Vaughn

Anti-revisionist Marxist-Leninist, monarch of Latveria, owner, National Secretary of the American Party of Labor (APL).

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