EMEP: About the upcoming elections in Turkey

In 12th June, there will be general elections in Turkey. Because of the 10 percent threshold we participated the elections with independent candidates under the flag of Labour, Democracy and Freedom Block. The political party of the Kurdish movement in Turkey (BDP) and the Labour Party (EMEP) are the main powers of this block. Also there are 16 parties and organisations in this Block.

Labour, Democracy and Freedom Block has presented its elections manifesto, as follows;


The Kurdish question, where no one demands a choice except a democratic, peaceful solution, must definitely be solved within this period. It is now not a promise but a task to review the past by consulting our consciences and to stop the blood still poured because of the Kurdish problem.
When people are so disposed and hopeful about peace, we will not let the war begin again for AKP’s (ruling party) votes and interests. We will take initiative for a lasting peace and we will display the two faces of the AKP, which on one hand feeds from conflicts and on the other hand declares everyone except itself as warmongering.

None of us has any endurance left for a war to last 30 years more, for a single life to be lost, for the wealth to be lost. The power in particular, all circles must set their political and economical rents aside and display a will of solution with an intimate approach for the constitution of a lasting peace that the Turkish society has longed for many years; the demands and expectations of the Kurdish people must be taken into account and the three-year old talks in Imral? must urgently be turned into a negotiation process. The ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP), just like all the powers that insist on the impossibility of a solution and subject the Turkish society to war, conflict, pain and tear for economic rents rather than people’s living together in peace and brotherhood, will be forced by us to pay the price before history. We will introduce the solution with our own power and determination and without hoping for help from the power for the solution.


Central, regional and local mechanisms will be created to provide the supervision and participation of producers, consumers and employees outside of the government in the economy management through professional groups and civil society organisations;

For the development of industrialisation, agriculture, animal husbandry, science and technology on the basis of political and economic democracy in accordance with the society’s general interests, the targets will be the participation of the society in the economic life through cooperatives and modern democratic aggregate enterprises where employees also take part in return for their labour;

Development projects will be created with the participation of Local and Regional Authorities and Civil Society Organizations, Regional Development Centers will be established to eliminate regional disparities with certain intense investments, a Central Development Fund will be established to be transferred to the depressed areas.


Low-income families will be supported by social benefits; the homeless will be taken under protection and security,

Street children and orphans have substance dependence and live under poor conditions likely for all kinds of abuses. Our alliance will establish centers for these children where they will be provided with accommodation, education, guidance and health care,

People with old-age and disease cases requiring special care will be included in the social insurance,

An effective fight will be given against illegal employment; disincentives will be applied for the inclusion of all employees within social security.


We will all together issue the new constitution which doesn’t impose any ideology and describe the nation and citizenship on an ethnical basis, restricts the powers of the state, predicated on individual-collective rights, sides with labour, a gender libertarian constitute that shows the same respect to the nature and the human being and protects all separate cultures, beliefs, values of Turkey.


We regard the Democratic Autonomy, which means democratic self-government, as the reinforcement of the qualifications appropriate to the democratic republic.

A radical reform must be made in the political and administrative structure for the actualisation of the Democratic Autonomy, which will be the assurance of democratic union and the model of direct and participatory democracy, not of division and deterioration as asserted. Besides the official language Turkish, regions will use other second and third languages (like Kurdish) according to their specific needs.


Independent candidates of Labour, Democracy and Freedom Block have been supported by hundreds of intellectuals, academicians, writers, singers, producers, actress, and journalists. Many NGOs, workers confederations and trade unions also announced their support for the block’s candidates.

Also, former Palestinian guerrilla commander Leyla Khaled came to Mersin to support Labour, Democracy and Freedom Block candidate Ertugrul Kurkcu. Addressing the crowd on the feast organized by the Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) Mersin Branch, the long time activist Khaled said; “We share the same struggle. If I am here with you today is because I see your struggle as my struggle. We will be witnessing the joy of the victory on June 12.”


The ex-president of the Labour Party, Abdullah Levent Tuzel is participating to the elections as an independent candidate of this Block from Istanbul, the biggest city of Turkey. He used to resign from the presidency of EMEP in order to be an independent candidate. Tuzel was an independent candidate from Izmir in the 2007 parliamentary elections but was not elected. There are almost 60 independent candidates especially at the Kurdish region of Turkey and some western cities like Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara (the capital), Mersin and Adana, etc.

At other cities, more than 40 cities, we participate to the elections as Labour Party (EMEP). And at these cities, members of the block will support EMEP as roof party of the Block.

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Anti-revisionist Marxist-Leninist, monarch of Latveria, owner, National Secretary of the American Party of Labor (APL) and operator of "The Espresso Stalinist" blog.

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