Appeal by PCRCI to the Peoples of Côte d’Ivoire to Continue to Fight for the Triumph of the Democratic Revolution

Revolutionary Communist Party of Côte d’Ivoire (PCRCI)

The crisis of the neo-colonial system in Côte d’Ivoire continues to deepen every day. The economic base of the country has been destroyed throwing thousands of workers out of work and in the street. Youth unemployment and poverty grows. Political power was confiscated in 2005. Mismanagement, theft of public funds, the disruption of economic and administrative structures, and the impunity of political and economic crimes are the salient features of the management of power by the Ivorian Popular Front (FPI).

For the ruling class and imperialism, the outcome of this crisis in our country through elections they tried in vain to hold since October 2005, at the end of the mandate of the REIT. Again, the ruling parties from all political tendencies have agreed to hold presidential elections Oct. 31, 2010. Political parties and leaders are in the field and call to vote for their candidates and programs.

The PCRCI, proletarian party, decides to use this period to renew its appeal to workers, peasants, civil servants, small traders, artisans, youth, to guard against demagoguery continuing their relentless struggle for a revolutionary way to the current political, economic, social and spiritual is located in our country.


Barely 31 October 2010 is set and validated by the high bourgeoisie and imperialism as sordid manoeuvres designed to be seen a further postponement. On one side we display as before, almost certainly in a faith that date, as indicated by the candidates’ statements Laurent Gbagbo, Alassane Ouattara and Henri Konan Bedie, the output of the last CPC (Permanent Framework Dialogue) held September 19, 2010. On the other hand, we still maintain the focus.

Indeed the president of the republic out of the same CPC, said in substance that this time is good, but if by chance there is a postponement, it would not for political problems. As observers of politics in Côte d’Ivoire can verify is the same speech each time a deadline is set for the elections. It says that nothing can oppose the elections, then it prepares the mind to a postponement and it defers the effective date. In reality, the leaders have organized since 2005, voluntarily postponed several times.

The new element today is to be noted that the responsibilities of deferral are more clearly defined than before. The rebuilding or the presidential camp, the main political party is the REIT is currently the leader of the refusal front of the presidential election. This party will go to elections if it is sure to win. Should he be forced to go, the party has already held its repressive machine to proclaim himself the winner and try to win by force. The New Forces are the second force of the front of refusal of this election. This latter force hides his game and referee arguing that it was not being a protagonist, it is not directly addressed the question of the day.

On analysis, it appears that the Forces Nouvelles have more interest in perpetuating the current situation allowing them to retain their political, military, economic and social purchased instead of working for an election whose result, whatever it be, would jeopardize their current positions. The other components of the haute bourgeoisie Ivorian, particularly those constituting the Rally of Houphouetists for Democracy and Peace (RHDP), proclaim that they want to go in the presidential election and other elections as soon as possible. But in reality, they have an attitude of objective support to those who impede the holding of presidential elections. They make every effort to break the popular mobilization against the blocking of the electoral process. The latter case the most significant opposition to the popular initiative, was to sabotage the march which was scheduled for May 15, 2010. They prefer talks backstage with their friends in the presidential camp and the Forces Nouvelles.

They believe, however, the exploited masses and hungry they can snatch the holding of presidential elections, they will gain for escaping poverty. In fact the financial benefits they derive from their participation in government, make a deferral election is not any great harm to them. With less than a month of this election, the voters list is not displayed when it should be 45 days before the date. Identity cards and voter cards are not yet distributed. Distributions, if it takes place coincide with election campaigns, in an atmosphere of high tension, conducive to sabotage the operation. In addition to the issue of securing sites and dismantling of militias remains.

As mentioned above, ruling class, as a whole are willing to continue in the situation of illegality and indignities now. Ultimately, the failure to hold elections does not interfere fundamentally with the different clans of the haute bourgeoisie Ivorian. In these circumstances, we can say that the risk of postponement or risk of disastrous election flouting popular sovereignty is great.

If elections are held, under what security conditions they will be held to allow expression of popular sovereignty? The presidential clan said it was impossible that he loses the election. The RHDP said the same thing on his side. The presidential clan with the army and militias still armed, threatening all those who demonstrate against the “republic” during the elections and all those who challenge the results that give the winner in advance. Everything is for a new war between reactionary bourgeois factions, a war whose consequences will once again be disastrous for the people.


The conditions described above have not changed since 2007 and have long been perceived as such by the PCRCI. That’s why this party, in a statement dated August 31, 2010 and entitled: “Faced with the worsening the political and social crisis, threats to liberties and the blocking of the electoral process, only one solution: a Provisional Revolutionary Government (PRG) indicated that:

“ …. The people must know that he has no interest in participating in elections botched who can solve any problem. The PCRCI invites voters not to vote in protest. The PCRCI indicates that the only alternative for the organization of democratic elections guaranteeing the expression of popular sovereignty is to begin now the struggle for the conquest of a Provisional Revolutionary Government.”

Only such a government from the masses in struggle can set up a democratic constitution, to fulfill the conditions for democratic and transparent elections. Why does the PCRCI call for the people to boycott the elections in protest? Several reasons determine our position. First, it will fundamentally transform PCRCI Ivorian society and non-reforms add up in the neo-colonial present. Our strategy and tactics are therefore revolutionary and not reformist. Then, the international situation and the national situation are favourable to the revolution. Our belief is that it is not possible to exit the current neo-colonial system through reforms. The story of the struggles of peoples of the world teaches that.

Our own experience in Côte d’Ivoire said that the situation of imperialist domination based on power extremely corrupt power elites can not allow the elections to ensure the expression of workers and the people. Power elites have plundered the national wealth, up war chests, hungry people. They robbed her of her dignity and imposed corruption and defilement. In these circumstances, our task is to work with the revolutionizing of Ivorian society rather than participate in elections that will only keep the people under the domination of the imperialist power of the pros. The international situation is favourable for the deployment of a wave of revolutions in different countries around the world. The cons-world revolution which had been actively prepared since the end of World War II saw a victorious end in 1991 with the demise of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), but Pyrrhic.

For about a decade, the resources are exhausted against revolution. The world capitalist imperialist system, which had proclaimed its final victory, is installed in a serious economic and financial crisis that indicates that all will not come anytime soon. Logically, the neo-colonial system as a whole, of our country in particular, knows a deep political, economic, moral and spiritual. Face the challenges of global imperialist capitalism; we see that the revolutionary and progressive forces are upward around the world. This is evidenced by the disappearance of most diets pro-Americans in Latin America, the heroic struggles of Asian peoples against the intrigues of the imperialist coalition warfare led by the United States, the continued growth of the resistance of African peoples against the imperialism and the corrupt powers in his pay.

A proof of the growth of revolutionary struggles in Africa is the recent call by the Communist Party of Benin to establish a government of national salvation in this country instead of one of President Boni Yayi. Whatever the outcome of this struggle, the appeal itself is a major event that reflect the progress of revolutionary struggles in our continent. So if the national and international situations are favourable to the revolution that people must necessarily lead to full force, why do we still launch the appeal in the same period to force the current government to organize the presidential election and all other elections for which preparations are underway for five years?

The first reason is that many of the people is still under the influence of the propaganda that the elections and in particular those provided by the Ouagadougou Political Accord (OPA) are the solution to the Ivorian crisis. It is important that people check in practice that citizens are not willing to go to elections transparent and democratic. And since these elections will not solve the problems, except the possible replacement of a team of senior professional bourgeois imperialists corrupted by another, the facts show more than any speech, the correctness of the path advocated by the revolutionary PCRCI.

The second reason is that power elites have made to the agenda the fight against the denial of citizenship. Indeed, by conditioning the allocation of the identity card for registration on the electoral list, the fight for an electoral list does not exclude any Ivorian ultimately the struggle for the conditions for democratic elections, becomes a requirement hour. It is noteworthy that the Ivoirians are deprived of their national identity card for almost ten years. Ultimately, the PCRCI urged people to abstain from voting. He asked them to continue the fight to advance the revolution.


The masses do not have to be demobilized and lulled by the promise of resolving the current crisis through elections prescribed by the APO. As noted above, these elections if they occur will be completed either by a reactionary war, either by replacing a corrupt clique with another. All during this campaign indicates the nature of future power. Practices of all the candidates consist of the development of corruption and defilement, attacks on the dignity of citizens with the distribution of some 1000 F notes, conveying forced people during political demonstrations, where demagoguery and promises pompous rage.

Against all these practices that undermine the dignity of peoples, ignoring the requirement of honesty and ethics, we choose instead to adopt an attitude of providing the best opportunity to advance the revolution by the action of the masses. We must, indeed, work to advance the revolution against the corrupt pro-imperialist power of the haute bourgeoisie; against the election promises are not likely to ensure the empowerment popular cons of reform proposals of the reactionary and neo-colonial power corrupt. We must, therefore, fight against all actions and proposals that demote the revolution. Work to advance the revolution in our country today is mainly to promote the idea of struggle committee is contribution to these committees for the political struggle in our country is struggling to raise these committees to state power.

Work to advance the revolution is about Provisional Revolutionary Government, to convene a constituent and independent democratic and modern republic. It also realizes that with a people conscious, mobilized and organized into people’s committees, guided by a revolutionary party, the victory over the reactionary forces in our country will be complete, decisive and final.


The power of remaking went bankrupt. He failed in ten years of existence, to put the Ivorian people on the path of development. He destroyed the school, the health system, lack of economic infrastructure that existed. He has destroyed any notion of value, integrity and ethics. His main achievement is to have succeeded in erecting models in the eyes of many people, cheaters, and thieves, have amplified the political crimes.

One of his greatest successes, but also have aided the fraudulent enrichment of a handful of upstarts. To divert workers and the Ivorian people the real problems that prevent it to flourish, the power of remaking hangs for 10 years, the idea of turning millions of Ivoirians in stateless. In the event that the revolutionary thrust is inadequate, resulting in the following may occur:

(i) maintenance of Laurent Gbagbo with a truncated election, rigged elections or without;

(ii) came to power RHDP if Laurent Gbagbo fails to rig the elections and to hold by force;

(iii) occurrence of a coup.

Any combination of groups of the ruling class in power will, in substance, have the same disastrous consequence for the people. Why? The failure of the REIT is able to show more. New pledges of Gbagbo and the FPI are focused all on security and nothing for freedom, economy and society, particularly for youth work.

He reiterated that option Friday, August 27, 2010 at Divo during installation of the Republican Security Company (SRC III) indicating that the company must “subdue all those who contest the republic.” It’s another sign that his power remains unable to provide welfare to the people.

Therefore, it cannot merely use the baton, tear gas, the bayonet and even live ammunition against the people. As for the RHDP, the PDCI of Houphouet-Boigny, a time destroyed by Bedie, and recovering. The political, economic, social and cultural development of IBD is negative, the people have long noted. The RHDP nonetheless wants to return to power with the same income, namely, the total submission to imperialism, particularly French, the lack of freedom, a liberal economy in the sole international financial capital. In view of the contradictions between the various groups of the ruling class, the likelihood is great that there are clashes in elections on 31 October.

Imperialism could make the situation created a pretext to perpetrate a coup based on a handful of officers Ivorian. Chaos desired by the national power chauvinism of the radical reform may extend to trigger another reactionary civil war. Whatever the situation, the line of the people must obey a single slogan that is, we repeat, advance the revolution. This must go through the struggle for national identity cards, voter cards, and an election promise.

If elections are not held on the agreed dates, all institutions would become illegitimate and personalities who embody would be perjury. They will no longer have any legitimacy to lead the Ivory Coast. Then the masses will demand the resignation of those in power. Whatever the nature, extent and duration of a possible chaos caused by the REIT in order to cling to power, we must continue to advance the revolution against their failed power, the power of radical reform, in advancing the slogan of a constituent of the Provisional Revolutionary Government and independent democratic republic as a modern alternative to the end of the ruling class.

Even if establishing a new power, another power of elites pro-imperialist RHDP by strict application of our motto, advancing the revolution, will prevent this new power to challenge freedoms that will permit ongoing struggles to conquer. The masses will then continue on a broader basis and with more vigour, their fight for the Independent Modern Democratic Republic. Important political events will certainly occur before, during and after October 2010. We urge the masses to accept their own history, namely to release the power of imperialism and the ruling class, establish a BRM, a constituent in building a modern democratic, the only one able to meet the essential concerns peoples.

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