The Revisionists of “K”KE – Social-democrat Papariga: Prima Ballerina of the Greek capital and the EU monopolies

From KKE (1918-55)

“the ideas of perestroika correspond to the requirements of the reorganization of socialism, and contribute significantly to the development of the modern… theory of socialism, socialism has never been more attractive” (A. Papariga, “Pravda” June 25, 1991) (p. 8-9).

“As a concept, perestroika rendered invaluable services to the international movement. Of course, during its development certain difficulties arose about which we are concerned. At any rate, we agree that we should move forward and not go back. Our thesis consists in support and solidarity to CPSU.” (A. Papariga, Moscow, “Rizospastis” 21 June 1991)

Gorbachev-Papariga: The “brave kids” of Nikita Khrushchev (Moscow, June 1991)

Papariga-Kolozov-Trigazis went to Moscow in June 1991 to meet M. Gorbachev and hand him a statue of Hercules for “his herculean effort to build socialism in USSR”

“A solution outside the euro and return to the drachma in the present circumstances would be catastrophic” (A. Papariga, “Rizospastis” 31/5/2011, p.6)

A year and half ago when Papariga was asked by a reporter whether the withdrawal of Greece from the EU is in the moment “a solution”, she gave unequivocal answer with the revelatory “by itself is not a solution” (“Rizospastis” 5/3/2010, p.10), which was commented approvingly by the bourgeoisie media. Papariga trying to justify the stay of the country in the EU revealed that she chooses imperialist bosses, claiming that if Greece goes “outside the European Union,” then “we can go to agreement with the United States and go into another zone” (“Rizospastis” 5/3/2010, p. 10), but of course failed to revive her party’s bourgeoisie twaddle about “people’s power”.

Later in another interview she reiterated: “Now, Euro exit and return to drachma is not essential, moreover, is something the EU can do by itself, it suits EU” (“Rizospastis” 27/10/2010, p. 10) to turn recently in an open mouthpiece, spokesman of the local bourgeoisie, taking-on repeating the “disaster” position (30/5/2011 interview on journalist K.Papadakis): “A solution outside the euro and return to the drachma in the present circumstances would be catastrophic” (“Rizospastis” 31/5/2011, p. 6) – a statement that aired headlines in the capitalist press – and also in herald of the country’s dependence from ‘imperialist EU, along with SYN / SYRIZA and the other bourgeois parties.

Commenting on Papariga’s statement, Stavros Mavroudeas Associate Professor of Political Economy at the University of Macedonia, (and former associate of “Rizospastis”) correctly notes: “This statement has manifold problems. It was given in a situation that now even the polls show that the rejection of the euro and the EU tends to be a majority current in public opinion, and particularly to the lower classes. Especially when it is known how much damage did pro-Euro illusions which systematically cultivated the popular masses by the system for decades. The statement of A. Papariga acts as a brake on these positive developments.

Abandoning the anti-imperialist slogan ” Greece out from the EU right now!”, the social democratic leadership of “K” KE has not only fully aligned with the big capital’s strategic choice to keep our country in the EU, but it has also resigned from the struggle against the imperialist EU. Finally, it went as as far as to raise in public the reactionary flag of the local big capital, the flag of “scaremongering”, crying that “A solution outside the euro and return to the drachma in the present circumstances would be catastrophic”.

Anasintaxi, issue 346 (15-31/5/2011)

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