Support Ship to Gaza: Freedom Flotilla II

From APK

A little over a year ago, Israeli special forces boarded the Freedom Flotilla on its way to Gaza with relief supplies to the people, medicine and construction materials to rebuild schools, hospitals etc.. 9 militants killed – and Israel’s criminal and barbaric act was condemned worldwide.

Now, these days, puts the Freedom Flotilla II Stay Human sail to break it no less illegal Israeli blockade of Gaza that keeps the Palestinian population imprisoned in a ghetto at the subsistence level. About 10 ships with a background in campaigns in over 20 countries with nearly 500 brave activists will try to reach the population in Gaza with both relief as a visible example of the worldwide solidarity with the Palestinian people.

Frihedsflotillerne is a magnificent and totally peaceful humanitarian operation of an international character. Therefore, the danger to the Israeli blockade and occupation, and this has consistently sought to stigmatize the fleet and the activists who support terrorism and ‘terrorists’.

Israel has threatened again to attack the flotilla of military and prevent it from coming to Gaza. And its main support U.S. has threatened to imprison American participants of “conspiracy to support a terrorist organization” (Hamas).

This year is also the Danish solidarity movement with Palestine represented by and a number of participants in the voyage.

The Danish Government has accepted Israel’s violations of international law. It did not condemn Israel’s brutal killing on the ship Mavi Marmara last year and has warned Israel not to intervene militarily against the new flotilla or threatened to take the consequences of another attack. That it does so is a minimum requirement.

The Danish government is as close ally of Israel complicit in and share responsibility for Israel’s continued violation of international law and the oppression of the Palestinian people, although it claims to be in favor of the Palestinians achieve their national rights.

On the contrary, been busy implementing terror laws, aimed at political protests and used to neglect solidarity initiatives to support the Palestinian liberation organization, the PFLP, like Israel, USA and the EU has placed on their ‘terrorist list’.

This has led to scandalous political judgments against initiatives Fighters & Lovers, The Association Rebellion and later Horserød-Stutthof Association and the professional club in Copenhagen – with conditional and unconditional prison sentences for terrorist activities, but for solidarity.

We need an even stronger international support for the Palestinian people struggling for a free and independent Palestine and to achieve their full national rights against a brutal repression, occupation and blockade power that has the support of the world’s only superpower and has ‘allowed’ to deny Palestinians their rights in more than 60 years.

There must be an international solidarity movement as strong as in matches against South African apartheid regime. The Zionist Israel is today the apartheid state.

Therefore, aid to solidarity initiatives Ship to Gaza / Frihedsflotille 2 developed. Therefore, the international BDS campaign – boycott of Israeli goods and goods produced in illegal settlements, boycott divestment and sanctions against Israel for violations of international law – will become even stronger.

Support ship to Gaza / Frihedsflotille II!

Support BDS campaign! Boycott Israel!

Published by Victor Vaughn

Anti-revisionist Marxist-Leninist, monarch of Latveria, owner, National Secretary of the American Party of Labor (APL) and operator of "The Espresso Stalinist" blog.

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