The Tunisian PCOT: Vanguard of the Revolution

Two months have passed since the glorious revolution of January 14. In this period the town has made significant progress with its struggle and sacrifice.
After overthrowing the two governments Ghanouchi, the Tunisian people managed to impose their demands for a constituent assembly, the dissolution of the “Democratic Constitutional Union” and the political police. It also imposed great progress on freedom of expression, organization, assembly and demonstration. More despite all this, the revolution is half way and great danger looming over it, dangers that grow day by day.

Holds the power not the people who stood up against tyranny, exploitation and corruption, still in the hands of reactionary forces, which, through an interim and transitional government try to take over the revolution and reduce to a simple washing of the facade of the old regime. Kaid Beji Sebssi Mbaza and are not controlled, have refused to recognize the “National Council for the Protection of the Revolution” to avoid any control, on the contrary, have set up a consultative body for which they themselves have appointed members.

Kaid Beji Sebsso Mbazaa and have accepted the election of a Constituent Assembly but it is they who have set the election date without taking into account the interests of the people. Moreover, the dissolution of RCD, has not prevented reconstitution under the cover of new parties and organizations linked to them as the “National Union of Tunisian women.” It has been found that the dissolution of the political police has been limited to a mere formality as it continues to exist, practice of repression and torture, surveillance, wiretapping, cuts in internet … Some of his most notorious high positions the Ministry of Interior, responsible for killings and torture have not been bothered in the least.

Threats have resurfaced as in the days of the old regime under the pretext of “combating violence and disorder.” Police have repressed “sitting” in the Casbah and Mahdia. Multiply the discourses that distort the aspirations of citizens on security, to the detriment of social and political problems in order to divert the revolution.

Despite the suspension of the Constitution, the draconian laws are still valid: the press and association laws, parties, meetings and demonstrations. These laws should have been repealed and replaced by decrees that guaranteed freedoms, to avoid serious problems to the people.

The administration remains under the control of symbols “desturianos” of tyranny and corruption, and impose on the various government positions. They have renovated the old oppressive practices on the population, marginalized Protection Committees of the Revolution, local, regional and try to annihilate them.

The situation in the economic and financial means are similar, those responsible for looting the people, accomplices of the gang, maintain their power as if nothing had happened. Justice has not changed, undermined by corruption, which confirms the Magistrates’ Association. The media are still under the yoke of the henchmen of the regime of Ben Ali and maintain the same performance. No progress was made in the plans to prosecute and convict the representatives of tyranny and corruption, in which we must include the murderers of martyrs of the revolution in Sidi Bouzi. Buzayane Menzel. Regueb, Thala, Kassewrine, Tunisia and elsewhere. Re-emerging members of the circle next to Ben Ali and continue their provocative activities.

In the economic field, the transitional government did not show any willingness to take urgent measures in this critical period, the benefit of the masses. Most of the population, particularly in marginalized regions, feels that there is no change in their situation, enough criticism. Unemployment and high cost of living, still beating, public services deteriorate and the government shows no willingness to face these difficulties.

The government has not taken the time for revolution, even the minority who condemn the looting practiced by relying on despotism.
The government continues to enforce the terms of the budget decided by the dictator Ben Ali in December last, in which priority is given to the repayment of external debt contracted by the former regime, and to finance its massive security apparatus. Despite its temporary nature, this government has not hesitated to contract new external debt, nor has taken any steps to reduce prices of products and services that were under the control of monopolies of ruling members of the band. The families of the martyrs have not been compensated, not any action has been decided for impoverished regions.

The government justifies its position, relying on their provisional nature under the guise of not “take the magic wand” to fix the problems …

However, the government is discouraging the pursuit and prosecution of the gang of looters of public money and the confiscation of their property. Also, what prevents you from suspend debt repayments for some time, and use to solve people’s problems, as has been done in other countries? Why the price of basic food, water and electricity, not down? Why has not removed the charge on her television? Why not give any aid to the inhabitants of Sidi Buzid so they can electrify their wells? Why does not include proposals to hire senior teachers unemployed graduates?

The Communist Party of the Workers of Tunisia insists on the dangers that threaten the revolution, because it assumes its responsibilities. The people have the right to use all legal means to defend his revolution and its achievements, to confront the dangers that threaten it, is entitled to fight the government restricting their freedoms and trying to reduce activities to the debates the ‘highest court. ”

This period requires deepening the revolutionary process to achieve the objectives:

1 .- Keeping the National Council for the Protection of the revolution as a tool to control the provisional presidency and ensure the transition period.

2 .- To postpone the Constituent Assembly election until after the summer, to allow the people to choose consciously, and political forces well prepared.

3 .- To prevent the leaders of the RCD to organize new parties.

4 .- Dissolution effective and transparent political police and the prosecution of torturers, murderers and looters.

5 .- Clean up public administration and public semi eliminating corruption and representatives of repression.

6 .- Clean up the judiciary and allow them to be the judges who choose the Superior Council.

7.-Cleaning the media sector, eliminating the regime figures removed.

8.-The repeal of repressive laws and to respect people’s rights to freedom of expression, assembly and demonstration.

9 .- urgently Stop the murderers of martyrs and those responsible for crimes against the people, judging by the representatives of the old regime, confiscate their property and deposited their fortunes abroad.

10 .- Stop payment of foreign debt for three years and devote that money to create jobs and development of marginalized regions. Refrain from contracting new loans that would undermine the independence of our country.

11 .- Lower prices of basic consumer products, water, electricity, gas and the removal of the canon of the TV.

12. Urgently compensate the families of martyrs and victims of repression and looting during the revolution and during the events of the mining area of ​​Benguerdane, etc.

Workers’ Communist Party of Tunisia

Published by Victor Vaughn

Anti-revisionist Marxist-Leninist, monarch of Latveria, owner, National Secretary of the American Party of Labor (APL) and operator of "The Espresso Stalinist" blog.

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