47th anniversary of the PCMLE

On July 15 was held at the National Theater of the House of Culture, the event’s 47-year anniversary of the Marxist Leninist Communist Party of Ecuador. This event had the participation of activists, supporters and friends of PCMLE while international delegates attended the XV International Seminar on Problems of the Revolution in Latin America, representatives of social organizations and political revolutionaries of the different provinces the country.

The event went through a big party, which presented different forms of artistic expression, cultural and political. It was possible to link poetry with music, video, dance and speech.

Leaders of various social sectors greeted the party, the central intervention was provided by Oswaldo Palacio, PCMLE spokesman, who said: “Since the party was founded understood the need to address a number of urgent tasks needed to meet that goal the seizure of power. Organize and carry out the revolution has meant developing a deeper understanding of revolutionary theory of Marxism-Leninism, understand for sure the legacy of the founders of our doctrine, as well as assimilate their enseñadazas contributions from other prominent proletarian revolutionaries of the world; find the application of these principles to the reality of Ecuador multiethnic, multicultural, multinational and for this we had to move in multiple learning to know our country and its people to better understand how to bring the proposal and the revolutionary message, link with their needs, know their desires and work toward that party who listen to us and direct our efforts to shape their consciousness in the revolutionary purposes. The years of the party have done much to advance the construction and affirmation of the political and social forces to contribute to the development of organizations and alternatives necessary to make the revolution and establish popular power. ”

We have fought and still do, said Palacios, for the adjournment PCMLE himself as a revolutionary political organization with its own physiognomy character Leninist, democratic and centralized at the same time, affirmed the principles, disciplined, loyal and consistent, that despite the perverse and provocative campaign is structured in different levels of development in all provinces of Ecuador.

“The path of these shows PCMLE 47 years as a party grows in spite of all the onslaught of the various governments and particularly the current one, against the left, ideology and revolutionary politics. We are winning greater influence while expertise and wisdom to accomplish the tasks, however we intend to grow to meet the challenges we have, the task that sends the present situations.

With joy we participate in the advancement revolutionary ideological, political and organizational our party and the need to appeal to all popular fighters to join the Marxist Leninist Communist Party, here in the communist ranks to find the possibility to train, organize and fight on the most noble that a man can spend his life, the emancipation of the workers and peoples, “said Oswaldo Palacios at the end of his speech.

The event’s anniversary PCMLE Carlos Hermida spoke of the Communist Party of Spain (Marxist-Leninist) on behalf of the international delegates attending the XV International Seminar on Problems of the Revolution in Latin America and said that for 47 years, the Marxist Leninist Communist Party of Ecuador has fought hard for freedom, social justice, national sovereignty and socialism, against the oligarchy and imperialism. It has done so without hesitation, strongly ideological, always keeping high the banner of Marxism-Leninism and proletarian internationalism, in this struggle the party has starred in heroic battles filled with sacrifice and blood of its members. Ecuadorian comrades you have made history, but history capitalized.

Numerous campaigns have driven the ruling classes against the party and its ideology, to Comrade Ermida “organic intellectuals of the bourgeoisie say that communism is dead, this anniversary shows that communism is alive, that is the force that buried capitalism . The PCMLE is an example for the Communists elsewhere, on other continents struggle against the common enemy. The international delegates when we return to our respective countries, will have what we have seen here, the revolutionary enthusiasm, the great ideological preparation and organizational skills.”

After the intervention, the international representative referred to the organized women and youth in the party and said: “I want to talk with special affection and enthusiasm to the young communists. You are the best example of the youth of Ecuador, mirror should look all young people today go out to continue your fight against capital and to develop political education, ideological and cultural in the future become the new pictures party. When socialism and the new nation a reality you could say I was here and I participate in this fight, that fight for a communist and communism is one of the nicest things you can do in life.”

Published by Victor Vaughn

Anti-revisionist Marxist-Leninist, National Secretary of the American Party of Labor (APL).

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