Is the New Ottoman Empire Possible?


The executives of AKP (Justice and Development Party) have been designating The Ottoman Empire as an enviable ‘model’ for a while; and comparing the policies of Turkey with the power and impression of self-confident Ottoman. The Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan, has just stated: “We have to bring the Republic to that position.” by referring to the Empire. Additionally, Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu relates their government with the omnipotence of ordering the region. Fetullah Gulen who has close relationships with the Turkish governors as well as the US government, preached Turkey to follow policies over “the credit inherited from the Ottoman Empire”. There was an emphasis of “mighty Turkey” on the General Basbug’s speech in Mardin (A Kurdish city in Turkey). Previous statements exemplifying Turkey as a powerful and “modal” country of the region has also been made by the governors of the USA and NATO. As it was stated that Turkey has become “the pivot country”, USA Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, recapitulated that Turkey is “the strong country of the region.”, when she was in Turkey.

These statements that emphasize the “power” of Turkey in accordance with its future role in the region are supported by diplomatic, military, politic and some economic approaches. “Negotiation traffic” with countries in the region has become frequent in recent years. A number of deliberation with Iraq, Iraqi Kurdistan, Iran, Syria, Palestine, Azerbaijan, Georgia has been done in short periods. Despite the tension related to “Karabakh Problem” and ” the genocide”, first steps has been taken for improving relations with Armenia and for opening borders. The policy of keeping Azerbaijan on “little brother” chair continues. “Patronage” to Geoargia has been held in cooperation with the USA. Relations with Iraq and Iraqi Kurdistan Federal Government have been amended in consideration of “eliminating” Kurdish resistance in Turkey, capitalizing energy resources, and getting a share of the cake as being transportation route towards Western markets. Agreements have been signed. A role has been taken in “the reconstruction of Iraq and Kurdish region.” The Foreign Minister declared that “they work like a government” and that their goal is “complete integration.” Visa practises in Syria border have been abrogated. “Bilateral friendly relations” between Russia and Iran and negotiations regarding the extention of the scope of trade agreements are being pursued, etc.

These approaches, which are shown as “foreign policy with strategic profundity” by the government spokesmen and founded on the propaganda that “Turkey is the strong and leader country of the region”, are not only effective in petit bourgeois and middle classes but also in peoples. They give way to the fallacy that Turkey has become “the powerful and leader country of whole region and Middle East”, so popular support is necessary for more effective policies.


The process, “starting” with the 1979 Iran Revolution and accelerating with the dissolution of the USSR and Eastern Block, has exposed again the “organizing” powers of the last couple of decades in a hugely expansive region from the Balkans to Middle East- South Africa and Caucasus. This subject matter has been interrogated in number of articles within its various connections. So, this is not the case of this article. Nevertheless, if any organization is taken into consideration, first of all, it would be to the point to notice mainly two power: the USA and Russia.

Let alone being “organising” or “great” power, Turkey has become “the organized country!” Despite arrogant propaganda, Turkey could not be even “as” Iran. The policy of anti-American-imperialism has become strong in Iran. Cooperationist Shah administration has been destroyed; and Islamic regime under the control of mullahs improved its prestige among peoples in the region. The USA encountered with Iran’s objection and obstruction in its almost all approaches to the region.

On the other hand, the governors of Turkey pursue sixty-year-old subcontracting in accompanied with the propaganda of being “strategic associate.” They are seized by fear of Iran Revolution and Iran’s rising power in the region. They strengthen the strategic cooperation with Israeli Zionists against Arabic peoples by engaging more effectively with the hegemonic strategy of the USA. They open the lands of Turkey to use of American occupiers by supporting Iraq occupation. The USA made a combination of “secular Islam” of Turkey with the propaganda of preferring it to “radical Islam” of Iran and some other countries in the Middle East which “allows” anti-American policies and the loyal insistence of Turkish collaborators. It is in accordance with the interests of the USA to exalt Turkey as “the powerful and exemplified country of the region.”

However, the prestige of the USA in the eyes of the region and peoples of the region has been wounded. That millions of Muslim has been assassinated through Iraq and Afghanistan occupation with the excuse of “war against terrorism” has raised the rage against imperialist hypocrisy since the fundamental reason of the occupation has been clarified as capturing patrol and other energy resources. The US administration has been forced to tactical change. The so-called peace politics that Obama administration started is the product of this condition. This politics has been seen as “necessary” so that the expansionist policy becomes successful. What expected from the governors of Turkey is to to adjust and support this policy.

Turkey’s power and role make sense within this American politics. Turkey is asked for “developing friendly relationships” with countries in the region. Therefore, Turkey’s image of “being indispensable country” would get strong; spokesmen of the government would be able to maintain -on the point of being convincing- the claim of “the strongest country of the region” by exemplifying the approaches above. The USA asked for “normalizing relations.” Accordingly, Turkish governors got into action and started working quickly. The lock of the “New Pro-Ottoman” arrogance was in the hand of the government, while its key is in the pocket of Obama administration!


As militarist, feudal and powerful empire, the Ottoman had dominated hugely wide area, extended its hegemony through broad land by occupying countries, afterwards, involved in “history’s garbage” as living an undeniable collapse and descent in terms of historical social development. The Empire dissolved, founded a state under the control of bourgeoisie; a century passed through. It is impossible to vitalize that carcass anymore. The new and imperialistic hegemonic powers of the world have become capitalist “empires” of the last century. They are the ones who are in authority where “New Pro-Ottoman” swaggers!

Those who hope “New Ottomanism” want to share patrol and other energy resources sustain the claim of “Turkish land” over Mosul and Kirkuk, have influence on Caucasus and Balkans by fostering “Turkishness fight.” However, they are obliged to be contented with the sop given to them in exchange for completing their mission. They cannot go beyond. On the condition that they try, “sacks” are kept ready.


“Power of Turkey” propaganda, although it has tentative attributes for relations with neighbour countries and peoples, can be effective in masses. The pathway from “coming to the brink of conflict” to clearing mines and visa-free entry and exit, creates an expectation for better relations. Developments of Pro-American policies in side of Iraq-Syria-Armenia-Iraqi Kurdistan are seen as “success of the government and the state.” We are face to face with militarist-politic and diplomatic-economic policy weave of which showcase is decorated with olive green colour. The government claims that they develop the country and society and they guarantee a life being powerful in peace and security. The background of the showcase is a complete armoury!

“Patriots” will be added to atom titled missile “deployed” in Incirlik and approximately 20 American military bases. While massive poverty, hunger, unemployment are increasing, budgetary resources are poured into military battlefield. Comprador politics gets strong in accordance with the strategy of the USA and NATO in which “everything is on the table from diplomacy to occupations.” This politics has no choice other than making relations with Russia and Iran tentative. Offensive policy against Kurdish struggle reveals pasificatory-illusive hypocrisy, so on.

Bourgeoisie and its government fight for their interests. Its “peaceful” politics cannot depend on intensions and wishes. Determinative thing is power relation. Bourgeoisie and its representatives want to transform demands of masses into motive intensity of this politics. By not allowing them to do this, it is favour of labourers interests to uncover the truth.

Published by Victor Vaughn

Anti-revisionist Marxist-Leninist, monarch of Latveria, owner, National Secretary of the American Party of Labor (APL) and operator of "The Espresso Stalinist" blog.

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